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Thanks to your generosity and commitment to saving horses from slaughter, the auction rescue fund is now at $409! Thank you all so very much.

Sierra and her baby Christopher were transported to their new home today. We sure will miss them! They have definitely made a huge spot in our hearts.

Sierra is looking so much better than when we rescued her. She is still thin, but is definitely on the path to full recovery.

When we rescued her from the livestock auction she was so emaciated, you could see every bone in her body just about. She had just had her 3 month old baby pulled from her, and was pasture exposed to a stallion in this condition.

She was so so skinny it really made our hearts sink to think that someone could sit back and let their horse get into this condition.

Two months after her rescue we were able to track down and buy her baby. We were able to reunite them, it was an amazing and magical moment. We sure will miss you two, but we are so glad that you will be able to lives your lives out forever together.

Brianna answered the phones, wrote emails and did a host of things outside. She even got a halter on Tidbit and led her around. It’s nice to find out that Tidbit is halter broke!

Tawnee headed to the foster home to take them some hay. On the way she got a flat tire. Tawnee changed the tire all by herself for the first time ever.

It was time for the babies that are at the foster home to be weaned so Tawnee brought them back to the rescue. The mommy’s were getting quite fed up with them and will enjoy being free from the responsibilities of motherhood. The sad thing is, all the mommy’s are supposed to be pregnant so they’ll get to do it all over again… Hopefully for the last time! There are just too many horses.

The babies were unloaded at the rescue and settled in.

Tawnee headed out once again, it was really cloudy and smokey. The fire department said it was agricultural burning and nothing to worry about.

Tawnee delivered Patches, Ziggy, and Perky to their new home this evening. That makes 5 horses that went to their new homes just today! We sure have had a busy week placing horses into homes.

The horses were fed at their new home and settled in. We don’t like to take horses to their new homes in the evening time, but the flash from the camera makes it look darker than it actually was. Also, with the sun setting earlier and earlier, more and more will have to be done in the evening.

Now some good news and the bad news. The bad news is, our web host has been out of commission all afternoon. They simply had better get their act together or we will be switching. But the amazingly good news is, we were contacted by a major TV show who will be coming up very soon and doing a huge story on us and how the economy is affecting horse owners. You have a chance to be on this show too, please send us any stories you have about people abandoning their horses, ranches and stables in foreclosure, anything about how the economy is negatively affecting the horse world in northern Ca.

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The auction rescue fund currently has $259 in it for the rescue and care of horses at the upcoming Nov 9th auction. Every month as the fall progresses it becomes a more and more dismal scene at the auction. There are less and less buyers there hoping to buy a horse for themselves and give it a decent home. Horse prices have been dropping every month as the price of caring for the horses heads up every month. We are keeping our goal of $5,000 for the Nov auction rescue. The horses are counting on us! If we don’t show up, the kb’s will load up their trailers and drive away with evil grins on their faces. The KB’s are hoping we do not receive any funding for this auction. They watch our website, waiting to see how many trailers they should bring to the auction.

Mariah was adopted today to a very wonderful home. He didn’t mind getting into the trailer too much. Thank you for giving him such a great home. As long as his health check goes well tomorrow he will have a forever home.

Sally came out with a student today and pulled shoes and did trims. It is always so helpful when Sally has a clinic here at the rescue and donates her and her students time and skill to getting the rescued horses feet trimmed up.

They got a lot of horses hooves trimmed and pulled a bucket full of shoes. Thanks so much!

We had some visitors fly in from southern Ca into Sacramento yesterday, and today they came out to visit the rescue. They greatly enjoyed their visit and meeting the horses. They represent a foundation, and they generously donated $5,000 to help with the daily expenses of operating a large horse rescue. They support a lot of no-kill small animal (dog/cat) rescues, but they applaud us for doing the right thing for unwanted horses that would be slaughtered if not given the opportunity to know love, compassion and a great opprotunity to find a forever home. It was a pleasure to meet you Lynn and your daughters!

Deb, our trainer, from the moment she met him she has been in love with Starsong, seen below with Brianna. Brianna spent some time loving on him today, he is such a great big lovable boy, but it seems that tables have turned for poor Deb…

…she left one of her favorite sweaters here hanging on the panels. Starsong pulled her sweatshirt down on the ground and stomped on it. He seemed somewhat disappointed she wasn’t in it at the time. Watch your back Deb, he seems to have fallen in love with Brianna.

