Today found Jason on top of the tack room / mobile office fixing the roof.  It is an older roof that really just needs to be replaced, but we will see how the Henry’s black goo works next time it rains.

Zulu’s adopter came out to meet him.  She really liked this big guy and was excited to see how he would ride.

Before long she was on his back and was just as quickly falling head over heals in love with him.  He is such a good boy!

The adoption papers were eagerly signed and their adoption photo taken.  Zulu will soon be joining Cheyenne and Dakota, the two flashy appy’s who were adopted together, at an absolutely great home.

Christopher and Buddy needed to head to the vet.  They were in the round pen and all ready to go.  Soon they were loaded up in the trailer and…

…off down the road they headed.

Finally they arrived at the vet office.  Christopher needs to be gelded and Buddy needed to be checked out.

Soon Christopher was in a nice clean stall eating nice yummy food.

Meanwhile Buddy was being checked out, he needed to be checked out to see if he had been gelded or not.  As you can tell from his face he wasn’t too keen on this whole idea.  It was discovered that he needs to be gelded.

The checking out came to an end and he too was enjoying yummy food.

Then Tawnee started heading back to the shelter.

She stopped at the bank to deposit some checks.  We would like to thank all of you that use Goodsearch, it actually does add up!  If you don’t know about it, it is a search engine similar to Google, where each search and each purchase through their website earns money for the horses!  Enter our old name, NorCal Equine Rescue, to raise money for us.  To use Goodsearch,click here.

Tawnee got a call that there was a loose horse on the road a few miles from the shelter.  A couple volunteers were there and requested her help.  It was quite convenient that the trailer was already on the back of the truck.

Tawnee turned course to go help with the loose horse, but there were traffic delays.  To top it off, she got a phone call that there was someone waiting at the shelter to surrender a horse.

Tawnee, determining the  volunteers could handle the loose horse for a few more minutes, passed up the road where the horse was and headed to the shelter where the trailer was waiting outside the gate.

Dude was a good boy and stepped right out of the trailer.

Dude’s owner wrote: “He is 16 to 17 yr, he is broke broke.  Nice guy a buckskin.  He has a lot of pep and is gaited and smooth to boot.  He really wants to be back in a string loves to have a buddy, kinda pushy on the ground.. but very gentle. He is 14.1 hds.  He has been packed in the mountains, he will go thru anything.  NOTHING bothers him, but he does like to go.  He is very perky.”  He is believed to be a Kentucky Mountain Horse.

Dude walked around looking for that perfect place to take a roll in the round pen.

Soon he found that perfect place and down he went.  About this time Tawnee got a call from the volunteers pleading for some assistance.  They were afraid they would not be able to keep the loose horse off the road much longer.

Tawnee headed off as the person who surrendered the horse went one way, Tawnee went the other way.

Finally Tawnee arrived where the loose horse was.  The horse must remain anonymous at this time.  (S)he wasn’t too keen on being caught and looked at Tawnee as if saying “Ya right you’re going to catch me!”

Before too long Tawnee caught her/him and was ready to load’em up.  (S)he got in  the trailer and was ready to go.

We are so thankful that we have such a great group of volunteers who are willing to drop everything and head out when a horse or other animal is in need.  If they hadn’t got there and kept the horse off the road, who knows what could have happened.  We would also like to thank the person who first saw the horse along the road for doing what she could to keep the horse safe.

Tawnee and the horse headed back to the shelter.  The sunlight was disappearing fast.

Tawnee got the new horse settled in.

Meanwhile poor Dude was still in the round pen waiting to be settled in for the night.  Tawnee got him out of the round pen and into his waiting pen.

Finally the long busy day was over and the trailer was finally able to be unhooked.  What a long busy and hectic day!

Thanks to the Gail G, United Way – Joyce D. and IBM for their support!   We couldn’t do it without your continued support.

Don’t forget to vote!  Click here.



Monday was a very beautiful day with wispy clouds floating high above the green plains.  It has been so nice having the horses at the new facility.
It is our first winter at the new facility, and while there has been some trials with the wind, there is almost no mud and as you can see the grass has already begun to grow.  Jake, to the left, didn’t know that he was spending his last few moments in the big pasture.

