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Many of you may not be aware, but the Internet has been pretty much not working at the rescue since last Wednesday. Accessing email, updating the website, etc has been virtually impossible. The blog has been made possible by driving out to where the cell phone Internet can reach out to another tower. We found out today that the cell tower we use has been out of commission since Wednesday. This morning the Internet was still not working properly at the rescue so Jason was unable to get any email done. There were still plenty of chores to get done though, and everyone stayed more than busy today.

James, a barefoot trimmer that has come out several times with Sally to trim, came out today to get some hooves into shape. It was very hot again today, but the portable swamp cooler sure made the job more comfortable.

James even worked with Belle, she sure is a gorgeous little pony. She is still shy of people, but as you can see she can be handled.

Trimming was slow and on her terms, but finally her fronts were done and it was decided to leave her backs for another day. James didn’t want to put too much stress on her in one day.

The all too familiar sight from last year began rising over the ridge this afternoon. We are not sure where the fire was, or what kind it was, but it was an eerie sight. We sure hope that we do not have a repeat of last years events (multiple fires threatening and burning thousands of homes, hundreds of horses being evacuated, etc.) The fire was put out by the afternoon and there was no more sign of it.

Jason and Tawnee passed by the vet today so they stopped to get a picture of Phoenix. He is looking good these days, obviously a long long ways to go, but he is still on the mend.

One of the projects today was to get the supplies needed for automatic waters in the pens. With the hot summer months upon us, it will be nice to have a constant supply of water in the pens. Hopefully the horses will choose not to play with the shiny new “toys.” The first stop was at Tractor Supply where the automatic water’s are sold.

Next stop was at Home Depot where the plumbing parts are sold to hook all of the automatic water’s up to the big tank that Ted and Katy donated last year. It is full of water and ready to fill troughs.

Thanks for all the suggestions about Snazzy! One suggestion that caught our eye was possibly part Polo pony? She doesn’t appear to be gaited. More suggestions would be great! She is adoption pending, but it would be neat to find out her breed.

Many thanks to ITF Supply for sponsoring two holes at the Skating party. It’s a bit late for the actual event, but they wanted to show their support for the horses. Click here to visit their website.

We would like to thank Jenette S. – Bandit Blue – Taryn M. – Anonymous for donating today. We really appreciate your financial support!

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This morning was quite a warm morning. The little mini’s and Mr T were ready for their food and were waiting patiently by the fence for their breakfast.
As the morning progressed, it definitely was getting warmer and warmer. Deb was out and Tawnee and her started evaluating horses. Malibu the mare Tawnee bought out of the kill pen at the last auction was the first to be evaluated. She is very easy to saddle up and everything, she just doesn’t have a clue on what to do. She isn’t scared and doesn’t seem to have any buck, but she doesn’t know what to do. She has no go, brakes or steering. She should be a very easy horse to train. If you’ve always wanted to train your own horse, you should visit Malibu!
Ok everyone, we need your help identifying a breed. Tawnee and Deb went round and round today trying to identify what breed this little mare is. If you have any ideas, please post them in the comments section with links to similar looking horses. She is really cute just has a different look about her.

Here is a side view of Snazzy so you can get an idea of what her whole body looks like.

Snazzy is trained to ride, is very sensitive and smart. She is just adorable. She is about 14 hands.

A horse came in today who’s owner said she is crippled, he tried breeding her but she wouldn’t take, so now she is here. We will be evaluating her to determine her quality of life and giving her lots of love.
Kramer was surrendered the other day, and today he got his evaluation. First he decided he wanted to play for awhile to show Tawnee and Deb his stuff and how talented he is.

He went leaping, bucking and flying through the air. It was really neat to see him enjoying life so much.

Once he had calmed down he stood there so majestic looking, truly a beautiful boy.

By this time Deb and Tawnee were wilting in the sun. It was about 100 in the shade by noon.

Kramer, who is in adoption pending, agreed with us about the heat. It was decided to call it quits with the evaluations for the day, it was just getting too hot.

The thermometer kept rising and soon it was bordering on 110 f. Officially the hottest day at the rescue this year.

There really wasn’t any way to beat the heat but Jason brought out his portable swamp cooler and put it next to the swing. It was a relief to have at least one spot to get out of the sun and get some cool air blown over you. The visitors who braved the heat also enjoyed sitting in the cool breeze. Once everybody was done Tawnee collapsed for a minutes respite.

By evening, after the sun was gone, it finally started getting cooler.

Many thanks to Judy H. for donating! Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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Please enjoy these udpates of horses that have been adopted from NorCal Equine Rescue and are leading wonderful lives.

Jasper’s, aka Bubba, adoptive family writes: “Jasper really likes my two old mares and they like him too. He’s beautiful and handsome now. Although I haven’t ridden him, I “dressed” him up for this photo.”