A lot of office work was done, Tawnee did another magazine interview today, emails got mostly caught up and a lot of cleanup was done oustide. A lot of horses were shown to potential adopters and others were placed in adoption pending.
There are currently 3 stallions lined up for the gelding clinic. The funds are there for up to 10 stallions to be gelded, we really need to give this fundraising a good shove as there are a lot of stallions out there that need to be gelded. With your help we can help prevent prevent more unwanted horses from being born.

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Today was once again quite a busy day. Brianna came out to work and help out. Annette also came out to help out wherever she could as well.

Tawnee showed horses to potential adopters, and Jason ran errands in town. Here are some potential adopters looking at Feather.

The hay barn arrived today! Now that the easy part is over, we have to get the holes drilled for the posts into the ground, and get it raised. Rain is on its way, it will not be done before this storm unfortunately. Unless a whole lot of volunteers show up tomorrow with their lifts, step ladders, tractors, drills, etc.

Thank you EQ-Wine covers for delivering and unloading it.

Sunny was adopted and transported to his new home today. Thanks for giving him such a great home! His new mommy is the same person that adopted Beauty. Beauty is doing great and she just had to add another rescued horse to her family.

Sunny is such a good boy and just walked right into the trailer.

Feather was also adopted today, here she is all spiffed up and ready to go with her home made shipping boots on.

It took a little convincing to load her into the two horse straight, but she was willing and soon she was in the trailer telling us goodbye.

Today was pretty much non-stop showing horses to potential adopters. Sunny, not the white one above but the Chestnut below that was surrendered into the LAK program yesterday, was placed in adoption pending today. We think Brianna may have fallen in love with this sweet boy too.

Rocket was also placed in adoption pending today. Her soon to be new mommy came out last week and fell in love with her. She just had to come out and see her again today. Her son will be Sunny’s owner. Poor people, we really feel sorry for them. The first time they came out she met Rocket and fell in love. She wanted to find a horse for her son, so she tried to come out Sunday. Unfortunately found out we do not have out-door lighting to show horses at 8:00 pm. So she came out Monday, but we were gone picking up Sunny and Nancy. So she’s made 5 hour round trip 4 times now! She wants us to deliver for some reason.

Thank you everyone for sending little boxes of tack donations and other thoughtful gifts to the rescue. Today Jason and Tawnee were surprised to find a package from one of our supporters just for them: a bunch of horse clothing from Back in the Saddle! Tawnee has always drooled over the stuff in that magazine, and now she actually has some. A big “Thank You” to CJ for sending this cool stuff to Jason and Tawnee!

The euthanasia clinic has almost completed its fundraising. We have enough funds to hold clinics monthly throughout the winter. We have started signing people up for the clinic, we are so glad to see that it is reaching the people and horses out there that really need it. One lady called today, she has an old senior horse with cushings that she had rescued a few years ago. She can tell it’s time to say Goodbye. She started checking around, and she was quoted over $500 again and again. Imagine her surprise to learn of the clinic where she can let her friend pass peacefully on for only $25. She is on Social Security and simply cannot afford the $500 needed at most vet offices. She has given this old horse a wonderful home and lots of love, and now thanks to your support she is able to provide a humane and dignified ending. This is a perfect example of what the euthanasia clinic is focused on: giving people an economical way to say “Goodbye.” If this was not an option for her, she very likely would have been forced to send it to auction, hoping against hope that someone would step up and do the right thing for this horse, but who goes to auctions wanting to buy old cushings horses? Only one kind, the guys that see dollar signs on hooves.

Tawnee did another magazine interview about the clinic. We’ve been receiving a steady stream of emails from rescues, humane societies, animal controls, etc across the nation who have looked at the big picture and are wanting to start euthanasia clinics of their own. It’s great that other’s have seen the bigger picture and are wanting to be a part of the solution, not a hindrance to those that are the solution.

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Some times you are just glad that you had a camera handy at the right time. Robert this morning was so full of spice and energy he just couldn’t keep all 4 hooves on the ground at the same time.

He raced around the pen.

Galloping up the hill.

“Boo Clay, here I am!”

Then it was time for a little rest, he started acting like his normal self, but not for long.

We could tell he was off on another mission to race around the pen.

Down the hill he flew.

Off he went.

Bucking and kicking out of sheer delight at being alive. It’s so great to see Robert enjoying life to the fullest. If it wasn’t for us he could be on a dinner plate in France right now.

