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Phoenix Update
We canceled our usual rescue story when we got a call from the vet this morning. Phoenix is doing good, but after his latest blood test the vet was concerned. She said that he needed some help and she wanted to give him a plasma transfusion. We agreed and soon Jason and Tawnee were at the vet. Phoenix greeted them with his head out of his stall as if to say “Hi!”

Kayla, the vet tech, led him into the hospital for the transfusion.

Kayla began to prepare the site for the IV, she got the shavers out, but he doesn’t’ have enough hair to shave. Poor guy!

He is still very skinny, but has gained some weight. Most of his hair is gone, but he has a peach fuzz that is growing in.

Phoenix’s eyes are more alert. He is receiving the best feed and supplements available for him. It is starting to show, but he still has terrible diarrhea.

The IV was put into place for the plasma transfusion. He was a good boy and just stood there through it all.

Soon the plasma was being dripped into his system.

It is always comforting knowing that he is getting the best care possible.

Next was his biosponge treatment. A tube is placed through his nose down to his stomach.

The biosponge should help control his diarrhea.

Finally, all the stuff was done and he received his reward. Tawnee said his reward should have been served on a silver platter, he deserves it! Phoenix has come a long ways since the day he was rescued. If you missed his rescue story, click here. Please keep this boy in your prayers, he needs all the prayers he can get! The good news is, his appetite is growing daily and he really enjoys his food.

Another horse that was almost as skinny as Phoenix, but not quite as bad, was Charlie Boy. Charlie made a complete recovery, to read his amazing story, click here.
Charlie Boy’s Rescue Story

We would like to thank you all for your support, which enables us to rescue horses such as Phoenix. Rescue, medical and care can be very expensive, but you can be a part in helping. Please consider donating, helping horses like Phoenix, click here.


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We have been asked to provide information on planned giving on our website, so today Jason and Tawnee tackled the project. An estate donation is what launched us from rescuing 50 horses a year to hundreds. Please click here to read the information and consider making NorCal Equine Rescue part of your financial plan in the future.

Benji and Roy were adopted and headed off to their new home today! We were sad to see them go, but we are excited for their new future. They are both really sweet horses, we are sure that many wonderful adventures lay ahead of them.

The adoption papers were signed, and then the loading began. Benji was a little hesitant at first, but then he hopped in. Roy was the best yet, he got right in without a fuss.

Benji stuck his nose out to say “Goodbye” to the rescue, and they were off.

It was pretty hot today, when Tawnee was making the water trough rounds, she made sure the horses got cooled off too. They really enjoyed the cool water.

Some liked playing in the hose, lapping up the water as it splashed on their nose and mouth.

One of the horses that came down from Plumas County stood there and soaked up the water. She enjoyed every minute of it!

Mid afternoon some clouds came rolling over and gave the rescue some relief from the hot sun. All the horses certainly enjoyed the break from the high heat.

We had been expecting UPS all day. Naturally they were later than usual, just to keep us waiting. Finally, the big brown van came roaring around the corner.

The eagerly expected box arrived from CustomInk.com.

What was in the box? It was green and said something…

T-shirts! Lots and lots, over 30 shirts. The official uniform shirts for staff and volunteers. We can’t tell you how many times an event has come up, like the Animal Planet filming, the Nebraska rescue, interviews, etc and we always wish we had shirts to wear that proudly display who we are. Now we have them!

These sure beat having to draw “NorCal Equine Rescue” on green shirts with a sharpie, or printing out the logo on photo transfer paper and ironing it on. And, in the end, these are cheaper too. Jason and Tawnee modeled the shirts. The shirts look great! We would like to thank CustomInk for making great shirts, and for making a donation after we placed the order.

There are almost 20 people signed up to go to the skating party. We are looking forward to having a lot more people there than that, so invite all your friends! Remember, June 24th (Wednesday) from 1:00 – 8:00 pm. You can even come after work. If you are planning on coming, it would be great to know, please click here and sign up.

A beautiful Australian saddle was donated for the silent auction today. Thank you Deb for your thoughtfulness.

We would like to thank Judy H and Mad Hen Creations for their generous donations today. Please remember to check back this weekend for the Friday Rescue Story, next regular blog Sunday night! Have a great weekend.

