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A Story From Spike
Spike was rescue in 2007 and was adopted to A Chance for Bliss
This is dedicated in memory of Spike who passed away in Janary, Spike we all loved you so much.

This is a story from Spike that Tawnee wrote for him while he was in our care.

“It’s Spike here! The kind folks at NER have been so nice to me and they all love me so much. They fixed my feet and I feel so much better! I can easily walk all around now and I can even lay down and get back up without hurting myself. I want to tell you everything that has happened to me.

“When I came to NER, I was not sure what was going to happen to me. They took me away from the home I had lived at for the last 18 years. I loved it there but my hooves had grown out really long, but it happened so slowly I didn’t mind it too much. Yes, it was hard to walk around and it hurt if I tried to lay down but that was just the way life was for me, I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Some of the NER people (Jason & Tawnee) put me in a big trailer and they drove for about 4 hours. I was a little scared of what was happening and where I was going. The trailer finely stopped and soon the NER people were asking me to get out of the trailer. After awhile they did get me out but I did not want to.

“They put me in a nice soft pen and it felt good to be back on the ground again.

“The next day they brought a nice lady named Sally and her friends out to see my poor feet. They brought hoof nippers with them and soon were trying to trim my hooves. I was glad to see that they knew my hooves were a problem and that I needed help. They worked away on my feet and Tawnee rubbed my ears. I decided that everyone here was really nice and that I didn’t have to worry one bit. They worked on me as much as they could and then they stopped, they said that my hooves were too hard and they would work on me later. I was ready for a rest anyways. I was really happy that the NER people found out about me and were helping my poor hooves.

“It was not long before they put me in that big trailer again. They took me to the vet to get my hooves x-rayed. The lady named Sally was at the vet to with her horse trailer.

“After they got the x-rays the vet, Sally and the NER people left me to go look at my x-rays.

“As I stood there I wondered what would happen next. They came back then led me away to Sally’s trailer. I was going to Sally’s ranch and she was going to work on my hooves and get them fixed and then bring me back to NER. I was ok with that I guess… although I didn’t have much say in the matter. Us animals really don’t have a say on what happens to us. We can only hope that we end up with good, caring people.

“I decided that Sally’s ranch was pretty nice and I loved all the horse cookies I got there. She worked and worked on my hooves. It did not take long and I was walking easier, it was almost like I had to learn how to walk again. For so many years I had to walk with those long hooves, it was like trying to walk with flippers on your feet all the time. Now walking was so easy, I could not wait to get back to NER and show the nice people there how I could walk. Below you can see what my hooves were like when I first came to NER and then what they look like now.






“I’m so happy, when I came back to NER I had so much fun showing everyone what I could do with my new hooves. I walked around and around the big pen, I walked up and down the hills, I laid down and easily got back up, it was great! Best of all, Sally is such a good trimmer that my hooves were not sore at all, she is the BEST!”

Spike, we all loved you, you sure touched our hearts in a special way!


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We would like to welcome Haul Your Horse as our latest advertising sponsor. They signed up to advertise on the left menu bar on our website. Thank you so much for supporting the rescue!
They offer a great service: horse trailer rentals! We have had dozens of people asking “Where can we rent a trailer?” So far our best response has been “Uh, hmmm, err, U-haul?” Their rates seem very reasonable, and they have horse trailers available for rent throughout California and Oregon. Click here to visit their site.

The March auction rescue fund is currently at $570. Thank you so much for your generosity. Our goal this month is $5,000 for the rescue and care of horses trapped at livestock auctions.

This morning we had some volunteers come out to help out where they could. They also named the horse that came from Animal Control yesterday. They chose Beau.

He certainly enjoyed all the oogling he got today, along with his horsey makeover.

Soon she had her camera out and photo’s were being snapped.

Claire, along with doing emails and phone calls, headed out for some fresh air and to clean stalls. We really missed her while she was sick, and we wish her good health for the rest of the year.

Meanwhile the photography session continued. The horses thoroughly enjoyed their photo shoots.

She took some really beautiful pictures that she emailed to us. This is Beau looking oh so handsome.

