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Today was a pretty slow day, Tawnee had dental surgery at 7:00 am so we were all up and going extra early today. The surgery was a success, but Tawnee was unable to work today.

Campeon got his new forever home today! It was really love at first site, for both Campeon and his adopters. He jumped right in their trailer and was so happy to head to his forever home! He did whinny “Goodbye” to the horses a lot, he’s been here awhile and knows everyone, but he really is a sweet boy and will get all the love and attention he deserves.

We got new pictures of Shya today! She is doing quite well and her adopter really loves her dearly. It is so nice that people are willing to give rescued horses a chance to prove that yes, they are just as good or better than “premium” horses. Being a rescue means that people were bad to the equine, not that the equine was bad.

Enjoy your weekend and keep an eye out for the exciting news that will be happening Sunday!


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Today started with us going over to the foster home in Gridley to show Levi to some interested people. They have decided to proceed with adoption, so we brought Levi back to our ranch to hold him until their adoption application is finalized. He definitely loved all the attention! It is so wonderful that some kind people stepped up to give another previously slaughter bound horse a home.

Cowboy is going to have his surgery tomorrow, unless too many emergencies show up at the vet’s office in the morning. Good luck Cowboy!

No Jason’s office was not moved to the top of the hay stack. We are testing out Sprint’s wireless broadband in the hope that we can get off of dialup (yes, we run everything from dialup, the website, e-news, emails, blog, everything is done from dialup) but no, it didn’t work up there. We have high hopes that with a good antenna we will be caught up to 7 years ago technology. We are hoping this works, it would make all the web work so much easier and faster. If anyone knows rural cell phone antenna mounting, aiming etc and would like to volunteer their expertise… Oh in case you’re wondering, yes we have a laptop, but alas the power cord is MIA, so Jason carted the desktop up to the top of the hay stack and all around the property. About 700′ from our office, and about 100′ vertical, we can get excellent reception with 600 kbs down and 200kbs up. Geek speak for “fast enough for now.”

Goldy was adopted and transported to her new home today. Her adopter was waiting breathlessly to have her application processed, which it was finished yesterday, and she was very happy to finally take Goldy home today. Adoptions are always one of the fun parts of rescuing!

A new horse was donated today into our program! No, he’s not for adoption yet, he needs to be evaluated, he will be soon! Alex is a 9 year old registered Paint. He really had an owner that cared for him very well and is in great shape. His donors drove almost 200 miles one way to bring him here. She bought him in 2007 and he was simply the wrong match for her, so she chose to donate him to us so we can find him the perfect home. Usually a donor says “Here’s my horse, thank you, bye!” but these people were so thoughtful they donated hay, grain, supplements and a saddle. Thank you so much for caring!

Samantha and Danny were adopted and transported as well today! They were adopted to the wonderful, special girl who was planning on adopting Milkshake. She now has 2 wonderful horses instead! Tawnee transported them up and finally got back around 9:00 PM this evening. It is so nice we could bring these horses into our program, their future was very grim indeed, they would have been shot if we could not take them. But now they are in a wonderful home!

Tomorrow Tawnee is having her wisdom teethe pulled out at 7:00 am in the morning, so you may not hear her on the phone for a couple days. She’s heard every horror story and good wishes around, but she still figures it’s going to hurt worse than being kicked by Paleface.

Thank you Tina for donating the funds to buy another round bale feeder for the horses! You are so awesome and thoughtful!!! The horses will really love you for the new feeder, we’ll call it “Tina’s Feeder” for you!

Tawnee showed horses today to other people, including Otto! Let’s hope Otto finds a great home soon. We currently have only 19 horses available for adoption, yay, we’re in the teens again! It seems a lot more manageable than 40, but we’ll be at the auction soon.

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Today was a quieter day, although plenty still happened! Tawnee worked hard on an e-news, and it got sent out this evening finally. We have a lot of horses that are needing homes, about 20, and so we wanted to bring everyones attention to what we have available. It would be nice to be able to have the room to rescue 20-30 each auction, but unfortunately our space is a limiting factor. Thanks to the generous supporters, hay is no longer a limiting factor for awhile! If you signed up for the e-news and you didn’t get it, please let us know. We switched to a new system fairly recently that makes it so much easier and cheaper to send out e-news, so we’re hoping everyone still gets them.

Tawnee showed horses today, but no decisions were made yet.

