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No More Mud!

Our 4 stall mare motel got a new floor today! Now the horses will have a nice mud free place this winter. It took 14 yards of cement. It was a lot of hard work, but thanks to some of our volunteers it made it a little easier.

Everyone had a job they could do.


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Today Mac and Spike would to the vet for X-rays of their Hooves. Spike’s hooves are really long and the trimmer needed an idea how far she could go on them. Spike went home with the trimmer so she can take her time with him and get those hooves happy again. Mac had some lameness and we needed to know what was going on down in those hooves of his. The x-rays showed that he has bad ring bone in both his front hooves. Poor guy, how sad, he needs a pasture pal home.

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10 More Acres!

There was a vacant 10 acres that borders our main 10-acre facility here in Oroville and we just got about a 2-year grazing lease on it! We are planning on fencing it with electric rope ASAP.

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On October 22 we rescued 4 little white ponies. There are small herds of little wild ponies running loose near Ukiah, CA. They are starting to cause trouble with people out riding, as the litle stallions come charging up, anxious to add to their herd. We had an interesting time getting them into the trailer, sadly the stallion in the group we rescued is blind in one eye, causing even a harder time. A big “Thank You!” to the concerned people who will continue to decrease the herd size by herding them into pens waiting for us to come pick them up. Currently there are about 30 still running loose in several herds. This has been an on going problem for 40 years!

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We Got a Free Lease!

About 20 miles from NER we got a free lease on about 10 acres of pasture it is safely fenced with horse fencing. We have been using this pasture since August but now a have a more long-term future with it.

This pasture will be used mainly for the feedlot horses who are being transferred to other horse rescues. Before they would have to stay at the feedlot until transporting could be arranged, now they can go to this beautiful pasture and from there make their way to the other horse rescues when the time is right.

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