It was his lucky day to head home to his new family!  He hopped right into the trailer like a good boy and Jason and Jake headed off down the road.

Tawnee needed to do some evaluations.  Zulu stood calmly while she saddled him up.  He knew what was happening and stood there like an old pro.

He is a big horse and Tawnee thought maybe she should get the mounting block.  She vetoed that idea and went for the aerobic stretching instead.

Soon she was on his back.  He is in adoption pending and Tawnee says his new family will have an awesome horse.  He is gorgeous and a blast to ride.

Mulen’s family came to take her home today too!  She was adopted Sunday, along with Buddy.  Buddy is still going to be going to the vet for his pre-adoption exam, but Mulen was ready to head out and start her new life with her brand new family.

Mulen was such a good girl and loaded right up into the trailer.  When Mulen came to us, we were told she was high-strung (which she is) and so we included that in her description.  Someone posted on an internet forum that Mulen was at the shelter and that high strung just meant that she was going to be euthanised.   It saddened our staff to see that someone could be so critical of the hard work we do day in and day out trying our best to find homes for each and every horse that does not have medical conditions or dangerous behaviors that would prevent them from being adopted.  Mulen is living proof the critics are wrong: even high strung horses can find their perfect home!  Way to go Mulen!

Jason and Jake arrived at Jake’s new home to find some very excited teenagers waiting for him.  A little side-note, do you recognize the little goat down at the lower left in the picture?

Jake was happy to get out of the trailer and into his waiting pen.   We couldn’t be happier for Jake!

At the shelter the sun was slipping behind the horizon.  As always, Tawnee was after that perfect sunset photo.

Buddy lifted up his head then Tawnee got that almost perfect shot.  When it was posted on Facebook, one of our fans said that the sun kind of looks like a heart.

About this time April and Larry’s little son was taken to the emergency room with a severe flu infection and will be in the hospital for awhile.  Poor little guy!  Please keep Cody in your thoughts and prayers.

Many thanks to Sophia T. for donating to help horses as a Christmas present for her niece Sasha C.  and to Anonymous and Michelle J. for her generous donation.

Please remember to vote, click here.


We hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Our staff all enjoyed having the holiday week off, but sadly most of them came back sick.  We know that soon everyone will be well once again.  It just makes getting caught up just a little bit slower when folks are under the weather.

Sunday morning at the shelter was so beautiful, and thankfully it was not raining.  It seems like every Sunday recently it has been raining or trying to rain.

The group of 10 abandoned horses were enjoying their breakfast.  They have all settled in nicely.  They are now legally cleared for adoption and…

…they are now posted on the available page with the names that you Facebook fans have chosen.  They’re all friendly, but the young ones are not halter trained.  To see them on the available page, click here.

Hershey, who has been with us for a few months, is definitely getting a rounder tummy.  We thought she may be pregnant when we got her, but now it appears to be getting further along.  Next spring we should have a baby!

Buddy’s potential mom came out to play with him some more today.  Some of you may remember him as the skinny, scrawny little guy from the first group that came in from the Mexican border.

He is doing better these days, and is much happier now that his adoption papers have been signed!  He is going home as soon as he goes to the vet to be checked out.

Buddy’s mom also adopted Mulen.  Both will be going home soon!

Hannah had some visitors today, and the whole family really fell in love with her.  They placed her in adoption pending, submitted their adoption application multiple times (just an fyi, apparently the adoption application puts up an error, but we are getting them, our webmaster will work on this problem ASAP) and are in the process of being approved.

Christopher’s potential adopters also came out to see him as well. He is in adoption pending, and as soon as the application is processed, he should be going home as well.

It was a very busy Sunday with lots of folks coming out to see the horses.  2 adoptions, 2 adoption holds, you can’t ask for a better Sunday!

Today’s eBay giving Works item is a USG German Dressage bridle, new in the box.  It is currently only $119 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the horses!  Click here.

The shelter challenge is still going on!  We are still in 3rd place for California.  To vote, click here.

Many thanks to all those that have donated over the holiday week: Lorna D., Roseann D., Sandra T., Gail G., Betsy W., Sara H., Constance W., Anonymous all stepped forward with a donation to help the horses!  Thank you so much!