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Thanks to some generous donations, the auction fund is currently at $540. We really appreciate your gifts of life! The auction is coming right up in a few weeks, let us hope that there are not as many horses in need as there were this month. We would like to thank Lori H, Sara H, Cynthia B and Carolyn H for their generous donations today. The rescue cannot run without your support!
Bay Area Equestrian has posted the video that Jason co-starred in. Click here to watch the video. It was nicely done, and hopefully it will educate people on what happens if they dump their horse at an “easy out” option like a livestock auction or place a “free, 1st come 1st serve” type of add.

Naomi came out today to pick up some extra tack to be sold at a yard sale. Hopefully the yard sale sells the tack for a lot of money that will then be used to rescue and care for the horses. Thank you so much for your help Naomi!

Belle, the pony that came in yesterday, amazes us with her beautiful long mane. She is really a stunning little horse to look at.
The entire office day was spent taking pictures of the items for the skating party silent auction, cataloging them, and building the webpage dedicated to the skating party. It just seemed to keep going and going… But, it is finished for now. Read on to learn all about the skating party and what items will be at the silent auction. There is also a link on our home page. Also on our website you can sign up to let us know if you are coming or not. It will help us know how many people to expect, so please click here to be taken to the Skating for Horses page where you can sign up. The following is the writeup that is on the website for your convenience.

Skating For Horses!

You are invited to join NorCal Equine Rescue at Cal-Skate in Chico, Ca. Come celebrate the horses that have been saved while enjoying a day of exciting fun for the whole family.

Admission is only $5 for adults, free for kids under 12. You can “sneak” in for free, but be prepared to be thrown in the fundraiser jail and you can’t get out until the jailer is satisfied you have raised enough bail donations by calling your friends for donation pledges! A plaque on the jail will keep track of the best jailbird.

There are also many games and entertainment planned for this day. It will be a fun filled day that the whole family will enjoy and remember! Keep an eye on this page as the activities are ironed out for updates. There will certainly be roller skating, miniature golf, and a silent auction. We are also planning a skating gymkhana, with skating Barrel Racing, skating Pole Bending, and more! If you are planning on being in the skating gymkhana, you will be able to sign up the day of the skating party. We would like to encourage you to bring a new or gently used item to be sold in the silent auction.

What: NER Skating Party – Skating for Horses

When: June 24th, 1:00-8:00 PM

Where: 2465 Carmichael Dr, Chico California

Many retailers, craftsmen, and other generous individuals have donated lovely items to be sold
at the silent auction during the Skating party. Below is a partial list of the items you will find at the silent auction.

Silent Auction Items:

14″ Hand-Crafted Crates Saddle Nice light weight barrel saddle. It has beautiful silver Conchos. It’s virtually new – only looks like it was ridden once. Donated by: Bare Hoof Trimming

2-Day Rafting Trip – Valued at $335.00 Imagine a guided rafting trip through miles of forested canyon in the beautiful Siskiyou Mountains of northern California. With its combination of whitewater, wildlife, and fabulous mountain scenery, the Klamath is a perfect summer vacation. At evening you’ll camp on a large, secluded beach. We’ll prepare a delicious meal, tell stories by the campfire, and settle in for a night under the stars. Donated by: Turtle River Rafting Company

Show Dressed Up Gift Certificate $125 gift certificate good towards the purchase of one of
their beautiful show shirts. Show Dressed Up’s items run from $19.99 to $125.00, so this gift certificate could get you a really amazing western show shirt.
Click here to visit their website, and plan on coming to the skating party, bidding, dreaming, and getting your new show shirt. Donated by: Show Dressed Up

Equine Massage $80 gift certificate good towards an equine massage for your horse friend. Star Equine Massage is committed to the whole horse, body and mind while generating a
valuable life long horse and rider connection that produces measurable differences in the quality of life, health and performance ability.Donated by:
Star Equine Massage

Gourd Art This is a beautiful gourd that has been stained and decorated. Has a Native American look to it. Donated by: Renate S.

Horse Book End This beautiful heavy book end (we believe) has a wonderful picture of a horse on it. Donated by: Adam L.

Handmade Necklace Jasper alternated with lamp work beads, carved bone dangle. Donated by: Kabbo Unique Jewalry

Handmade Necklace Rose quarts, shell dangle, sterling silver closure. Donated by: Kabbo Unique Jewalry

Handmade Necklace Glass Beads, silver dangle, sterling silver closure. Donated by: Kabbo Unique Jewalry

Handmade Necklace Aventurine green, beads alternated with crystals, sterling silver closure. Donated by: Kabbo Unique Jewalry

Handmade Necklace Bluish beads, heart dangle. Donated by: Kabbo Unique Jewalry

Bracelet This a beautiful bracelet with rose quarts and a whole lot more. Donated by: Ciao Bella

Pink Baseball Hat Show off your love of horses with this bright pink baseball hat! Donated by: Adam L.

