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Today Jason headed off to deliver Dusty and Blaze to their new home finally. They’ve been with us a long time. Tawnee and Nadia went to the Orland Livestock Auction to see about rescuing some horses. Nadia had never been to an auction, and Orland is the only one close that had an auction day while Nadia is visiting.

There were a total of 6 horses at the auction today. There were also about 6 killer buyers, all the normal ones that frequent the Roseville auction. The Orland auction is a lot smaller of a horse sale than Roseville, the KB’s must be getting desperate.

A total of 5 horses were saved, and again the KB’s drove away with empty trailers. Nadia is actually the proud new owner of 4 horses now! Tawnee bought the other horse with the remainder of the auction fund, having a grand total of 40 horses saved with the last auction rescue fundraising of $10,000. That is so amazing! As the airlines are doubling their fees for checking a second bag, we assume Nadia is planning on donating the horses when she leaves, but maybe not…

As Jason took the trailer to Shasta today to deliver Dusty and Blaze (330 mile round trip) Nadia and Tawnee drove to the auction in Nadia’s rental car, which could not pull a trailer. The idea was to have Jason stop by the auction on his way back to the rescue since it was in the same general direction. To our surprise, one of the auction workers offered to deliver the horses, 120 miles round trip, for only $50! Too good to be true, so Tawnee said “Yes!” What a great deal.

Nadia is more than thrilled with her new herd of horses. This is a sweet gentle gelding.

Jason finally made it to Mt Shasta and Dusty and Blaze’s new mommy is so thrilled with them! They will have 11 acres of irrigated pasture to romp around on. Cathy donated to have both their navicular surgeries done, and has supported them along their road to recovery. And now, she has given them their forever home. She also adopted Mac as well, who will be going to a trainer next month for basic ground manner training as he is currently wild.

Finally the Petco Foundation check arrived! Back in March we submitted a grant to build 25 new covered stalls with runs, for a total of $27,000. Well, the check made it today, and Tawnee couldn’t open it fast enough! It was not for the full $27,000, but it is a great start! The check was for $1,000. Thank you so much for your support Petco! Every dollar definitely helps! We are going to make sure $27,000 will still cover the cost as prices of metal is raising faster than the price of oil it seems, and we will begin the huge fundraising to make winter facilities a reality.

Here is the basic layout of what it will look like, the top right corner with 4 stalls and a breezeway is our current mare motel. Basically it would be an extension of our mare motel with 25 pens instead of only 4. You all know we could really use this, especially with winter coming right up.


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Nadia came out this morning and did a lot of cleanup, socializing with the horses, and generally having a great time while Tawnee worked feverishly on Petfinder.

Regal was surrendered into our rescue. We will be evaluating him to determine the best course for his future. His owner was no longer able to provide proper care for him due to the current economical condition, so she made the right choice in surrendering him to us instead of sending him off to an auction or selling him to a killer buyer.

Nadia and Tawnee evaluated horses for most of the day. There was lots of grooming and settling in of the newest arrivals. After doing as many evaluations as they could in the heat, they headed out to Gridley to take pictures of each of the horses there for Petfinder. If you look on our available page, many of the horses have pages that have been updated and there are new pictures. Levi really took a liking to Nadia!

The horses are all doing great, we are working through picking out the perfect names that their donors sent us.

The faces of the horses that experienced abuse are healing, spirits are raising and they are starting to really enjoy life once again.

The faces of the young are looking into the future with high hopes, knowing that at NorCal Equine Rescue they are safe! It is so neat to have been able to save mommy’s and baby’s, and the other horses, at the last auction, from an unknown future at the hands of cruel and heartless people.

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Today Nadia showed up right on schedule at 8:00, and then headed out to investigate a report of abuse that had been submitted to our website. She could find no evidence of abuse, so she headed back to the rescue.
When Nadia got back to the rescue, she and Tawnee headed out to pick up some horses in the Bay Area.
Deb came out again today and evaluated several horses. Here is the Morgan mare being ridden, but she’s already in adoption pending. Jason helped Deb evaluate horses and did many other chores today. Ann Marie came out as well and cleaned stalls and did general tidying up. She is such a great help!

Tawnee and Nadia did some adoption followups and stopped by to visit Preston. He is doing great and is gaining weight nicely!

Then it was off to see Rowdy and Prairie. Wow, are they ever looking great! Fat, sleek and healthy, they are almost unrecognizable from the scrawny sickly looking yearlings that were rescued back in March. Yes, they are growing, both of them are almost 16 hands already.