Tawnee also showed horses today. A previous adopter who was looking for an additional family member came up and fell in love with Countess today. They really are a perfect match and Countess just wanted to snuggle up to her new mommy. Adoption papers were signed and transportation is being arranged.

Then Jason headed off to get some hay. We are starting to run low on the round bales, and the last load of square bales we got had some damaged hay in it, so after the tarp got ripped off and it got rained on, we left the few remaining bales for the cows. So it was time to get some nice clean fresh hay.

Jason got hay from Troy Hay sales today, he’s currently the cheapest. He is the one that delivered the 1,024 bales out to the rescue last summer. He gave us some of the best news we’ve heard in a long time: hay is going to be cheap this spring. He estimated $8 a bale. We sure hope so! Maybe cheap hay would open up more homes for horses.

The typewriter is up to $255! It has 21 bids, we are hoping all the big spenders are waiting for the last day. So far though, it has certainly been a wonderful fundraiser. Thank you all for your generous bids. It is 17x what was paid for it.

Thank you all for your generous support. We would like to take a moment to thank Lynn W and Jerald G for their generosity. Your support more than helped pay for the hay today.

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We are very pleased to bring you this exciting announcement. Remember the folks that like to clean stalls and donate shavings? They just happen to own a great place in Chico to have fun. We have been sitting on our hands trying not to leak this until the date and time could be nailed down, and today arrangements were finalized. We would like to officially invite you, your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers, and anyone else that you think would have fun, to come to our first NorCal Equine Rescue Fun Day on June 24th, from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. There will be plenty of fun for the whole family, the list of attractions and fun things to do are just growing by leaps and bounds.

So what’s this all about? Cal Skate in Chico, CA has graciously offered to host our fun day. They have an indoor skating arena, an 18 hole miniature golf course, a batting cage, and a host of other fun things to do. We will have our miniature mascots, Dottie and Macho man, there, along with a photographer, so the little people in your life, or the young at heart, can get their picture taken with the oh so adorable mini’s. We are going to have a free raffle, a silent auction, and a lot of other fundraisers too. This is going to be one day you will most certainly want to take off of work and be there, so let your boss know now. Again that is June 24th, 2009 from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Keep an eye peeled on the blog for more announcements regarding this wonderful day of fun in the sun!

We are going to be having a silent auction, and already we have artists donating pictures, pottery, and other nifty items. We are accepting items for the silent auction and the free raffle, if you would like donate something, we would appreciate it very much. You can mail it to our mailing address: NorCal Equine Rescue, P O Box 6108, Oroville Ca 95966 or you can contact us, 530-534-7742 to make other arrangements.

Please click here for Cal Skate’s website.

This is the first of 2 planned fun days this summer, the next involves rafts, a river, and sun sometime in August.
Thanks to your generosity the auction fund is currently at $395.00. Please remember to help spread the word, horses lives at the March Roseville Livestock auction are counting on you. These horses are in jeopardy of being sent to a slaughter house and being brutally killed. We are also taking in a lot of owner surrenders, but these horses fate is practically sealed just by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Jessie and Katie (a new volunteer who plans to schedule every Wed to volunteer) came out to volunteer today. Jason was not feeling up to par today, so he stayed inside for the most part, so Tawnee really appreciated the extra help during feeding time.

After the horses were all taken care of, Tawnee determined that the tack room needed dire help. It seems that people are so busy they don’t realize that things really should be put back where they belong instead of being thrown in the open door, especially with the bad weather. They all started working on it. There is a back corner that has been bugging Tawnee for awhile. It’s just an open area that desperately needed shelves. Tawnee moved the stuff out and announced: “I’m going to put shelves here.” After some measuring and scrutinizing, she was off to learn how to run a skill saw. Jason usually does the “mans work” but Tawnee isn’t about to sit around and wait for him to get well.

While Tawnee was figuring out the skill saw, the cows decided they haven’t been getting enough attention. They want to be on the blog, and to make sure this happens, one of the cows started showing off her trick skills. Yes, she really is standing on the side of our flatbed trailer.

By this time Tawnee hadn’t cut any of her legs, fingers or arms off, and Katie and Jessie had the tack room sparkling.

