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Retirement Program

Our retirement went “live” today thanks to the hard work of our office people. With 5 horses in the retirement / rehab program, we could really use your help to feed, grain, suppliment, and care for these awesome older horses. Check it out, click here!

A new rescue effort is starting over at feeedlothorses.com.

There are 9 horses (2 studs and 7 broodmares) that a breeder is planning on taking to slaughter march 15th! He has decided to stop breeding horses and stick with cattle. Since he only lives 1 1/2 hours from the new horse slaughterhouse, Natural Valley Farms Inc. in Canada. It will be very convenient for him to make the short trip over the border into Canada and get top dollar for his horses. We can save these horses and transfer them to other rescues that can adopt them into loving homes, but We Can’t Do This Without You!

We are still working on placement so we don’t know what the transporting will be yet. We will add the transporting funds needed as soon as we know.


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Web Work

We’ve updated and given a new look to our special rescue story page. Every horse we rescue is so special, but these have touched our hearts and our camera and we would love to share them with you. To visit our updated page, click here. There are 12 equines on there that you can read all about.

Got a nice update from Charlie Boy’s owner. He is doing absolutely great! They love him so much. “He is an absolute angel to be around! He rides great and is eager to please…He also just loves to be loved on!! He has truly brought so much joy to my life!!! He is healthy and happy!!” Way to go, it’s great to have found him the perfect home. Charlie Boy was the skinniest horse we’ve ever had on our ranch, it’s so great to see a horse that was so close to death brought back and enjoying life once again. Below is a picture of Charlie with his owner, and below that is a picture of Charlie when he first came to our ranch.

We got a couple t-shirts and a hat from our new store, and we are pleased with the quality. We’ll model them soon and post some pictures.

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Today was a great day! 4 equines were placed into adoption pending. Eva should be going to a great home as soon as they are approved to adopt. They drove up yesterday, spent the night in Marysville and came out to meet her today and fell in love! It really looks like a perfect match. Snowman, Snowdrift and Angus were placed into adoption pending status today, they will be going to Personal Pony’s LTD in Nevada to be used for kids therapy. So far this year therapy facilities have been our biggest homes for equines and what a great match!

The pregnant mares bail and transport was raised today. It is so great to have another succesful rescue! They will be on their way to Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue. This makes 38 horses rescued so far this year.

Lloyd Cooper gave us an update on the horses he adopted, and they are all doing very well. He is thrilled with the way they are all settling in and joining up with kids that need the special help only a horsy friend can give. It is so neat seeing our rescued horses helping people in need, just like Mya, who will be on Animal Planet in April.

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Sunday was a downright miserable rainy day so there was no volunteers out that day. Jason got bookwork done and Tawnee worked on the website. Maintaining a large non-profit requires so many hours of non-glamorous work, but it must be done!
Monday we spoke with Placer County Animal Control and we arranged for Sweetpea to come on Friday morning. We will place her for adoption for 1 month, and if she hasn’t found a home she will be moved permanently into the retirement program.
The donations started coming in today for the current feedlot rescue and now there is only $434 left to raise. This is so great!

The retirement / rehab program page is almost done and will online within the next couple days. We hope and pray that this program will work and be very successful. In the last 5 years of rescuing we have seen a huge need for a retirement program for horses but have been unable to fund such a huge endeavor. We are hoping that you will step forward and sponsor a retired horse in need!

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Sweatpea got two sponsors today, so she is going to be coming home! She will be possibly available for adoption when we evaluate her, as we have adopted many older equines into loving forever homes, but we would like to thank her two sponsors for signing up to support her! Animcal Control sounded so relieved and happy on the phone, they are actually doing something an Animal Control office has never done before and are actually planning on transporting her to our ranch. Thanks!

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday / Thursday

The funds have been raised for the 7 horses! They are being transfered to Hooves of Hope, Valley View Ranch Equine Rescue and some are still pending transfer, but have been moved to safety at one of our foster homes.
With the last feedlot rescue safe, we are moving on to our next feedlot rescue. Yes that is right, there are 3 pregnant mares at the same feedlot that will be slaughtered if we don’t do our part to help! This feedlot sends the pregnant mares to Mexico as the Canadian slaughterhouse doesn’t want to deal with the “by product,” the babies… We must save them and their unborn babies. The total to save their lives and transport them to safety is only $2,515.00. We have until Friday the 29th to save them or…

The horses in the new retirement program are doing great and enjoying their new life there. We are hoping and praying that this new program will work. Today we got a call from Placer County Animal Control – Auburn CA. They have a horse there they have had since May of 07 and can’t find her a home so they asked us if we could take her. We told them about our new program and if we can find some sponsors for her we would be able to take her. She is a sweet mare that is 27 years old. Their vet says that she is in great shape for her age. If you would be interested in sponsoring for only $25.00 a month please let us now ASAP. We need at least 4 committed sponsors for us to be able to provide this mare with the wonderful retirement she deserves.

Happy Tails!
Pansy “Shelbe” was a young filly we rescued from the feedlot back in October of 07. She was adopted into a wonderful home and is doing great! You can go to their website and see pictures of her by clicking here.

You can watch her rescue along with 19 other horses rescued from the feedlot on Youtube by clicking here.

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Tueday the 19th

Today we prepared for the next big rain storm that is coming. Hay had to be covered, tools put away, etc. We started a trial run for a retirement program today. We have placed 5 horses into this program: Christy, Timmy, Pilgrim, Bessie and Cooper. We have use of a 32 acre pasture where these horses would live out their healthly lives in happiness. We hauled three of them up there today. It is only about 15 minutes away from our main ranch. Thank you Eric and Jennifer! They will be the care givers for these retired horses. We are working on updating our website to add our retirement program. Horses that are in the retirement program will needs sponsors to help with their special medical and feed needs. This is a trial run, up to this point NER has not been a retirement center, but if the support is there, we will be able to bring in an extremely limited number of horses for retirement. We’ll see how it goes…

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