Tawnee and Nadia stopped by to see if Tawnee’s previous work in convincing Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to cease feeding murdered horses to their tigers and other large cats had done any good. Unfortunately, we have to report that they are still feeding horses to their big cats! Many Zoo’s and other large game keepers have switched from horse meat, and yet Six Flags tenaciously hangs on to this cruel and barbaric practice. They claim to be all about conservation and the animals, and yet when it comes down to it, they don’t care what kind of pets they feed their tigers, and they support the cruelty of horse slaughter. In California, horses are legally pets afforded the same protection as dogs and cats. Too bad no law enforcement agency is enforcing the laws…

From Six Flags it was off to pick up the 3 horses for Tawnee and Nadia. It was cold and windy over by the coast today, quite a change from the 100 degree weather we’ve been having here at the rescue!

Less than a mile from the turnoff on Hwy 70 to get back to the rescue, someone had an accident which completely blocked the road, forcing Tawnee and Nadia to take a long detour which made them to get back an hour later or so. At least the day went by with no flat tires to get them behind schedule!

Long after dark Tawnee and Nadia finally made it back to the rescue with their precious cargo of sweet horses. They are settled in and feeling quite happy and loved.

Hopefully, we can figure out a way to encourage Six Flags to cease feeding our horse friends to tigers! They had a donkey or two they would lead around to let the kids pet, wonder if they are on tomorrows menu? Any ideas or suggestions would be great.

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Today started off with a bang, 8:00 AM sharp our volunteer from Germany, Nadia, showed up to work. Shortly after that, approved adopter Walter came to adopt Dabney and Nicholas. When he first came to NorCal, he was planning on just adopting Nicholas, but once he learned what great friends Nicholas and Dabney were, he just had to adopt them both. Thanks for giving them a great home!

Today was a very busy day, volunteers Deb and Becky came out and helped evaluate many of the auction horses. They worked solid from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm! The horses really enjoyed the human interaction, you could see it in their faces, and Deb, Becky, Nadia and Tawnee had a lot of fun too. Of course by the end of the day they were utterly exhausted…

Home at Last, the local retirement facility, came down and took some new horses into their program. They planned on coming down just to get Pilgrim, but by the time they left they had a total of 4! These are horses that really needed a place to live out their lives in peace and happiness. Pilgrim is going to stay in our retirement program but will live at Home at Last. Home at Last was the retirement facility that took Randy the pony, and they gave a report that he is doing great. He is eating 6-7 watered down senior feed meals a day, as he only has 3 teethe, and he has gained about 30 lbs so far.

We got an update on Cathy and her girls and their adopted horses. They are doing really great and are loving their horses more and more each day. Dakota Boy is gaining weight and is feeling so good he is even cantering by himself in the pasture at times.

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As we are planning on a big evaluation day this Sunday, Jason and Tawnee made a trip out to the foster home in Gridley to pick up 9 horses. All 9 loaded without incident and made the short trip back to the rescue just fine. There are still about 13 horses house at Gridley.

Here is an Appy unloading from the trailer, waiting to be evaluated on Sunday.

Tawnee headed out this afternoon to pick up Pilgrim from the foster home, he actually has a home! Home at Last is going to be adopting Piligrim into their retirement program.

He looks so much better than he did when he was originally rescued. It is nice to see skinny, unloved horses take a turn for the better!
We have a new volunteer for the next 10 days, Nadia from Germany is visiting us this summer. We are so excited to have her spend time with us, she is definitely the first international volunteer we have ever had. We hope she enjoys her time with us. Unfortunately she arrived too late for pictures, keep an eye on the blog!

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Today Jason beat the heat and unloaded the stock trailer that was still full of hay before the sun got to hot. That’s another 72 bales of heavy hay. There’s still about 150 bales waiting to be picked up. It is such wonderful hay, we are very fortunate to have been able to stockpile more hay.

The trailer rental company, Surplus City Fun Center in Oroville, really made it right when it came to the tire fiasco the other night with the flatbed and the hay. Not only did they not charge us for replacing the tires, which they legally could have chosen to do, they also gave us credit for a free rental in the future because of our trouble. With an attitude like that, they are sure to do well.

Mid morning Jason and Tawnee headed off to the vet for our Last Act of Kindness day. It was hard saying goodbye to the unadoptable horses, but we just had to keep our hearts focused on the big picture. We saved them from slaughter, gave them love care and attention, and gave them a dignified and peaceful end to their magnificent lives. We love them all and miss them very much! If you are not familiar with our Last Act of Kindness program, please click here.