Snowplow, Sierra and Christopher were adopted today! Snowplow was transported by his adopter to his new home today, and Sierra and Christopher will be transported on Thursday.

Deb and Annette came out today to work with the horses and do office work.

Jason and Tawnee had to head off to pick up some horses in the Bay Area that were surrendered to us. The owners husband passed away and she was no able to keep them. Jason was planning on heading down himself, but she warned us that one of them didn’t like to load. The last time she was loaded she had to have stitches in the end. So that meant Tawnee had to go too. It seems that there have been a lot of tough loading horses being sent our way recently, hopefully this trend stops soon.

We were introduced to Nancy, the hard loading TB.

This is her best friend Sunny, a very lovable QH cross gelding who didn’t mind jumping in and out of the trailer a few times to show Nancy how it’s done.

First, Tawnee tried the old “Hi, you want to get in right?” trick. Didn’t work. We could tell there was some major stress on the owners part to see us working on loading her sweet girl. Half an hour later, a gasp of surprise and relief went up from her previous owner as she loaded in the trailer. Loading difficult horses is a gift, we probably won’t be starting clinics…

Both the horses were safely loaded without injury or stress to either one, and we were on our way back to the rescue.

Of course there is always that Bay Area traffic.

After the rush hour was over it was a nice drive watching the sun go down. It sure was a particularly beautiful sunset. But then…

…you could have guessed it, a flat tire. We’re not sure they can put a patch on that one. It went flat on a section of freeway where there was no possible place to pull over, so we had to drive on it for about a mile.

The remains of the tire was wrapped around the axle. Less than 10 minutes later the spare was on and we were off again.

We enjoyed the sunset as it got even more beautiful. This is not just a picture of the beautiful sunset, it is the final picture taken with our faithful camera of many years. It has taken hundreds of thousands of wonderful pictures, but this evening the lens got tired of coming in and out and it beeps while it says “Error E18.” Rest in pieces little camera!

Thankfully we have a spare camera, but, it does not take nearly the quality of pictures that the dead camera did. Also, a big thank you to the person that offered a bit ago to donate a camera. We really do need it now!

The horses were unloaded and are settled in for their first night at the rescue.

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Today was such a busy day! First up Rose was surrendered today, she is a little shy, but will follow you anywhere with a bucket of grain.

Deb came out and got right to work evaluating Sunny. Such a nice horse!

Amber came out again today to volunteer, she is so helpful. She got to work on Adrian’s mane, but the end of the day it was looking pretty nice. She got a lot of other things done too, thanks Amber!

Teresa and Tawnee in their spare time (all 2 minutes of it) wrapped some twine on the big ball while brainstorming up press releases for the euthanasia and gelding clinics. That ball keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Clay was rescued from the Sept auction rescue. He won’t allow anyone to approach him and he does not enjoy being with people. To catch him we have to lure him into a small pen with food. He is one of those poor horses that has had a tough lot in life, he has pretty much only known hardness and cruelty before coming to the rescue and so he doesn’t trust people. A lady came out Thursday, and while Tawnee was showing horses, she was a little amazed to see the lady walk up to Clay and pet him. “Wow!” Tawnee said, “He likes you.” He was in adoption pending to another adopter. Today the lady came back out, and the person who had Clay in adoption pending fell in love with another horse, Checkers. That meant that the lady that Clay was so madly in love with is able to adopt him! It rarely happens, but every so often the horse does the adopting, and Clay made this very clear! Arrangements are being made for Clay’s transport.

Checkers is going to be the most spoiled horse around! Her new mommy just loves her so much. Her other horse is a dark chocolate, but he has the same markings so she will have a matched pair.

Annette did hours of adoption approval’s today. Yes that is Brianna in the background writing emails, no she did not catch up. Mostly she ran errands back and forth all day from the round pen to the office.

Sonic was also adopted today by Clay’s mommy’s sister. Transportation arrangements are in the works for both of them. It is so nice seeing Sonic, our long legged giraffe horse, being placed into such a great home.

Many horses were placed in adoption pending today, along with Burly Ben, seen below. Burly Ben came to us many months ago, and now he is getting ready to go to his forever home as soon as the paperwork is done. They submitted an adoption application many years ago, but they’re going to fill out a new one. Adoption applications are only good for 6 months as we want to have the most up to date information on the horses new home.

The last visitors to leave also had the deadest battery. Being the handyman that he is, Jason had them up and going in about 6 minutes. It’s been a long time since we had so many visitors to the resuce so late into the evening. Is outdoor arena lighting next on the list?