Tawnee installed the shelves, and everything was stacked neatly up. What an improvement! It’s hard to believe all this stuff was just stashed here and there in the tack room. No wonder stuff got lost so often.

We had a new arrival come up from an Animal Control today. He was going to be euthanized if we could not take him, we are hoping to find him a loving forever home.

He is certainly a beautiful boy, with 4 stockings and a big blaze. He was found wandering around in a peach orchard. They aren’t sure if he was abandoned or if he was just an escapee. He is about 3 or 4 years old, halter trained, and the rest will be determined during his evaluation with us.

The awesome typewriter was bid up to $208.50 today. We are hoping that it will go much higher, but already, it has been a very successful fundraiser. We heard that Tom Hanks collects old typewriters as a hobby, does anyone have his email address?

Claire was out again today. We are hoping that next week she will be able to get caught up on emails. Jason reports that he is feeling better and he will probably start writing emails. There is over 150 that need to be written, so, tomorrow he’ll get to work on it. For those that have adoption holds on horses, have no fear, your hold will be good for 1 week after you are approved to adopt.

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Many of you that have visited the rescue have commented how pretty Blue, Jason and Tawnee’s dog, is. Now you have a chance to vote for Blue in the Bissell MVP pet contest. It would have been really fun to put Dottie and Macho Man on there, but it is geared towards cats and dogs. Click here or on Blue’s picture to vote for her. If Blue wins, Jason and Tawnee’s favorite non-profit would be given a $10,000 donation. And you all know who their favorite non-profit is…

We are pleased to announce that the typewriter is now at $76.00. Click here to see the auction page. Thanks for the bids, there are still 9 days left to go, plenty of time for a bidding war.

Our March Free Euthanasia Clinic fund is currently at $520. We received a very generous $500 donation for it today, thank you so much Gail! Your gift is truly a gift of love. We appreciate every donation, great and small, every dollar really does count. If we could convince every person in the United States to donate just $1 a year, of which almost every person in the US has an extra one of, we could save every horse in Ca, and a whole lot more.

As you know, each year the rescue grows, each year we rescue more horses, each year we need the capacity to house more rescued horses. Tawnee is always keeping her eye out for great deals to benefit the rescue. In Oregon, Mega Custom Correls is offering a 4 stall open aired barn for $3,200 with free setup. With delivery and tractor work to get the ground ready we would need $4,500 total. The really neat thing is, they have a free installation special going on until April, it takes their crew about 3 hours to set it up vs 3 days for NER staff. This would double our current stalls. For reference, the current open aired barn we have cost about $5,000, and it was a special deal and did not include installation. We have been discussing the idea in ernest, and tonight we got the call that launched the fundraiser: a $500 matching donation has been offered for donations towards the open aired barn. Every dollar that is donated is automatically doubled, up to $1000 raised. You can help us get this up! Our goal is to have the funds available by March 15th. Please help out how you can, click here. Please specify in the donation or email us if the donation is for the new barn. Thank you! We will be getting this up on the homepage under Current Needs soon, with a thermometer so you can track the progress.

Jason started the day off by the typical feeding operation. This round bale was put into the 20 acre pen so the horses could all enjoy munching on it.

The sun actually broke through the clouds this morning and it was so bright and sunny Jason thought he might be getting blinded. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a sunny day all day long.

As soon as the chores were done at the rescue Jason and Tawnee headed over to Jamie’s place. The baby’s there all seemed quite content and happy, laying under one of the wings of the barn enjoying the bright sun. They are certainly enjoying their little vacation.

The other reason Jason and Tawnee headed over to Jamie’s was she and her husband graciously donated a 12×12 covered stall! This is a wonderful donation that will be greatly appreciated for years to come.

The stall was at the back part of their property, so Jason drove the truck out there to make it easier to load up. Unfortunately a terrible menace was lurking under the pretty green grass: soft red clay. Would the truck be stuck there until the ground dried out?
There was no way the truck was moving under its own power, every spin of the wheels just made it sink further into the goo.

Thankfully they had a tractor, a nice big 4wd John Deere backhoe. The truck was unhitched from the trailer, and the truck was pulled out in no time at all.