Red Vest Duluth Trading Co. size small vest. Donated by: Adam L.

Black Horse Shirt Brand new Wrangler size medium vest. Donated by: Adam L.

Purple Vest Made by: Black Crater Clothing Co. Donated by: Adam L.

Socks Socklady solmate socks. Mismatched with care in Vermont! 80% Cotton, 19% Nylon, 1% Lycra. Made in USA, size small. Donated by: Adam L.

Purple and white slinky show shirt Almost brand new, very nice. Should catch anyone’s eye! Donated by: Tawnee

Lion Chair Portable folding lion chair. Kid size. Fun animal design, opens and folds in seconds. Durable weather resistant fabric. Strong powder coated steel frame. Lock and spacers for safety. Comes with a matching carry case. Donated by: Kim P.

Elephant Chair Portable folding elephant chair. Kid size. Fun animal design, opens and folds in seconds. Durable weather resistant fabric. Strong powder coated steel frame. Lock and spacers for safety. Comes with a matching carry case. Donated by: Kim P.

Cinnamon Mug Mat Place a hot mug or dish on this trivet to release the fragrance! Donated by: Adam L.

Orange Mug Mat Place a hot mug or dish on this trivet to release the fragrance! Donated by: Adam L.

Multitool Hawk 15 function stainless steel multitool with carrying case. Donated by: Adam L.

Red Purse Kathy Van Zeeland purse. Brand new. Style: “Tomato, quilt to my heart, medium stitch.” Price tag says $89.00 Donated by: Donna R.

Ivory Purse Kathy Van Zeeland purse. Brand new. Style: “Bone, quilt to my heart, fold over.” Price tag says $99.00 Donated by: Donna R.

Decorative Handbag “The Sak, Pink Label” with leather trim. Brand new. Donated by: Donna R.

Black Purse “Dooney and Bourke, All Weather Leather.” Very nice handbag. Donated by: Donna R.

Ariat Cowboy Boots Size 9 1/2, brand new. Never worn. Sand and Green color. Price tag says $149.99 Donated by: Kim P.

Riding Boots Ariat lace up riding boots. Brand new in box, size 13. Donate by: California Vaquero

There is still time, if you would like to donate items for the Skating Party and are unable to bring them the day of the event, we would love for you to mail them in. Gift certificates are a great way to show your support. Our mailing address is: NorCal Equine Rescue, P O Box 6108, Oroville Ca 95966.

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Thanks to some generous people who donated to help save lives, the auction fund is currently at $50. Thank you so much!
Today was an office day for the most part, there is a lot of planning that is going into the Western States Horse Expo booth, and quite a bit of it got done today. 2500 business cards and 2500 brochures were designed and ordered. Is that enough? We don’t know either, it is our first time attending the Horse Expo. The staff shirts are on the way, it will all get pulled together in time!

This afternoon a horse was brought early for the euthanasia clinic. His previous owner had exhausted all financial capabilities trying to help him, and she called us as a last effort.

We are going to have our vet examine him, but we don’t feel his quality of life is very good. When he got out of the trailer he laid down and didn’t want to get up for quite some time. His hind leg is causing him a lot of trouble.

He was very thirsty, so Tawnee brought some water in a small bucket over to him. He was very thankful for the water. It is really sad that such a beautiful, loving horse is in such sad condition. He has had over $40,000 worth of training, but received an injury that has financially exhausted his owner.

A few hours later a cute little pony was surrendered. Her owners had been on the waiting list and today was their day.

She is a real cutie pie. She took all the new sights and sounds in. She is halter trained, is leery of people, but hopefully with time she will realize that people are not out to hurt her.

She was brought with another horse who came in for the euthanasia clinic. He is in a lot of pain…

…and has a lot of issues going on with his feet. It’s always sad when horses come in that we know we will have to say “Goodbye” to right away due to medical reasons, but we are comforted knowing we can provide this service for horse owners who are at the end of their ropes financially and who have no other options. We are so thankful that this horse is not in the slaughter pipeline. Every 5 minutes an American horse is slaughtered. Not this sweet horse!

