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Ok everyone, heads up!
The Petfinder all-new series is premiering on Animal Planet February 9 at 9 pm e/p.
See our rescued horse Mya, in the most emotional mission on the Petfinder schedule.
Click Here to view the electronic press kit for the new Petfinder show.
Watch the series preview and see Mya!

Episode Description – The Carless Family
Fullerton, Calif. is home to single mom Julie Carless and her two daughters, 11-year-old Allysa and eight-year-old Star. Their situation is unique because they actually need a pet for health reasons.
Star has a rare disability called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which is causing her bones and joints to deteriorate. It’s painful for her to run and play like other little girls, and the disability has caused other complications such as slight autism, sensory integration disorder and ligament laxity. One of the best activities she can do to help her body is ride horses. Riding forces her to use all her muscles yet spares her fragile joints the stress of impact. The more Star rides, the healthier she becomes. If Star had her own horse, she could ride anytime. Star has been saving recyclable cans in hopes of redeeming them for a horse, but she needs about 120,000 more cans! PETFINDER will help Star get and care for the horse she so desperately needs.
Through the most emotional mission on the PETFINDER schedule, this girl learns and grows with each Teacher’s Pet. When the final animal is presented, Jarod and Dina make Star’s dreams come true.
We at NER rescued Mya from a feedlot, she was only days away from being killed at a slaughterhouse. We are so happy that Mya has Star for a forever loving friend.

In November Dina host of Animal Planet – Petfinder and her mother came out to visit us and they enjoyed meeting all the horses and hearing some of the stories of the horses. Dina had a lot of fun riding Peanut (one of Jason & Tawnee’s rescued horses) she is a Paso Fino and it was a treat for Dina to ride one of the smoothest horses in the world.

Check out Dina’s website at: http://www.dinazaphiris.com/


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Snowdrift is Home!

Snowdrift is home! Snowdrift did it, she hung in there and is now 100% OK!!! She stayed at the vet for 3 weeks and it saved her life. It is so good to have the sweetheart back safe and sound. She has an adopter lined up and will be going to her new home soon! A Big Thanks goes to everyone that helped us out with her huge vet bill!

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The Horse Chute

NER has been wanted a chute/stock for our facility for about a year now. We were on Craigslist and found one in Orland about an hour and a half from NER. It was a good brand made by MD Barns and we jumped at the opportunity to get it.

On the way stopped by the vet to see Snowdrift is doing. She is doing great! The hole is healing well and she’s feeling much better!

Then off to Orland for our horse chute. We got it home in one piece!

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Coming Home

We got up and headed out to pick up the feedlot horses and bring them to NER. Thusrday Shirley was told about 2 cute donkeys and an Appy mare at the feedlot and started raising money to save them too. So we brought 8 equines back to NER.

We got there and were loading the horses and we noticed that Baloo is totaly blind. How sad, he is a really sweet horse and it so sad that he is blind. He seems like he has been blind for some time as he gets around very well. We stopped at the vet and they said to keep an eye on him. After we had left the vet they did an endoscope on Snowdrift and found that she had an abscess in her throat and it had burst and drained. They removed the tracheotomy tube and she is breathing ok without it. She still must stay at the vet for a while as she has a hole in her neck were the tube was, when it is healed over she can come home!

When we get back to NER and let the horses out of the trailer, they were so happy to be out and away from the feedlot they ran alround with the joy of life.

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A Big Day

The weather has been cold and rainy around here and not much has happened since the last post.

Today we headed over to Nevada, tomorrow morning we will pick up the feedlot horses and bring them back to NER. We also had to deliver some horses that had been adopted and take them to their new homes.
First we loaded Saaba and Missy Mouse it was time for them to go to their new home. They were adopted awhile ago and today they are going home.
Battle Cry was also being adopted today by an adopter who has adopted from NER before and is the best with horses that have some trust issues.
Then we headed out to our pasture where the rescued feedlot horses are to pick up Zara and Otto as they were going to their new homes too.
Finally everyone was loaded up and ready to go and we were off.
On the way we stopped at the vet to see Snowdrift. She is doing well and looking like she is feeling better. She still has the tracheotomy tube in as seen in the picture below.

We drove slowly with everyone going up HWY 70 and finally made it to Quincy. We delivered Battle Cry to his forever home and they loved him. It was really nice to see Tank, Colty and Gracy. They are horse that had been adopted from us a few years ago.
We said our byes and headed out to deliver Faris about 15 miles away. On the way there we saw a horse in a field by the side of the road and his leg was caught in some wire. We stopped and Tawnee freed the horse. It sure made us feel good to help the horse out. We got Faris to his new family and they loved him too. It always feels so good to see a rescued horse get a loving home.
We were off and about 2 hours later we delivered Zara and Otto to their new home. Their adopter was the same one who adopted Napa. They are both sweet horses and it is wonderful to know that they will be well cared for and loved.

It was now dark and the sun had set, but we still had to deliver Saaba and Missy Mouse and we had about another hour and a half to go. We finally got there and we had to say bye to our special Saaba, it was hard to see her go, she had been with us for so long, but that is what rescuing is all about. When the horse is heathly again we adopt them to loving homes.

Now it was time to head over to where the feedlot is another hour and a half before we could finally stop driving.

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Sunday was a very cold, cloudy and long day.

Tawnee was up to greet the frost as Chester needed to have his hooves trimmed and we had missed our appointment with Sally our trimmer, so now it was up to Tawnee to do the job.
We got a call that Battle Cry had bucked his new adoptive owner off and she was bringing him back, which she did.

Chester’s family came to take him home. They had adopted him on December 2nd and were ready for him to come home.

Tiger was adopted today and he seemed very happy about that. His adopter had come up on November 23rd and she had fallen in love with him and he was very comfortable with her. It is really nice that Tiger has someone that he can truly fall in love with and can trust.

Jason headed out to get more hay. The rescued feedlot horses needed more hay and we needed some good alfalfa, some of our older horses need alfalfa and not just grass hay. Last time we got hay we just got grass hay as it was cheaper but this time we had to get the alfalfa. We got 72 bales and that = $720.00, so far this month we have spent $1170.00 on just hay. NER needs more hay sponsors! Let us know if you can help.

Jason took 14 bales to the pasture with rescued feedlot horses and unloaded it, then came back to the ranch. It was after dark when he made it back and rain was one its way! Of course it started raining about halfway through the unloading process, so Jason got soaked and cold and wet, but the hay is safe. By the time that was done he was ready to call it a day.

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Today was as busy as ever. Jason is still faithfully doing the bookwork, he should have it done soon.

NER staff delivered Battle Cry to his new owner and then headed to the vet to see Snowdrift and pick up the geldings. The two pony gelding came back to NER and Scruffy went up to Deb’s for more training after he is feeling better.
Snowdrift is in her new stall and is doing as well as can be expected. When NER staff visited her she was having a break from her neck bandage and we could see the end of her tracheotomy tube in her neck for the first time. Poor sweety, she is being so brave. She has been at the vet for 1 week now and it looks like she will still be staying there for awhile.

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