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Many Adoption Holds

Today started out seemingly like any other day, but it sure didn’t end that way.

It was time to get the another e-news out, Tawnee writes all of our e-news. Jason wanted to help Tawnee’s parents do some fire hazard reduction around their place, so Jason took the 4 kids to visit Gramma and Grandpa and let Tawnee do all the work herself in peace and quiet. Tawnee got lots done, got 4 horses in adoption pending status, talked on the phone and worked diligently on the E-news, which was sent out quite successfully.

Shortly after the e-news was sent, about 6:00 pm, Tawnee got a call from her mother with the words no parent ever wants to hear: “Justin is missing, he disappeared, we cannot find him anywhere.” Tawnee’s parents live out in the country, with thick underbrush and forest everywhere around their property, with mountain lions with cubs and a big bear that has been breaking into chicken coops. How could a little 2 year old ever fend for himself? Jason and Tawnee only have 1 vehicle, and Jason had taken it, so Tawnee called Claire who dropped everything to come over, pick up Tawnee, and go help look for Justin! Deb and her husband, who is a search and rescue officer, headed over to help look too, along with friends and relatives from all over the area. It’s the most terrible feeling to have your baby lost in the woods! About 20 people had showed up and were looking diligently, hoping to find him before nightime and almost freezing weather took over, and the Sheriff was almost there, when 1.2 miles from his Grandparents place Justin was found by some random strangers who had no idea who he was. He was by the gate that goes back to their place, near a creek, and so the kind strangers drove him up and down the populated road looking for people who should have been looking for the kid. When they spotted the Sheriff on his way they flagged him down and Justin was safe in his daddy’s arms about 10 minutes before mom got there to help look. Justin, please, stay closer!
It took Justin less than 1 hour to wander over a mile from Gramma’s house! There were people driving up and down the road looking for him too, so he must have gone cross country, which is impossible to travel through basically. Steep ravines, black berry vines, multiple creeks, he really is our little miracle tonight. Thankfully Justin is safe and sound without a scratch!
Needless to say we didn’t get back to the ranch until after 10:00, and after reporting the stolen car dumped about half a mile from the rescue, we’re more than ready to shut our brains off and get some sleep! And the quad ran out of gas while Jason was feeding tonight.


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Tawnee and Jason are still under the weather somewhat, but of course the work goes on.

Tawnee researched the pedigree’s and information about the 5 horses from Animal Control. She got shoved around to a bunch of different people at AQHA, but they seem cooperative and willing to help us get them registered if possible. Or at least get their birthdays and pedigree. All we’re really concerned about is knowing how old they are and hopefully get their names.

Jason headed out to get yet another load of hay, and our happy girls came out to volunteer again. Today was a very special job: Easter twine hunt. A little late for Easter, but still fun. Great job, that’s a lot of twine and it really needed to be done! Thanks for your hard work. Otto was surprised that people showed such an interest in twine, he only likes what it holds.

Another 72 bales of good alfalfa at $10 a bale for a hefty check of $720!!! At our current feeding it will last less than 2 weeks. We really need hay sponsors! Please consider donating at least 1 bale a month, would you really miss $10 a month? Thanks FOB’s for raising $100 for hay! What a great surprise, thank you!

We’re going to go have a creative brainstorm session about a very exciting program we will be launching aimed at 5-15 year old girls. More details later!

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Working Sick

Today both Jason and Tawnee felt really terrible, but that didn’t stop work from being done. Tawnee spent the day outside while Jason did office work. We both had terrible headaches, runny noses, etc, but the work goes on.
Most of the outside work got done thanks to Becky and Deb! Becky spent her time making the horses look beautiful while Deb spent her time testing the saddle. Deb got a lot of horses evaluated today, great work Deb and Becky! What would we do without you two?

After a long day of work Tawne came in to see something she doesn’t like at all in an email forward. Stallion fighting in foreign countries. It’s just like cock fighting or dog fighting, it’s often a fight to the death. The horses are bred only to fight. Horses that could have been loving companions instead are whipped into a frenzy and often fight to the death. People are actually insane. In the wild horses will bicker, but the loser just leaves. When people get involved, the loser dies. To find out more, if you can stomach such blatant cruelty, link 1 , link 2.

We’re going to try to get better tonight. It’s time for another load of hay already tomorrow…

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Little Pony

It’s almost the weekend, yay for us! It’s been a long week with a lot of driving and working.

Showed horses to potential adopters today. Nugget was placed in adoption pending, but not by the people that came out. She should be transported to her new home next week sometime. Hope all goes well for you Nugget, it’s been fun even though it’s been a long time since you came! You’ve watched a lot of horses come and go, and you deserve the best.

Tawnee spent almost all day long updating Petfinder and there is now a lot more information for all the horses that we’ve evaluated. We’ll know more about a lot of the horses on Sunday after Deb comes out and risks her neck. Come on out Deb, we need you! There’s no risk involved, really, there is no risk involved to us!

Tawnee also does lessons on Friday afternoon, usually using our personal horses, but Oliver was begging with his eyes to be used. So, come to find out, he’s a perfect gentleman. He did great with the absolute beginner! He has a couple edges that need to be smoothed out, but he’s a really sweet boy. We know everyone that sees him in person says he’s the “ugliest cutest” thing they’ve ever seen, but spend some time with him, his looks do grow on you.