As an avid blog reader, you know that there are groups and individuals who have nothing better to do with their time than to complain, whine and spread lies and false rumours about organizations like ours that is making a real difference in the lives of so many horses, begging people to stop donating to us. They, by their actions, would far rather see horses hang from hooks in a slaughter house than to know love, safety and have a great chance of finding a forever home. They can wear blinders if they choose, but we will not turn a blind eye to horses and let them be brutally murdered in a slaughterhouse if there is anything we can do to prevent it. We have been asked to spend time refuting these attacks on forums and the like, but the fact is, we do not have the personal or resources to deal with every little attack that comes our way. As a wise guy once told us “If they aintshootin‘ at ya, you’re not doin‘ it right.” Good motto!
We’ll say it again: we would rather a horse know love and kindness than to be jammed in with dozens of other horses into a semi truck without food or water for 3 days, jabbed in the neck and hung up by 1 leg to bleed to death. Please join us in saving as many horses as we can from this fate. Just because a horse has no home, should its end result be slaughter? We say No!

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Yes, that is a picture of hay. We are almost out of the 1024 bales we got back in May! This in addition to the 450 bales donated by All Roads Communications earlier this summer has fed hundreds of hungry rescued horses.

But it’s time for hay again. This hay was $9.99 a bale, and that is 94 bales sitting on the trailer. This will last right about a week. We are actively pursuing the absolute cheapest source of hay possible.

Being that we have so many horses in the rescue and not enough homes for them to go to, we had to make a list for the Last Act of Kindness. Most of these horses have been here for months and months with little to no interest in them. We simply cannot rescue more horses from slaughter without saying “Goodbye, we love you!” to horses that were spared the cruelest of endings. Thankfully Home At Last had openings for 4 horses, so they chose a lucky 4 to have a forever home at their wonderful sanctuary and adopted them up today.

Navajo was surrendered into our rescue program by Butte County Animal Control back in May.

He has done wonderfully here at the rescue, you wouldn’t even know he was the same horse. Sadly, no one was interested in poor Navajo. Thanks to Home at Last, he will have his forever home.

Another horse that went to Home at Last today was Smokey. He came to us 4th of July, he had a big bowed tendon. No one was interested in adopting an untrained horse that may very well have issues with his leg while training and riding.

Hope also went to Home at Last today. We were still actively looking for and hoping for a home for Hope, but Home at Last fell in love with her. They will provide this sweet girl with such a wonderful retirement.

They also fell in love with the poor grey mare from the Lucky 7 group, named Genny. They are going to do everything humanly possible to get her back up to weight and happy again. She has been doing really well ever since she was rescued and…

…has shown an increase in weight in the short time she was here. It’s amazing what food in the tummy will do.

Home at Last can take 10 more horses into their sanctuary with a lifetime sponsorship of $100 per month, per horse. We would love to see horses with seemingly no hope placed into a forever sanctuary. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a horse at Home at Last. Please remember that it would be a commitment for the lifetime of the horse.

It’s so nice to have some more hay sitting at the rescue. We talked to the hay place about having hay delivered by the semi, and we can get it delivered and stacked for $12 a bale. It seems really high, unfortunately, that’s probably the cheapest it will be until spring. We are hoping to have 1500 bales delivered as soon as the hay barn is up. It takes a lot of hay to provide food for so many rescued horses! And, it takes a lot of money to buy the lot of hay to provide a lot of food for the rescued horses!

We also are checking out a different type of feed, pelleted horse feed. The retail cost is $40 for 250 lbs, which is a bit more expensive than hay at $12 a bale, so we are going to be contacting the manufacturer directly, they are about 60 miles away, to see what kind of deal they can work out. We are also testing the feed to see if the horses do well on it.

Ann Marie was quite appalled by the tangles in Cajun’s mane. It’s just going to take one of two things: a lot of time and devotion with a brush, or snip cut then chop.

Brianna emailed in sick today. Jason got a few emails done, but was mostly working with loads of hay and feed. Hang in there folks and have a great weekend!

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The Nov 9th Auction rescue is up on the website. Before it was even up some very kind, loving and generous people donated $100. Our goal for the Nov auction is $5,000 for the rescue and care of the auction horses.