Then it was time to get the trailer turned around. They hooked a chain from the front of the trailer to the tractor and just drove it where it needed to be.
Jason and Jamie’s husband loaded the shelter onto the trailer.

Then the trailer was pulled out onto their driveway. Soon the truck and trailer were hooked up and Jason and Tawnee were off to the rescue.

Back at the rescue it was time to get the shelter up. Claire and Tawnee did the easy work of setting up the sides. No one thought to mention they should square it up…

With some heaving and pulling the sides were together and it was time for the hard work: roofing. That was Jason’s job.

Jason managed to get the roof panels up and bolted down without a huge fuss.

Finally it was all set up, so Jason went around and double checked the nuts and bolts. Fortunately it wasn’t too far out of square, although the roof is a bit crooked, we are confident the horses will not care.

We attached a paneled run onto the stall and opened the door. Clifford is the first horse to take up residency in this stall. He seemed to give his hoof stamp of approval to it.

Tawnee and Jason have been working on an E-news for a couple days, and this evening it was sent out. If you did not get it you can view it by clicking here. Don’t miss out on our e-news, sign up on the left menu bar on our website.

Our hay barn is still waiting to be put up. The county slung a surprise at us and they want it engineered for permitting purposes. Montana’s mommy thought she knew of an engineer, and sure enough, her husband’s buddy is an engineer. He is graciously going to engineer our hay-barn for us, of which we are extremely grateful. Then we’ll get the permit and it will be time to put it up! You’ll definitly be hearing from us for the barn raising day.

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Today for your bidding pleasure is a very old, very cute, very good condition Smith-Corona typewriter from circa 1935. You all should remember reading when Tawnee found this antique typewriter in the local thrift store for $15. It’s worth between $700 and $2000, but the starting bid is only $15, just what we paid for it. Let’s hope this typewriter can feed a lot of rescued horses. Any and all of you that have friends that enjoy antiques, typewriters, or if you just want a good conversation piece, take a close look. Spread the word too! Click here to visit the Ebay auction.
This morning found Jason twiddling with the high speed antenna on the shed. It got tweaked when Ron knocked over the computer shed, and Jason has been fiddling with it ever since. With all the bad weather the service seems to go from great to bad. Jason will either get it done or it will become his hobby. In addition to all of his other chores and jobs, he is the rescue’s fix-it guy.

Ron worked on taking down old fencing that came with the place. The nasty 50 year old barbed wire. Yes, we hate barb wire, no, none of the horses are against the barb wire fence line that Ron took down today. We are in the process, weather depending, of refencing it with safe field fencing. The old wire must go!

After Ron got the job done, he headed over to the round pen to work with the 3 black horses that came in yesterday. We wanted them out of the round pen and into a pen with shelter.

The horses were fast learners, and unbelievably enough soon Ron had two of them giving to pressure and leading around the round pen. Two of them seem to be very level headed and really think about what is happening, just plain smart. The other one just wants to do her own wild thing.

So Tawnee and Ron opened the round pen, and soon the horses were off on their first ever walk on a lead line over to their new pen. They did great for a first time.

The mare motel still needed work on drainage. Tawnee had put a temporary bridge over the temporary ditch a long time ago, and with the high rate of precipitation, it just wasn’t quite doing the job. Jason got his muck boots back on and got to work. First he dug the ditch with the tractor, then laid some pipe in it, hand covered part of it…

…and used the tractor for the rest. A couple bucket fulls of what normally would be considered dirt, but is currently wet slurpy mud, and the ditch was full.

A couple of mats were put down, and then they were covered with gravel. It seemed to work great and the job is done.

And, the drainage pipe is doing its job perfectly.

We got to see the sun again this evening. Tawnee seems to enjoy taking pictures of the sunsets, and then insists they make it onto the blog. We hope you enjoy them as much as she does! This is a special sunset though, as we can actually see hope at the end of the storm. It is far from the end of the storm as it is pouring rain once again.

Tawnee worked on an E-news, it should be sent out tomorrow. We didn’t get one out last week as Tawnee’s schedule was just too hectic with the clinic. Claire is still sick so she did not make it in again. She is hoping that tomorrow she can be here.