   We all wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!  We have taken pictures from this years blog as a Thanksgiving tribute to all the blessings that have come our way this year.  

      First of all, we are so thankful for each and every one of you our supporters, who make our rescue efforts possible.  Please enjoy these rememberences.

      We are thankful for your support so every horse has nice yummy food.  We are thankful that we no longer have to push the hay to the horses in a wheelbarrow!

  We are thankful that the hay wagon was able to be purchased thanks to your support.  It sure makes all the chores so much faster and easier!

  We are thankful that All Roads Communications for their support throughout the year, and for allowing us to get a lot more panels this year.

  We are  thankful that through your support we were able to provide so much medical care for so many animals in need.

  We are thankful that Brianna was here to assist with the baby goat rescue where we rescued 50 baby goats at one time!  It would have been a lot harder without all the volunteers that stepped forward to help with those little guys.

  We are thankful that through your support we were able to provide low cost gelding certificates to the public.  Unwanted horses were never born thanks to you!

  We are thankful that through your support we were able to purchase 20 acres of land for the new facility.  The mortgage is slowly being paid down every month!

    We are thankful that the well puts out over 60 gallons a minute.  The horses will never have to wonder if water will come out of the faucet or not.

  We are thankful that the horses are able to run with joy in the 15 acre pasture.

  We are thankful for our good friends at Home at Last for all their emotional support, and for giving such a great retirement to so many lucky equines.

  We are thankful for the Blue Apple Ranch taking the remaining Clint Ritchie horses who were unable to find adoptive homes in northern Ca.

    We are thankful that through Mr T’s donation of life giving blood that this little goat (and several others like him) was saved.

  We are thankful for the girl scouts putting up the white vinyl fencing so beautifully.  We are thankful that vinylfencingdirect.com donated the lovely fencing.

  Jason is thankful that pepper spray doesn’t last forever.  

 Tawnee is thankful it wasn’t worse than childbirth.    We are thankful that Jason and Tawnee got a lot of training this year to better serve horses and animals in their humane officer training.

  We are thankful that officer Kramer became officer this year.  He is such a lucky boy, an ambassador for all rescued horses.  To think that his owners were so desperate that his only options were auction or euthanasia before coming to us.  He had that chance to find a perfect home with us and he did.

    We are thankful for volunteers like Amee that are willing to be bucked off if needed while evaluating horses.

  We are thankful that this year we were able to buy horses from a kb straight from the slaughter pipeline.

  We are thankful that Red Lion Inn donated rooms for volunteers during the horse expo.

    We are thankful for the great group of volunteers at the Horse Expo who made our efforts a success.

  We are thankful for Macho Man who brings such huge smiles to everyone who meets him.

  We are thankful to have been able to touch the lives of horses that had been in the slaughter pipeline, but were able to find love at the shelter once again.

  We are thankful that we were able to know Dano, the saddest case of suffering we have ever seen.    We are thankful that we were able to give him love in the end.

  We are thankful that the fire that came dreadfully close to the shelter was put out before causing any damage at the shelter.

    We are thankful for the 2 horse trailer that was donated.

    We are thankful for all those this year that stepped forward by donating hay.

  We are thankful that the little toad who was at the bottom of the post hole was found before he was squashed.

    We are thankful that this year not only Jason and Tawnee had further education, but a lot of our staff and volunteers were able to attend a workshop as well.

    We are thankful for contractor Mark who donated his time to get the office looking really sharp.

    We are thankful for Larry managing the shelter so well.  He puts hours and hours of love into the shelter.

        We are thankful for April who gives her love to all the animals at the shelter and is willing to step forward wherever she can to make a positive difference in the lives of the animals.    We are thankful  that Betty, the little goat, now has a loving home.

  We are thankful that the name change is going so smoothly.  Make sure you name your organization the right name the first time, you never know how your organization will grow, you don’t want to outgrow your name.

    We are thankful that Tawnee didn’t hit Skids and he now has a great home at a pigeon sanctuary.

  We are thankful that Jason and Tawnee’s officer training is complete, including handcuffing and arrest.

     We are thankful that we were able to reunite Cappie with his mom after 10 years of separation.

    We are thankful that we were able to rescue horses that were rejected from the slaughter pipeline at the Mexican border.