Have a great weekend! We’ll get recouped for the next week. Jason drove over 800 miles last week rescuing and delivering equines to their new homes. Now Jason has the flu and misery loves company…

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Big and Small

Today we introduced Dottie to Ottoman Empire. He’s big, she’s small. She was for the most part terrified of him and stuck right next to us. He couldn’t believe his eyes, and certainly had a hard time believing his nose that she was a real horse! Perhaps a dog or a goat, but a real horse? Very odd indeed!

One of our foster homes sent us a Craigslist link that showed that Daisy Baby and Buttercup were being sold! The adoption was not finalized and this point they were not hers to sell. Our volunteer called her up and warned her that they were not her donkeys to sell and that they should come back to NorCal. She said it didn’t matter and she had a home lined up for them anyways. With a little footwork we tracked them down. Nancy had the buyer sign a “training” agreement as she didn’t want to do a bill of sale or collect funds until the adoption is finalized. This clearly violates the adoption contract: “The adopter must keep the equine in their care for the first six (6) months after the adoption form date.” In her Craigslist add she noted that they were for sale or trade. It’s really sad when people think they can get a horse from us and just turn around and sell it. We really aim for forever homes.
We were able to get our donkey’s back, the person that had them didn’t want to get involved in the middle of the legal proceedings that will be occuring. Daisy Baby and Buttercup have been placed in their new forever home with Harold, a donkey we rescued in 2005.

We let most of the horses out on the 20 acre pasture today, and they loved running and playing! We wish you could have seen it, it was so great seeing previously doomed horses enjoying life to the fullest.

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It’s a Big one!

Savannah has a new best friend named Crackers who recently lost her buddy. Savannah was adopted and transported to her new home today, and settled right in and went to work eating hay. Her new home greatly loves her already! On the way Jason decided to follow TomTom GPS navigation, and ended up driving around on tiny 1 lane dirt roads for awhile. All is well that ends well, and he was only about half an hour late. The road did eventually lead to civilization, and Jason got to visit the historic town of Shingletown for about 30 seconds.

From Savannah’s home Jason went to pick up Mr Ottoman Empire, the biggest (maybe not the tallest, but definitely the biggest) horse we have ever had in our rescue. A 4 year old purebred Percheron gelding. It’ll be fun to put him up on the scale tomorrow when it’s light! It’ll be cute seeing what Dottie thinks of him. Of course it was dark when Jason got back, so the picture isn’t the best, but you can get an idea of how big he is, Tawnee stands at least almost 5’3″!

Tawnee spent the day updating the Petfinder database with all of our available horses. Some of them have more detailed information, so take another look if you haven’t looked in awhile! Or you might want to wait until they are all done. 36 equines are currently available! Spread the word, we need some homes…

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Well it actually rained a good 1/2 inch or so this evening, but let’s back up to the beginning of the day. The showing our blog on our website thng quit working late last night or really early this morning. We have a new system, wonder how long this free serice will last…

Early this morning we loaded up Jericho into “big silver” for his last trip to the vet. Unfortunately Jericho had learned the secret that he is much bigger than people, and able to push us tiny things around with no trouble, pick us up and throw us through the air, and so he was unfit for society, after sending 3 people to the hospital over last weekend. We did our best for you Jericho, we will really miss you handsome guy!

From the vet we loaded up the five beautiful, gorgeous, handsome great looking well mannered easy loading great ground mannered well bred Quarter Horses that Animal Control turned over to us. We’ll be evaluating their riding abilities very soon. Gregster, the donkey, was supposed to have been gelded today, so we’ll pick him up later. Blaze and Dusty are still not operated on, the vet says it’s “$50 a day boarding, no problem” but no worries, she’s joking. With this breeding/birthing season, she’s swamped. She promises us she’ll get to them sometime soon. They’re fine and happy there, so it’s 2 less horses here…

On the way home we stopped to get our mail, and to our unbelief and amazement we had a package from Amazon.com. We’re too poor to order anything ourselves, and sure enough, it was a gift from a very kind person all the way over in Taiwan!!! It looks like we have a fan in Taiwan! Please drop us an email. Attached on the invoice was a very sweet note: “In appreciation for your loving care and noble work, please accept this beautiful and inspiring book written by Supreme Master Ching Hai as my sincere gift for the dedication and sacrifice of you and your organization. Hope you enjoy it!” A huge thank you to Loh Shih for thinking of us, we really love the book! It really brightened up our week. Here’s the front cover –

We had a previous adopter come out to pick up some brochures and business cards to hand out at her stables. Let’s hope it generates some interest in adopting a rescued horse!

We got a call from our retirement program foster home late this evening that Copper was not doing very good in the rain. Jason hooked up the trailer and headed up to bring him back to a nice warm comfy clean (thanks to our dedicated volunteers Annette and Kimmy who came out and cleaned today) stall. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this sweet guy. He’s getting older and has had a lot of health issues recently.

Jason got back around dark and still had to feed in the rain. Probably the last time this season.

Tawnee got the website updated and introduced our latest program, LAK – Last Act of Kindness. Click the link to read all about it, it’s midnight, I’m done typing for today. Soon I’ll be 85 wpm and I can get to bed earlier.

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