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This blog starts Friday night at approximately 10:35 pm. NER founders Jason and Tawnee were almost asleep when the phone rang: “Hi it’s your neighbour, I was driving home and I saw a loose horse on the paved part of Dunstone.” Like a flash, Jason and Tawnee headed into action. Jason hooked up the trailer while Tawnee grabbed a bucket of grain, lead rope and halter from the tack room. By 10:47 the rig was pulling out. 12 minute response time for a Friday night seems pretty reasonable to us. The neighbours jumped in the truck to help find the horse again since they were the last ones that had seen it.

Driving along the road in the dark, suddenly they saw the horse in the headlights.

Tawnee got out of the truck and the horse disappeared into the darkness and headed into someones yard.

After Tawnee let the caretakers know what she was doing stumbling around their property in the dark, she got permission to keep stumbling around to find the loose horse. Soon she had him eating out of a grain bucket and secured with a lead rope. The caretakers were unable to identify the horse, the owner of the property was gone, but Tawnee figured out the horse likely was in its own yard as another horse still in a pen seemed to be bonded to it and kept whinnying and whinnying.

Tawnee put both horses in separate stalls so they would be safe and closed the doors. She did not want to leave the horses in the pasture as obviously something was wrong with the fencing. After the horses were safely put away they all headed back to bed. It’s always a good feeling when a horse has been in danger to walk away and know that you may have saved that horses life, and it is now safe.

Sunday morning, this morning, started off wet, cold and muddy. And during the day it only got more wet. Rain was dripping off of everything it could drip off of.

Jason was busy dragging round bales around, feeding horses, moving horses around, and generally keeping busy.

We were not entirely surprised, but were amazed, to see Deb driving down the hill in the pouring rain. What dedication! Shortly after Deb arrived Jessie came out for her first official day of volunteering. Wow, two volunteers on a day like today.

The two little donkey’s, Angelito and William, are becoming quite the sweet little boys. At the auction they were terrorized of people, now they just stand there and let people play with them. They have mellowed out enough that we were able to worm them today. We were met with looks of disgust, hopefully they will forgive us.

Dottie and Macho Man were hanging out in their pen under the shelter watching the rain fall.

Everyone seemed to be tolerant of the rain as it fell all day long. All that is except one, Lippy Conner had something to say something about the rain…

About this time a horse trailer pulled in, with a horse that was too much for its owner to handle. At times, for seemingly no good reason, she goes into a mindless panicked flight, hurting herself and others in the process. She sure is a pretty girl, but her owners feel they can no longer give her the care she needs to keep herself and others safe. With all the rain pouring down water was inching its way down into the mare motel. Jason got to work with the tractor and got more drainage ditches installed.

Ron was out doing a pickup of three horses who’s owner had died. Their owner had made no arrangements for them. The sad thing is, she never taught them to lead, or gave them any training of any kind. The person who was caring for them could no longer care for them, and called us for help. We explained all of our options, and she agreed that to send the horses to us would be the best for all involved. Ron headed up to pick them up today. He managed to get a halter on one of them and gave her her first leading lesson. He managed to get her into the trailer and the others follow on in.

The rain was still pouring as Ron came down the hill. Deb looked like a drenched rat.

Ron backed up the round pen, opened the trailer door, and out they came.

The camera lens from here on out looks a little blurry from all the water on it. They are all very pretty horses, but they need homes where they can be given training from the very beginning. There is a 5 year old gelding and a couple younger mares.

Back in the mare motel rain was blowing sideways into Honey’s pen. We just can’t let our pregnant girl get soaked. Deb and Jessie hung a tarp up to keep Honey dry.

Honey didn’t seem to mind the new decoration, and after the tarp was up Jessie gave her a nice grooming to let her know that everything was still ok.

Finally everyone in the mare motel was snug and comfy with their clean shavings and nice food. Angel and Mr T, the goats, were hanging in the mare motel out of the rain.

Even Jack found a nice place under a bunch of shavings to wait out the storm. He might be waiting a long time, the 10 day forcast is nothing but rain…

Deb and Jessie disappeared for awhile, Tawnee was beginning to think they were gone for good. But then they were back, along with a truckload of hay. When asked who paid for it, they said it was free, and left it at that. Thanks so much for the free feed!