Horses are being dumped at auctions in droves. At the last auction we are almost 100% sure that there was not a single horse sold to a KB!!! Our rescue is extremely full and as winter approaches we have to think into the future and make plans accordingly. Adoptions have slowed, but horses still need to be saved from the brutality of slaughter. We currently have about 80 horses in the rescue, horses that have to be fed and cared for every day. We simply will not be able to accommodate this number of horses once the rainy winter begins. We are planning on having no more than 40 horses at the rescue during the winter. This means two things: we can start turning a blind eye to the poor horses dumped so thoughtlessly at the auction, pretend they never needed our help and just ignore the problem or we can do what we believe is right. We can save them from the cruel fate of slaughter, give them the best possible chance of finding a forever home, and if no home is found allow them to pass on knowing love, compassion and peace. As we rescue 20-30 horses monthly from auctions, the euthanasia rate may vary greatly this winter depending entirely on placement ability. The horses at the auction need your help. In the wintertime, very few people are wanting to buy a horse, except for those that only see dollars on hooves, making a horses chance of finding a kind home virtually nill at the auction.

Our Last Act of Kindness time frame may have to be shortened this winter depending on how the adoptions go. In our minds the choice is clear: leave horses at the auction to be slaughtered in Mexico or Canada, or bring them into our rescue and give them a chance. The answer is clear, and you can join us in our rescue efforts! Please continue helping to save horses from slaughter. Click here for more information and to donate.

First thing this morning we called a number we had gotten yesterday for a possible resource to purchase an office for very very cheaply. As the rescue keeps getting busier and busier, a separate office from Jason and Tawnee’s house would be such a great asset. This building is an 8×16, the same size as the new tack room. Jason got the person who was selling the office on the phone, and after some discussion it was agreed to meet in town “in half an hour.” That meant Jason was skipping breakfast today, he had to get to town ASAP!

One of our adopters runs a junk car removal company, which means he has a flatbed tow truck. Little did we know that tomorrow he is heading back east on vacation, but thankfully he wasn’t too busy to move the building for us “for some gas money.”

Safely on the truck and ready to go to the rescue.

While Jason was arranging the building transporting and getting it all set up and on the truck, Brianna was showing horses.

The office was going where Sierra and Christopher’s pen was, so Tawnee began the long task of cleaning up the area. They had to be loaded into the trailer as Sierra is not yet halter broke sufficiently to lead around.

Then their pen was moved. Thankfully Annette and Kimmy were out to help by this time.

The shelter was lifted and moved with many hands. Joe (not seen,) Tawnee, Kimmy and Megan moved the shelter with no problem. Brianna was still showing horses, that is pretty much all she did today.

And now Sierra and Christopher have a nice new area to romp around in.

Promising Lady was adopted today! It is so exciting when a horse goes to such a loving home.

About that time the office was coming down the steep hill.

It was backed up to the right location…

…the flatbed went up…

…and there it sits. An office was not in our plans this year, but we simply could not pass up the steal of a lifetime. The raw materials to build this office would be at a bare minimum $900, instead we purchased it and had it delivered for $600. Once it has electrical, a window, desks etc it will be open for the public!

Promising Lady was uninterested in getting into the two horse straight. It seemed that we may be having a repeat of yesterday, unfortunately Lady is going a whole lot farther so she just had get in!

So, after trying for some time to load her directly into the two horse, we loaded her (no problem) into our bigger trailer, backed up to the two horse, and she hopped right in.

Away she goes!

We had given them sufficient warning about the hill, so they used enough gas and speed to make it up. The hill is definitely the single biggest negative to having the rescue located here, but overall it is a great location.

It seems that we are not the only ones that have tire problems, Annette’s car had a flat and so it had to be changed. It’s a good thing she brought out a strong young man to do the dirty work.

Brianna just can’t wait to get to work in the new office!

Katie was placed in adoption pending today. She should be going home as soon as the adoption application is completed.

Jason fed, as always. The hay pile is definitely shrinking. Jason doesn’t mind feeding too much as it keeps him in shape. It’s an art form, tossing 100+ lbs up and over a 4′ feeder railing

Tawnee was up early this morning getting Petfinder updated and worked late this evening finishing the job. There has been a lot of emails asking for updated pictures and information on the auction horses. Thanks for getting it done Tawnee! They are all there now, Petfinder may take a bit to show them all, but they are in there. Be patient, they’re in the Internet world now!

Today was a very busy outdoor day and Brianna unfortunately got a grand total of 0 emails written. She is coming in tomorrow morning to catch up though! If you haven’t gotten a reply, please be the squeaky wheel on the wagon.

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