And now we would like to take some time to highlight what we believe is a cruel and unnecessary risk of horses well being and life. When an event injures 6 out of 17 horse contestants to the point they cannot compete the second night, that should raise some concern right? That is 35% of the contestants being injured to the point of not being able to compete the next day during the very first race. No it does not happen every year that badly, but how high of odds does it take to assume that the entire event should be called off? We are talking about the Omak Suicide Race. Click here to watch the Humane Society video.
Perhaps a brief history lesson will help quench the argument “But it’s a long standing tradition!” The Omak Suicide Race started in 1935 by a furniture salesman named Claire Pentz. The race was started as a publicity effort to attract visitors to the Omak Stampede. The race consists of a gallop / slide (oftentimes tumble) down a 62 degree hill, across a river (where horses have drowned during the race) up a hill and into an arena. There are many events that are steeped in tradition that should be stopped. Dog fighting. Cock fighting. Horse fighting. You get the idea. Just because something has been happening for years, does that automatically make it right? We don’t believe so either. Click here to read the Humane Societie’s article on the Omak Suicide Race.

What can you do to help? Contact the sponsors that support the suicide race. If there are no sponsors, there will be no race. The list of sponsors can be found on the Humane Society page dedicated to the Omak Suicide race by clicking here.
Many thanks to Bridget D, Suzanne M, Gail G, Scott C, and Amanda H. CustomInk .com, who we ordered the NER shirts from, visited our website and donated to help our cause! Thank you all who donated today, you can see your name here tomorrow! Click here. One of the donations today was for $3, no donation is too small to make it on the list, because every dollar helps!
After some deliberation we have decided to make the comments so that we don’t have to moderate them, but you will need a Google account. We hope that you enjoy giving feedback!

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We have a lot of updates today.

Mr Watson’s adoptive family wrote us: “It’s been a while since you guys have seen Mr. Watson so I thought I’d send a photo. Yesterday my hubby and I went for a ride and the three handsome guys posed for a photo for me… “

Bailey also is living with Mr Watson: “Bailey is doing well. He’s had four rides now. The pic of me on him is from his first ride. Mr. Watson still needs a bit more weight but he is gaining steadily. I discovered that he has had some dressage training. I’m guessing he was trained to first or second level (he knows how to leg yield and extend the trot). He also has some arthritis. We got our shelter up just in time for the heat! The boys are enjoying it. We’re also installing a mister in it for them. We love them to pieces! Thanks again.”

Moto Moto’s adoptive family also sent an update: “I took Moto on his first extensive trail ride from Cal Expo to Old Sac where the Jazz Fest was going on. He handled all the bikes along the American bike trail, responds well to leg pressure to move off the trail as they came whizzing up from behind. Never kicked out at any of the horses. Some issues going under the busy freeway overpasses but who could blame him there. Once we hit Old Sac he handled the wooden planks of the walkway between the Delta King and the steam engine train which was going back/forth with Jazz Fest passengers. Hung out, there were mobs of people who would approach from behind or kids would just come running up to pet the “horsey” take photos, etc. My teacher mode went into effect warning kids & their parents alike, hey you don’t just run up to a horse especially from behind! Overall the ride was about 7 hours long. He sure loves to stop off at the river for a drink and wanted to go swimming but not with my new Aussie saddle buddy!!!”

And the last update is from Dakota Flash’s family: “Beauty (Dakota Flash) is doing great. We went for the health check on 5/7 and she received rave reviews. She was a very good girl. “
This morning one of our Board of Directors, Scott, was here so he helped with the morning chores. One of his hobbies is rock climbing, so it was no problem climbing right up the hay stack and throwing some off.

Ever wonder how to get down once you are up there? Just leap and hope you don’t break any bones!

Scott also did some trimming on some of the low hanging branches. Thanks for your help this morning Scott, it is always nice to have some extra hands to get the work done.

Some visitors came out to spend some time with the horses, and they definitely enjoyed spending some time with Honey and Prince.

While in the round pen, Prince got to experience something new: a halter. He wasn’t very keen on the idea, but something else distracted him, Honey rolling in the sand.

Prince decided to run over and give his mommy a bite in the back to help her get up. “Come on mom, don’t hang out on the ground!”

