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Today started fairly uneventful, we were getting ready for a usually busy Sunday. We fed the horses, everyone seemed happy and content as usual with no signs of abnormalities. A new volunteer came out about 10:30 and began grooming the horses. About 11:00 some potential adopters came out to see the horses, and Tawnee noticed that Truffles, a horse that is waiting for transpotation to her new home, was laying down and looking odd. Sure enough, she had decided to lay down right then and there and give birth. The group of 10 that Tawnee was showing horses to had a delightful visit as they were wide eyed and tickled pink as they got to see Bello (Italian for “Beautiful”) enter the world.

Halfway through the labor, Truffles decided she had enough with this business. She is only 3 years old, and was confused and bewildered by the weird happenings, so she decided to get up and walk away from her troubles. But she was walking away with a baby that was half out! So Tawnee had to walk around holding a half born baby until Truffles decided to lay back down and get the job over with.

Truffles ended up being a very good mommy, and she and baby are doing great!

Truffles gave birth quite unexpectedly in one of our larger pens with about 10 other horses, and so as quickly as we could we moved mommy and baby down to our mare motel. If there’s a next time for your Truffles, please show some signs of being ready to pop! Jason had to carry Bello, but it’s ok, it’s not everyday he gets to pick up a horse. Bello is the first baby ever born at our ranch, what a special girl.

All-at-Once was adopted today into her new forever home! She is a lucky girl and will be very well cared for.

Our new volunteer, Rebecca, is a doggy groomer by trade, and she is now turning a new leaf and is now becoming our volunteer horse groomer. She had hair flying every direction today, and now our round-pen has a nice soft footing called “hair.” If Chester bucks Deb off again, at least she’ll have a soft landing! A big thank you Rebecca for giving so many horses a make-over!

Crisco is doing great, we got an update on him today. His mane is quite pretty!!! Sure is a great home he’s living at. “Thank you so much for our Crisco, he is truly a delight to be around. Kyla has grown more and more confident and Crisco has given her his trust. What a wonderful thing to witness.”

The current feedlot rescue is almost over, only $456 left to go!!! It can happen, please let it happen!


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Sally Hugg and a bare foot trimmer student came out to practice on some knarly horse hooves today. They did a great job trimming, and we are so thankful to have Sally for a friend and for making our horses have happy hooves. She’s so caring for the horses overall well being, her care goes way beyond just making sure the horse is ‘good enough.’

Sweet Pea was adopted today! She will be a friend and companion for a 31 year old horse. Her adopters truly fell in love with her, during their visit Elmer gathered a handfull of alfalfa stems/hay and remarked “I have a bouquet for my new girl!” It’s really sweet and we’re so happy she will have a wonderful forever home. She is going to be transported to her new home sometime next week.

Got the hay covered before the rain hit thankfully. The rain should definitly help the grass grow on our 25 acres of pasture. Maybe the hay growers will start cutting soon too.

We added a new page to our website for auction rescues. The link is right on our main page, www.SaveTheHorse.com.

Tawnee got 2 e-news sent out today, one for Feedlot and another for our main emailing list. That’s about 2500 emails sent in one day. We had to upgrade our e-news server, twice. That’s $21 just to send out the e-news today. We probably need to find a cheaper SMTP relay service.

The feedlot rescue is in the final stages. We must raise the transporting funds by Monday, please help if you can!

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We got a great email from Charlie Boy’s (the dark bay) adopter today with 3 pictures and a cute email saying “Just wanted to send you some more pics of my baby!!Thanks for all you do to save horses like him!!!!THANK YOU for my boy!!!” We love getting updates, so if you have adoptd a horse from us, please send us some pictures! And you may just see them here…

Today we had a family come out and visit the horses. It was a really great visit and they really enjoyed Chicklet and Magic, pictured below. They fell in love with most of the horses, but finally had to make a decision, so they chose Spunky and Prairie, who are now in adoption pending. They also gave a very generous donation to buy a load of hay. A huge “Thank You!” goes to our special guests.