Ranger was also taken to the vet today for evaluation and hopefully for stringhalt surgery. He is such a sweet boy, and watching him hop along with the vet assistant, it really made us hope he will be a good candidate for surgery! He was in our round pen the other day, goofing around, and he laid down and rolled. When he hopped back up, he felt like running and bucking, but that stringhalt leg soon hoisted itself into the air and he had to stand there with his head hung, looking so sad. He wants to run and play! Hopefully soon he will.

Tawnee worked feverishly on the Petfinder website this evening, our high speed Internet really showed it’s colors, and now every available horse is on our website. There are currently 43 equines needing homes! Please spread the word!

We would like to introduce you to all of the equines that were rescued at the last auction. Please enjoy their pictures! Some of them have already been adopted, so if you see one that you are interested in, contact us ASAP! All these pictures except the 5 at the end were taken at the auction when they were initially rescued.

NER # 676 – 14 year old, female mule – Adopted!

NER # 678 – 25 year old QH gelding. Blind and under weight.
Retied at Home at Last!

NER # 679 – 15-18 yr old QH gelding.

NER # 680 – 15-20 yr old – TB/QH Gelding

NER # 681 – 20 yr old Tennessee Walker, gelding.

NER # 682 – 8 yr old pony mare.

NER # 683 – 4 month old pony foal.
Baby of 682.

NER # 684 – 9 yr old Curly Horse/Paint gelding.

NER # 685 15-20 yr old – TB
NER # 686 – 25 yr old QH, Mare.

NER # 687 – 10 yr old Morgan, mare.

NER # 688 – 11 yr old Arab, mare.

NER # 689 – 13 yr old QH, mare. Adopted!

NER # 690 – 15 yr old Paint mare. Adopted!

NER # 691 – 8-12 yr old QH / cross.

NER # 692 – 8 yr old Arab, mare.
NER # 693 – 8-15 yr old QH, mare.
NER # 694 – 8 yr old Paint, mare. NER # 695 – 6 yr old Paint, gelding. Adoption Pending!

NER # 696 – 10-15 yr old QH, gelding.

NER # 697 – 15 yr old Appy Mare.
NER # 698 – 14 yr old, Standardbred mare. LaMaze
Over $113,000.00 in winnings and she ended up at an auction.
NER # 699 – 6 yr old Quarter Pony / Belgian, mare.

NER # 700 – 2 yr old paint stud colt (now a gelding) with a badly deformed back.
Retied at Home at Last!

NER # 702 – 7 yr old TB off the tack, gelding.

NER # 703 – 20-25 yr old TB mare.

NER # 704 – 8 yr old Arab / Paint mare.

NER # 705 – 20 year old Arab / QH gelding – Flipper.
Flipper was having a lot of pain in his front legs and hooves.
Our vet and trimmer said the kindest thing to do was to let him fall asleep.
Passed away – Flipper you were such a sweet guy we love and miss you.
NER # 706 – TB Gelding.
NER # 707 – TB Gelding.

NER 701 – 4 yr old pregnant Mustang mare.

708 – 4 month old – Mustang / QH colt.
Baby of 701
NER 709 – 4 yr old pregnant Mustang mare. NER # 710 – 3 month old Mustang/ QH colt.

NER # 713- 8 yr old QH gelding.

NER # 714- 8 yr old QH gelding.

NER # 715 – 2 yr old TB gelding.
NER # 716 – 11 yr old QH/Appy mare.

NER # 717 – 5 month old Paint / QH colt.

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The day started off early with Otto’s adopters coming to pick him up for the long journey back home. With a little gentle persuasion he hopped right in and started munching the food down.

Around noon Jason and Tawnee loaded up Cephei to take him to his new home. He was real happy to get in the trailer, he actually seems to enjoy going places. It probably reminded him of days of glory, going to fancy shows and fun places. It’s amazing that we are now draftless. Otto has been with us quite some time, and now, both Otto and Cephei are gone in the same day. Now our fences might stay up and the water buckets won’t get turned over so often.

Jason and Tawnee took their personal truck (they donate the use of it to Norcal) to the drag strip for an evening of racing. It actually did amazingly well. The drag strip was so close on the way to the rescue and after yesterday Jason deserved some fun.

After racing it was time to hook back up and head to the rescue. If you’re wondering, the truck did the quarter mile in 15.5 seconds. About the same as little race cars do it in. So if we ever have to get somewhere quick to rescue horses, we know we can!

After an evening of fun it’s late once again!

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