Then he stood there standing over her as if he was her superior. Poor Honey, sometimes she gets the bedraggled motherhood look. He is quite the rambunctious little guy.

But, Honey got up and all was well again. Tawnee attached the lead rope and it was time for his first lead lesson.

He was definitely a bit unsure of the situation.

With Mommy there to coach him along, he did great. It was a short lesson, but he is a quick learner.

Cocoa was adopted today! She has come a long way from the first day she came into the rescue, a sad bedraggled little horse. Now she is striking and beautiful. We would like to thank each person that has opened their hearts and homes to horses at the rescue, you have made an amazing difference to the horses lives.

Being Memorial day, it was nice to have an afternoon for the staff to take off. A rare treat indeed!

We would like to thank Jean S, Sonya Z, and Yvonne W for your donations today! Thank you very very much.

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Our current needs have been updated for June. The Euthanasia Clinic is starting with $1,200 for the June clinic. The auction fund is starting at $0 as all the funds were used in rescuing 26 horses. The Auction goal is $2,500.

The May Hay Days will continue into June. We have not yet gotten enough donations to purchase hay in the quantity we need to get it really cheap. Thanks to generous donations, it went over the $2,000 mark today! There is still a long ways to go, but it will get there with your help.

There were a lot of visitors that came out today. It was certainly a busy Sunday, despite being Memorial day weekend. Tawnee showed horses to potential adopters. Deb couldn’t make it out today, we all missed her greatly.

Another horse that came to the euthanasia clinic went to his forever home today. His previous owners were in a desperate situation, and he had to go. He was adoptable, so he came into our adoption program, and now has left for his new home. Jake is a really sweet boy and is greatly loved.

A horse was surrendered today. She is an Arab mare that her previous owner was no longer able to keep. They said that she is fine in the arena, but gets anxious out of an arena and she needs a more experienced rider.

The pallets where the shavings sit was empty after the stalls were cleaned this morning. Tawnee had a moment to sit down at the picnic table, looked down at the pallets wishing some shavings would be there, and what do you know, there some where! One of the visitors had brought out 5 bags of shavings. Thank you so much for your generosity!

One of the folks who came out today brought a goat stand and Mr T got his feet trimmed in the official way. He was a good boy, and it was definitely a surprise to have someone to offer to trim the goats hooves!

After the goat trimming was done, they loaded up their two new girls. Pearl and Georgia were good girls and got into the trailer without much fuss and were ready to head off to their new home.

Jason and Larry got busy screwing the roofing down on the supports for the new mare motel. Hopefully soon it will be tractored up into place and the new mare motel will be ready for residents.

Kate was here last Sunday and fell in love. Today she was here to take them home. Spike was happy to see his mom again. They cuddled right up for their adoption photo.

She also adopted Priscilla, but somehow she didn’t get a face shot for the adoption photo. Instead she got the happy tails picture instead.

Some folks came out today and groomed the horses. The poor skinny ones sure do love the attention they get.

Tawnee decided to make some tea, not normal tea, but alfalfa tea. She went down to the bales of hay, pulled a clump out, and boiled it up. Well, it tasted very alfalfay, and made your breath like the horses. No one was too keen or wild about it, so she decided to try it out on Dottie. Dottie absolutely loved it! She couldn’t get enough of it. No doubt Dottie will be begging for her alfalfa tea on a daily basis.

Finally the day settled down, the visitors all left, and the horses were able to sit back and relax.

We would like to thank Cindy M, Tina S, Tamra Y and Debra B for your generous donations! It is donations like yours that enable us to continue rescuing horses in need.

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Alla’s Story

Today’s story comes from a friend in Australia. It is sad to realize that other countries suffer from the same legal red tape that Animal Control’s so seem to be plagued with in this country when it comes to horses suffering. She wrote:

“I do not claim to be an expert about horses, I do not claim to have every single fact of every single side of this story…I just felt the need to tell Alla’s story to the world.

“I first met Alla in Warrnambool the first date to be exact was the 8th of January 2003. I was 13 years old. I have been mad about horses since grade 2 and I had been staying at my Auntie’s I decided to use some of my money for a trail ride with my sister. Originally Alla was called Ella there but I assume as time went on the pronunciation of her name changed. The trail ride went well and I really thought nothing more of it.