Our baby pen had a river running through it from the runoff. Jessie had 2 empty stalls at her place and offered the baby’s a comfortable place to hang out until the rain is done. They all worked hard getting the baby’s into the trailer.
Soon they were all loaded, they grabbed some shavings and hay and headed off.

They arrived at Jessie’s place, and unloaded the bewildered little horses into the clean, dry comfortable barn.

They all liked their new quarters very much. They put them all into one large stall for the night so they can get used to their new temporary home without feeling scared and alone. Tomorrow they will be separated into additional stalls.

Last but not least we were forced to upgrade our Quickbooks so we are placing our old one on Ebay. All of the funds will be used for the horses. It is Quickbooks Premier 2006 Nonprofit version. We had to upgrade since Jason recently got a new computer with Vista and this version of Quickbooks does not work with Vista. Click here for the Ebay auction. If you know of a nonprofit that needs financial software, this is a great opportunity to save some money and get a great program.

Soon we will have the antique typewriter up for auction. Click here to see one on Ebay just like ours, except ours does not have rust. Ours will be starting at what we paid for it: $15. Hopefully, it is a great fundraiser and will greatly benefit the horses.

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Too much happened today to feature a rescue story, so we will just share the days events instead.

Tawnee was walking Peanut along, she needed to get something from the tack room so she stepped inside to grab it. To Tawnee’s surprise he jumped right in the tack room behind her. She just had to get a picture of the little guys tail hanging out in the tack room.

The horses have been enjoying the break in the rain. They are so glad the ground is getting dry and the sun is shining.

Diane came today to pick up Montana. She had transported him for us from the Turlock auction and had fallen in love with him. Her and her husband just had to take him home and love him forever. They were waiting to be approved, and today they were good to go. She came up to pick up Montana, Tawnee had the adoption paperwork ready.

Diane said “Well, anything you want me to do? Like clean stalls? I’m here!” Tawnee was amazed, most adopters are not interested in cleaning stalls, they know they will be doing enough when they get home. Tawnee said “Sure, the Mare motel needs cleaning.”

As Tawnee was looking towards the Mare Motel, something caught her eye. There was a cow looking as if it was getting ready to hop into Diane’s trailer. There are a lot of cows this year, they are all over the roads, the entire area seems to be flooded with cows. Diane said she saw quite a few on the roads, and it seems every day there are cows on the road. If you are coming out to the rescue, please be careful and watch out for cows.

Diane went to work cleaning stalls.

We recieved a whole bunch of donated feed today. We always appreciate it when people bring feed, it is the one thing we use a lot of.

Jason had to make 3 trips with the four wheeler to get it all into the tack room.

Tawnee discovered that some of the horses were missing. She found a spot in the fence where the cows (of course) pushed the fencing down, letting our horses out into the 3,000 acre pasture. Jason headed out on the quad to find the horses. After a short while he found them. So, he came back to the rescue, picked up Tawnee, and off they went to get them.

There they were, Napoleon was one of them, no doubt the instigator of the bunch. When we came up to them on the 4 wheeler he looked at us like “So, hi, how ya like my new spread?”

Tawnee had treats and soon they were all in love with her.

Tawnee hopped up on Rose and off they all went.

It was a beautiful day for a ride, too bad a ride wasn’t in the days plans. Sometimes though, fate makes you take a break from working and just go ride.

Finally, the Mare Motel looked fabulous. Thanks Diane, you did a great job! Then it was time for Montana to load up. So she backed up to the breezeway of the Mare Motel in case Montana decided to try running away. We’re so glad she will give him such a wonderful home.

He was a good boy and went right in. Cocoa was hanging out in the Mare Motel breezeway, and after Montana was loaded she decided it was her turn. Diane had asked if she could foster her, and we decided it would be a good plan so Cocoa could have a lot of one on one time. She needs some extra TLC.

She went into the trailer with no help or coaxing from humans. She just walked in like she knew she was supposed to.

Paster Larry came out to adopt Peanut, renamed Gunsmoke, and while he was out he fell in love with Rose. So, he took two horses home. Thanks so much for giving them such a wonderful home. Rose will be used in his youth ministry.

Have a great weekend!

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