    We are thankful that we now have credit cards that support the shelter.

  We are thankful for Parcy and Shadow who always light up visitors eyes at the shelter.

  We are thankful to the numerous adopters who have stepped forward to save horses lives and give them a loving forever home.  It is always a great day when a horse finds it new home.  Save a life, adopt an animal!

  We are thankful for each and every one of you for your support Horse Plus Humane Society both emotionally and financially.  We really appreciate all of your handwritten notes and cards of encouragement.  We are so thankful for each and every one of you and hope that you have the happiest Thanksgiving ever!  


We apologize for the delay in getting the blog out and the shortness.  Due to the weather Sunday we were closed.  Now everyone is busy getting ready for Thanksgiving, this is just a short update about the euthanasia clinic.

Sunday we were closed due to the storm, but horses still came into the clinic.  Horses also came into the vet over the weekend for the clinic, and then again on Monday, and it all came together to be a succesful clinic, thanks to you!

There were lots of tears shed, lots of hard “Goodbyes” spoken.  We are so thankful that we were able to provide the last act of kindness to horses who had lived magnificent lives, and the comfort to their owners knowing their beloved pet will never know the horrors of the slaughterhouse.

Our first microchip clinic plans are under way.   The first clinic will be held at our vet January 12.  The chipping, lifetime registration will be less than $50, we are still working on the final price.  Please let us know if you are interested in bringing your horse to the clinic!  More clinics will be following that one.

Many thanks to Trudi R., Vicky Z., Norma C., Hillary W., Jenette S., Sharon H., Jackie J., James G., Jennifer K., Betty S., Lorna D., Roseann D., Sandra T. for their very generous donations.  We couldn’t do it without you!

Due to the foul weather, the shelter will be closed to visitors this Sunday.  The Euthanasia Clinic drop-off has been moved to our vet office, Look Ahead Vet, at 1451 Clark Road, Oroville Ca on Monday the 22nd from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm.

Once again, the shelter will be closed to visitors this Sunday.  We apologize for any inconvenience!

Please contact us if you have any questions.  Click here.


We have some exciting news!  The first report for the credit cards is in, and with only 4 people signing up, we got $226.30!  We are a little disappointed that only 4 people signed up, but this shows how easy it is to help in a significant way for free.  If everyone who read out blog got a card and used it just a little bit, that would be over $150,000 overnight.  That could put up a really nice adoption center!  Remember, just for signing up and swiping it once, we get $50.  That’s pretty significant!  One of our supporters wrote a comment for a blog post: “I have the horse headshot Capital One card and just used it last week. I am excited to see how much this brings into the rescue. I am going to charge my gas instead of using debit then quickly pay the card. Hopefully this way the rescue gets a larger donation!”  You can help just like her, click here and sign up.

The other exciting news is that the Euthanasia Clinic fundraiser is over!  We cannot possibly thank: Anna P. – Nancie B. – Linda M. – Barbara B. – Barbara P. – Marie J. – Jo V. – Karen H. – Roberta A. – Ruthann C. – Catherine K. – Jody W. – Angela T. – Ane R. – Pamela N. – Laurie T.  – Dawn H. – Prooke P. – Diane D. – Karen O. – Sarah H. – Jody W. – Kathleen T. – Betsy W. – Kaisa Y. – Kryst O. – Sharon H. – Faryn K. – Patricia M. – Lynne H. – Christine M. – Jody W. – Barbara H.  – Amy C. – Sandra L. – Jean S. – Marie J.  enough for their extremely generous donations to the Euthanasia Clinic. Your compassion for horses you have never met is truly overwhelming.

Wednesday afternoon we got a call about 10 horses that had been abandoned for quite awhile in Tehema county.  They were running the hills and causing mischief all over the countryside.  Finally a concerned individual corralled them up when they were on her ranch.  She then called Animal Control and the Sheriff department, both of which didn’t want to do anything about the abandoned horses.  Finally after numerous calls Animal Control said if she hauled them to their shelter they would do something with them.  Generally this means selling them / “adopting” them to whoever will take them with no strings attached, often the horses end up in the slaughter pipeline.