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Today we had a very special visitor named Cathy who came with her two sons. After visiting for awhile she wrote a check for Dusty and Blaze to have the surgeries they so badly need. We were so amazed we were practically speechless, except to offer our most sincere thanks! As soon as she left we called our vet to set up the appointment, and on April 1st they are heading in for their surgeries. We are praying that their surgeries will be 100% successful and that they can lead very happy, pain free lives once it is all over. Dusty and Blaze will no longer be available until after their rehab, which will take about a month after the surgery. We are so excited!!!

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Ruby Went Home.

Today Ruby got adopted and transported to her new home. What a great boarding stable she went to, nice brown buildings and barns with green trim. Very attractive place, and her new family is great too! She has a couple buddies and she is settling in quickly.

Our current fundraising effort is going OK and we are very thankful for every dollar that has been donated, but we need to raise the remaining $900 by Friday! Let’s hope the funds come in and all of the horses can be saved.

Thanks to volunteers Annette and Kimmy, a lot of extra office work and data entry was done today that hasn’t been done for awhile. They spent a couple hours typing furiously and organizing paperwork. Our 2007 990 is almost filed and will be up on Guidestar shortly thereafter.

Balloo was placed in adoption pending status today! We’re excited about the chances of Balloo going to a great home where he can get all the love, treats and affection he deserves. We really love him, but it will be nice to have him get his own home too.

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Today Quiggly was taken up to his vet appointment to have his teethe floated. With an examination from Dr Weaver we got shocking news: “At this time the best humane thing to do is euthanize Quiggly…” She explained that Quiggly had no upper teethe, and if she did float his teethe, he would have no ability to chew his food and would most likely colic if he did manage to get some food down. He also had heart mummers and ulcers. She said if we wanted to spend thousands of dollars we could keep him alive until his body finally gave up completely, but it would not be the kindest or the most humane thing to do for him. She explained that he would only get feebler and weaker and would never have a good quality of life, and that now was the best time while he was still happy. We made the difficult decision to do what was best for Quiggly. We love you Quiggly and will really miss you!!!

While Tawnee was at the vet dealing with the difficult decision our governing body came to, Claire was adopting Baba into her new family. It’s really what keeps us energized to keep rescuing, even though sometimes we must make hard decisions like Quiggly, if it was not for us Baba, a 2 month old baby when we rescued her, would have been sent to Mexico for slaughter.

Shortly after getting back from the Vet Tawnee showed our available horses to some already approved adopters and they fell in love with Ruby and she’ll be going home tomorrow! It’s always hard having to function with daily routines after having to deal with such a bad experience, but it’s what we’re all about, getting rescued horses into homes.

Crisco’s adopters came down and picked him up today. He was so happy to go home with them he jumped right into their 2 horse trailer and seemed thrilled! We are so glad that he has a great home to live at forever and ever.

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Yes, it was one of those Sundays. No we didn’t take the day off, but we did find out for sure that our episode of Petfinder on Animal Planet is going to air March 31st at 8:00 and 11:00 PM. Don’t miss it! It is supposed to be the best Petfinder episode yet, and we’re confident it will be. This show is called “The Carless Family.” Click here for more information. For any of the new readers, this episode has our horse Mya being adopted by an incredibly awesome young lady. You won’t want to miss it!

Dottie got to visit some kids that were celebrating Easter today. She was driven out to Oroville and had fun entertaining the little kids from 12:00 to 3:00 pm. She got to eat lots of yummy grass and enjoyed being petted and brushed. “Can we ride her?” was the most common question of the day. The answer was always “No, Dottie is not big enough for you to ride.”

Jazz was adopted to her pre-approved home and was transported home today! What a great family, they will take super good care of sweet Jazz.

We had a potential adopter planning on coming out to visit Sweet Pea tomorrow, but we received an adoption hold on Sweet Pea late this evening, and we had to call up the poor girls mom and let her know that Sweet Pea is no longer available. It really hurt our hearts to do that, and we should have mentioned adoption holds one of the times we talked to them, but we don’t want to seem pushy as it is right on the avalable page. If you are interested in adopting a particular equine, p-l-e-a-s e put an adoption hold on that equine!

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