We made lots of phone calls today too, scheduling horses to go just about every direction, but you’ll have to wait until the next blog to read all about it. Mark our words, tomorrow is going to be very busy from sun-up until we get to write the blog about 10:00 pm tomorrow evening.

Spunky and Prairie’s adopters gave us a great update today. After describing all about how they are doing great, they had this to say: “They are a part of our family and we love them so much. I will always be grateful for them and still pray for so many blessings for you. I also pray that God multiply your time, energy, resourses and your finances. BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU FOR MY BABIES!!!!!!!!” Thanks for giving them a great home! It’s so wonderful seeing all these TB yearlings placed into their forever homes now. When Tawnee was at the auction bidding on them, her fear was that no one would want these poor, bedraggled babies, but she is glad that we have found them such great homes.

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Glory and Rowdy went to their new home today! They are merely 5 miles down the road from us and we will see them every time we head to town. It’s nice adopting locally, but we also know that the local horse economy cannot possibly support all of the equines we are able to rescue. It is really neat that both of these TB yearlings were placed together. We rescued 4 TB yearlings at the auction a couple months ago, and they all have homes now. The other two were adopted together and now these are adopted together. It can’t get better than that we don’t believe! Rowdy and Glory’s adopter truly believe in keeping their pets forever. They lost their horse that was over 30 years old that was born on the same property where Glory and Rowdy will live out their lives.

Faithful volunteers Annette and Kimmy came out today and scraped lots and lots of manure into nice neat piles for Jason to move with the ATV. Great work Anette and Kimmy, this was a big job but it definitely needed to be done! It’s nice it was so cool today.

We’d been saving for a round feeder for awhile and today was the day. Jason picked it up at Tractor Supply, and now one of the pens has a round feeder in it! With the 1000 bales of grass hay, we can free feed it so the horses will always have something to chew on. So far it seems to be working the best out of all the feeders we have ever tried. This feeder keeps the hay from being spread around and it helps keep the horses eating peacefully together. We could really use 3-4 more for the other large pens, but we’ll have to save and wait… They cost $325 with tax each.

We were blessed with a beautiful rainbow and no rain. We did, however, take the precautions and covered the hay so we won’t have to do it in the middle of the night… Nothing like a good downpour and uncovered hay to make ones bones wake up quick.

Tawnee showed horses again today and now Alcon is in adoption pending. We know she’ll have a great home!

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We’ve always drooled over the semi loads of hay going down the freeways, well, today was our day. We had 2 double trailer semi loads of hay come down our hill today! We just cannot thank all of the generous donors enough who made this possible. We absolutely love the new hay!!! You made one of our long-time dreams come true today. All of the horses loved watching it come in and be stacked up, you know they were licking their chops just waiting for a bite!

It is so nice not to have to worry about getting hay for awhile. But a special note to our hay sponsors: we will be saving your sponsorship funds for when we do require more hay, and we greatly appreciate your generous support! We also need feed donations for purchasing supplements and possibly alfalfa depending on the needs of the horses. The UC Davis plan for recuperating an emaciated horse is a diet of pure alfalfa, so we have to keep some on hand for the inevitable rehabilitation of a severely starved horse.

Below are lots of pictures of the hay with narrative above the pictures.

The first semi load coming down the hill.

Passed the Mare Motel comes the hay.

It’s being squeezed off the truck and put on the plastic so it won’t collect moisture from the ground and mold the bottom layer. Hopefully next year we can have a barn to put it in.

The semi truck was able to turn around in the parking lot and headed out to get the second load.

The semi headed up the hill but couldn’t make it. He just started spinning and then stopped….

…but thankfully his Squeeze was able to push him up the hill and away he went to get the other load of hay.

The hay came just in time as we hardly had any hay left.

Here is the 2nd load of hay! If you’re wondering why the gate is bent, Blaze had to bend over and steal food from the feeder in the stall.

Squeezing it off next to the original stack.

Just for perspective, that is Jason standing at 6 feet tall on top! That is 1024 bales of hay!!!

And if you’re wondering how Jason got on top, here he is scaling up like a monkey. Soon we can start giving hay climbing lessons, vs the boring rock climbing lessons at the gym. Once Jason gets this art perfected.

We got some pictures of Tucker in the email today. We see him almost every day just across the field, but we got an update on him today along with a comment about the loads of hay coming down the hill. Tucker is doing great and his adopter is very happy with him and he is fitting in very well at his new home. The little baby mini is chumming up with him and they are becoming great pals. We think they are trying to start the Happy Appy Club.