“Years later I saw Alla again at an old friend’s place and her new owners were agisting [boarding] her on their paddock. She was a little flighty and didn’t come over for a pat. Apparently the riding school had closed down and the horses had been sold off. I only figured out it was the same horse by a photo and uncanny identical markings. Then they moved to a paddock out the back of my place. The paddock isn’t ours and it’s often the closest I can get to horses. I recognised a grey mare from that old friends place and soon with rummaging through old photo’s found that once again the bay mare in the paddock was Alla…only she wasn’t so well.

“Life had been hard on her and I’m still not quite sure who really owned her but the other owner of the grey mare discovered her rug [blanket] was cutting into her chest on the 18th of June 2006. The kind young girl treated the wound and eventually took off her heavy rug to find she was barely more than skin and bones. She was horribly emaciated and because of the commotion the previous day about her cut chest I came out and chatted with the owner of the grey pony. Looking at her with her head bigger than her shrunken body was horrible and my first concern was what happened if she went down and couldn’t get up?

“On the 20th June 2006 my worst fears were realised when she went down. When the owner of the grey mare turned up I entered the paddock. She didn’t even try getting up as we approached. We called the RSPCA out to be advised on what could be done. They needed to get her up. She was drenched with sugar and water. Alla tried to get up twice. She collapsed back to the ground which was heart breaking to watch. By now the whole neighbourhood had heard the news and even my mother was calling the ranger to see what could be done. Since we didn’t have any officials here then the RSPCA couldn’t legally confiscate the horse and instead they contacted the owners and asked them about what was going to happen. I remember at around 4 or 5:30 on that same day the owners decided the knackery was where she would go. She had been down since early that morning.

“At first I admit I unrealistically thought if she was given enough attention she’d be able to pull through and I was shattered by the lack of caring her owners showed…to just dispose of her. When it finally dawned that she wasn’t getting up, that she had severe infections and her organs were most likely shutting down I resigned myself to the fact that no matter how much I didn’t like it that she was going to be killed no matter what. The knackery seemed so final and torturous…I don’t like horses going there but I don’t like them starving to death either…

“The neighbourhood offered to buy a needle for her, to end her life with some dignity…to even get people in to dig a hole and bury her….the owner refused. The knackery was late…very late. All the while we tried making Alla’s final moments as peaceful as possible bringing things to her that she couldn’t reach herself. We patted her and we knew by now her legs would be numb and her attempts to rise had ceased. She still sat up and she watched us with patient eyes, trusting us.

“Numerous calls throughout the day were futile…the rangers hands were tied, the RSPCA couldn’t go beyond what the owner had said and by the time some high authority figure turned up Alla would be dead. Three of us stayed with her as the sun went down and the knackery still hadn’t arrived. I was finally driven in by the cold with the woman closest to the paddock promising to check her hourly in hope that she’d pass away during the night. Alla was a fighter…she didn’t know the fight would end in death either way.

“I got up early the next morning to find people out with her again. She’d thrashed during the night and dug out a circle around herself. She could no longer sit up in resting position. She no longer wanted to eat. She looked horrible –trust me you don’t want details. My parents and the whole neighbourhood were horrified that she was still alive by nearing to 12 the next day and she’d been down for over 24 hours….the RSPCA were called again, the ranger was called and eventually because of all the commotion even the cops arrived. Neighbours were outraged by her condition and all the red tape we were being faced with. We hadn’t been able to save her, we couldn’t end her life in a respectful manner and she was suffering badly.

“Finally one of the policemen got the okay to shoot her. I didn’t stay to watch….but I stayed to listen when I couldn’t see her. At exactly 12:45pm on the 21st of June 2006 Alla died. That shot…and I felt relief. She was no longer suffering. She wouldn’t have to wait any longer numb and suffering for the knackery man to finally turn up. I was sad that there was nothing I could have done to prevent her death in the first place. She was an innocent caught up in neglect and confusion. It’s been several years since her death now…I keep photos as a reminder, that some people shouldn’t own horses if they can’t provide what they need to survive. When I first met Alla, as I have met many horses but never owned them, I never thought I’d cross paths with her again…but I followed her life and I was there on the day she died. I remember her because I don’t want to forget her and discard her like her owner did and I write this story as a tribute to her life so she didn’t die in vain.”

This person wrote this story in hopes that Alla’s death would not be in vain. If you see a horse that is suffering, contact the proper authorities, media, rescues, whatever it takes to help the horse before it is too late. Hundreds of horses die from neglect every year, let us all be vigilant to put an end to needless suffering!

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