She then proceeded to contact every horse rescue group she could find, but they all said they were full.  “Sorry, we can’t help you.”  What was she supposed to do with the horses?  Turn them back out to fend for themselves and possible get hit on the road?  Finally Haven Humane Society gave her our phone number.  No doubt she was expecting to hear “Sorry, we are full, we can’t help you” when she dialed our number.  Unlike many other horse groups, we are an open door facility, meaning we will not turn away any horse that needs us.  This open door policy comes with a lot of responsibilities, hard decisions and is scary at times.

Thursday morning early Jason hooked up the big trailer and hit the road after picking up Larry.  It was a beautiful morning as the sun began to peek through the clouds.

The price of diesel is always depressing, but saving lives costs money.

Along the way there was the mandatory construction to slow traffic down.

Jason and Larry arrived to meet the group of 10.  Jason was actually surprised to see how healthy they are.  Typically abandoned horses are emaciated and have terrible hooves.  These guys were raiding the neighborhood and it showed.

One of the lady’s first comments was “Wow, you’re even wearing uniforms.”  She has had bad experiences with rescues in the past and no doubt was expecting the worst.  She said she was hoping cowboys with whips and hotshots didn’t show up to load the horses.  We never use hotshots, and our contact is always as gentle as possible.

First the horses were herded into a small corral area.

Then the trailer was backed up and they all watched with anticipation.

One of them was so excited, she just couldn’t wait to smell the trailer.

They all got in the trailer safely (no whips or hotshots needed!) and they hit the road towards the shelter.

At the shelter, Amee, April and Colby had been working hard to get their pen ready.  The trailer backed up to the pen…

…Larry opened the door…

..and they began coming out.

Horse after horse came piling out of the trailer and into their nice clean pen with yummy food and clean water.

They just kept coming and coming.

“Are they all out yet?”

The 10 horses were so happy to be out of the trailer and stretching their legs on solid ground once again.  For a majority of them it was probably their first trailer ride.  They all did very well.

Forest had a potential adopter come out to meet him.  They came out on Sunday, but Forest was having too much fun hanging out with the girls (he is a gelding) to visit adopters, so they rescheduled.  Remember, if you are wanting to adopt a horse, and have free time during the week, give us a call to see if an appointment is available.

Forest has been with us quite awhile just waiting for that perfect person to call his own.

She really fell in love with Forest and the two were quite happy with each other.

This looks like an adoption picture, but she still needs to have her adoption application approved.  This is an adoption hold picture!  She put her $50 hold down on him and is excitedly waiting to hear the status of her application.

After Forest was turned out in the 15 acre pasture to play with his friends, his adopter and her friend just had to go visit the 10 abandoned horses.

We know you want to meet each one of the horses, so here we go.

This is a mare who is blind in 1 eye.

Chestnut mare.

Yearling colt.

Paint mare.

Thin bay mare.

Chestnut mare.

Chestnut mare.

Paint mare.

Young colt.

Chestnut mare.

Please visit our Facebook page, http://facebook.com/horsehumane, and help us name the horses!  All of the horses are friendly and curious about people.  They also have a lot of stickers and burrs in their manes and tails from frolicking in the hills.

Along with that they are all covered in ticks from hoof to ear.  They need their Ivermectin soon so the ticks will die and fall out.

Some have minor uncared for injuries, but overall this is a very healthy herd of horses.

They are all so cute and it is nice to know they are safe and sound.

The easy part is over.  The horses are safe at the shelter, but now it’s your turn to help.  We desperately need donations to geld the colts ($500 total) and their initial intake care and food!  If everyone pitched in $10 ($10 for 10 horses!) it would help out a lot! We stepped out in faith with this large intake, knowing that you will provide the funds to care for these horses.  Being an open door facility takes a lot of courage, but we know we can count on you.  Click here or visit our homepage and look under the Urgent Need to help.  Please mark your donation as “Urgent Need.”

Finally the sun was setting in the western sky, and what a pretty sunset it was.

The shelter challenge is still going on!  We are still in 3rd place for California.  To vote, click here.

We would like to thank all of our supporters who donated.  Many thanks to Amy C., Sandra L., Jean S., Caroline R., Marie J., Trudi R. and the California Trail Blazers for their benefit ride which raised $325!  We can’t thank you all enough for your support.


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