Tawnee showed horses for right at 8 hours today. She started at noon and ended at 8:00 pm! Long summer evenings are definitely nice. Banjo, Glory and Rowdy were placed into adoption pending status today. It is so great that Glory and Rowdy will be going to their new home together soon! They are real buddies and they deserve to be able to live together in happiness.

What a great day, over 1000 bales of hay delivered and 3 horses placed into adoption pending today. We’ll have plenty of room (and feed) to rescue horses at the next auction! We made a little mistake on the auction date, it’s the 8th not the 15th, so it’s not on Father’s Day, but we’ll still call it the Father’s Day rescue since guys never remember dates anyway.

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Today started with Jason scaling the hay stacks to get the plastic off. The hay is nice and dry thanks to his hard work Friday afternoon. It was time to get the plastic off so the hay guy could haul it out to the rescue. He was supposed to do it today, but being Memorial day weekend, he has put it off until tomorrow morning. We can’t thank all of our generous supporters enough who have made buying this hay possible! Soon it will be stacked up at the rescue waiting to be fed.

We had our first fire truck come to the rescue today, they let us know that with all the horses grazing we have very low fire danger here. With just a little weed eating our rescue should be tip top fire safe. The fire department is either very dedicated or very bored, making their inspection rounds on Memorial Day weekend.

Scarlett got a home today! Her adopter is so thrilled to have Scarlett in her life, she saw Scarlett on our website and fell in love. Meeting in person was no different, we know Scarlett is going to be spoiled! It is so wonderful seeing a horse that was saved from slaughter adopted into a wonderful and loving home.

Our cutest ugliest little pony in the world went to his forever home today. He was adopted by the same sweet people that adopted Jazz back in March (click here for that blog entry.) She showed us pictures of Jazz on her cell phone camera and she looked like a different horse, so very well cared for and spoiled! She says she’ll email us some pictures of Jazz, so hopefully you’ll see them on here soon!

There were over 20 visitors to the rescue today, 9 of which were volunteers. They did so many wonderful jobs we can’t even begin to thank you enough! The tack room, which was disastrous looking this morning is now neat and tidy. One of the giant pens got raked, scooped and hauled away today. Horses got trained, groomed and loved on. Becky and Taylor enjoyed giving Navajo his makeover. At first he was unsure about being groomed, it was probably his first time, but soon he settled down and enjoy it thoroughly. Deb worked with a passion evaluating, training, and offering a lending hand wherever needed. Below is a cute picture of Deb and Tuxedo, it seems that Tuxedo is a bit embarrassed being kissed…

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Wow, the hay fundraising took another leap upward today, thanks to all of the horses supporters we only have to raise another 61 bales worth, that means 323 bales were donated today! Thank you so much for each and every bale donated, and a special thank you to Tina for making the thermometer leap today with your $1000 donation and to Jennifer for your $500 donation towards the hay drive! We are almost there!

Tawnee showed horses today and Paleface has found her forever home with a repeat adopting family. They wanted to add another horse to their family, and they chose Paleface! She will have a really wonderful home.

Jason delivered Paleface on his way to take Willy and Baron to their new home. Here is Paleface enjoying her new home!

Paleface first came into our program on April 13th from 2 auction rescue ago. She looks so much better now, above, then she did when she first came in, below. Now she has a great home and will be going in for 30 days of training with a great trainer!

Baron and Willy are enjoying their new family. They will now be pampered and doodled over for hours on end. Thanks guys for adopting these two wonderful boys and giving our 500th rescued horse such a great home!

The minute Jason got back to the rescue he had to rush off to cover the 1000 bales of hay still sitting in the field. Dark ominous rain clouds were floating over, and the occasional sprinkle let it be know that very likely a significant portion of rain would fall. We don’t want to lose the hay before we even buy it, so Jason hiked about 1/2 mile across the hay field with 2000 square feet of plastic. Climbing up the 15′ of hay bales, he struggled to secure the plastic against wind and rain. It’s nice to know that it is covered and unless we get a tornado it’ll be safe.

Frosty broke out of his pen this evening and it took about 45 minutes to get him convinced that he would rather be back in the pen then out. He is back in there now and the electric fence is fully functional again so he probably won’t try that again. He definitly thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. “Be content with such things as you have!”

Have a great memorial day weekend and look for a blog update Sunday evening!

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