“My Luna started “school” she is settling in and learning a lot! We found a great trainer less than 5 miles away from our house so we can still see her daily. She is making great strides she stood for the farrier to have a trim finally. Poor girl has had such trust issues, but finally she’s coming around and realizes that people really aren’t that bad. She had her first bath today (she wasn’t real excited until she realized how refreshing a cool bath can feel after working out.) She is only being ridden by the trainer right now, but Sandy, our trainer, is great…she explains what and why she is doing every step of the way.”

“Adrian is now named Zoey. Zoey is learning fast & loves both Kaycee & Makayla. Watching Zoey’s progress has been truly amazing. Zoey is healthy, happy, social, & trusting. Both Kacyee & Zoey are bonded very tightly.”
“Cinnamon had her filly!!!! Brahma was born right in my lap at 10;30pm April 13. She is a BIG strong girl who is more of a puppy than a horse. She DEMANDS attention. She will whinny at you repeatedly until you acknowledge her. Cinnamon is also doing great! She is still big and fat and still looks pregnant. She is an amazing girl. I can touch and brush her all over. She now halters , leads, and ties with no problem. Wears her flymask and hates her blanket. Hard to believe that she was ever ‘wild’, although she may very well prove me wrong when it comes time to ride her.”

“Here is Luna (the dun Paso Fino filly that I got from you) enjoying life at our ranch in Squaw Valley. She has been through training. I would love to get her registered but the former owner would not cooperate. He is sort of on the black list at the national paso fino association for a lot of reasons!”

“Layla is my favorite gal. She has turned a brilliant dark blood bay. I can jump on her whenever and go on a trail ride with no problems. She has recently stopped trying to kill my farrier and is getting less finicky about her ears every day.”

“Here are a few pictures of our extended family. The horses have come a long way and have been great. Bud is full of life and doing great. Dakota and Lady are also thriving. Thank you so much for these great equines!!! I also included a picture of Shem, aka Sonny who was also at the 4H Horse Show.”



Bud aka Dakota Boy

Shem aka Sonny

We would like to thank the above adopters for giving their adopted horses such wonderful homes, and for taking the time to send us updates. We love updates, and we hope you do too!

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Today was actually a “normal” day at the rescue. It was nice to have normality instead of rushing around getting ready for an event. This morning two horses were surrendered into the rescue.

Their owner had lost their job and were no longer able to pay for the board. The boarding facility contacted numerous other rescues, but the all too familiar “Sorry, we are full” was all they heard. The horses definitely enjoyed getting out of the trailer and getting a nice roll in the round pen after the trip in the trailer.

They are both really nice geldings and are trained to ride. The bay is a 12 year old is trained to ride but stumbles at trot and canter, so he should be a walking only horse. The grey Arab is said to be nicely trained to ride.

It was neat watching them look around and take in their new surroundings. They may have never seen so many horses in one place before.

Daisy and Mo got to check out the new pen that Larry and the other guys were working on during Father’s Day. They really enjoyed it, it was really nice seeing Daisy so alert, she even trotted around for a bit…

But it wasn’t long before they were standing at the barn gate saying “Let us back into our stalls!” While this picture was taken Tawnee was on the phone with the lady that is going to foster Daisy and adopt Gage. Tawnee told her that Mo is now available for adoption, she said “I’m putting a hold on him.” So, she will have a little Appy herd. She is a big Appy lover.

Home at Last came down to adopt Ranger for their grand-daughter. As he was standing there, he was looking pretty awesome. Notice his bright, shiny coat, how alert he is, and while he still needs some weight, he is looking overall really nice…

…not a bit like the scraggly horse he was when he was rescued in April. It is one of the things we love about rescue, watching horses go from below, to above.

Jim and Donna from Home at Last also adopted Braveheart. We are so excited that he was able to go into their retirement program. He will be able to hang out with other seniors and enjoy the warm summer days.

Some other folks came out, somehow we didn’t get a very good picture of them. They really seem to be nice people. They fell in love with Promise and Juno (the one eyed gelding from the Euthanasia Clinic) and put holds on both of them. Juno loves playing in his water buckets, and these folks have a pond, so just image the fun he would have. He would be a companion for Promise. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

Sugar was also placed into adoption pending status today. That makes two horses in adoption pending today and two adopted! Jaime will get to have more fun doing adoption applications.
We would like to thank Rebecca O and Sara H for donating today. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. As Tawnee was doing the surrender paperwork for the two horses that came in this morning, she had a reality check: we have so many people wanting to surrender horses right now, it’s worse than it was over the wintertime. Generally you get people wanting to surrender their horses in the wintertime and it slows down in the summertime, but it just keeps getting worse. Home at Last has turned away over 100 horses this year, we try not to turn away any horses, but we simply cannot bring them all into our organization. We try to offer solutions for people, but it is getting harder and harder to suggest options. As the economy gets worse, there are more and more horses that need help and fewer and fewer donations. This winter is going to be incredibly scary. The rescues and government agencies need to band together, say “No!” to horse slaughter and say we would rather see horses humanely euthanized rather than be shipped to a slaughter plant. Once again, there are over 5,000,000 dogs and cats euthanized every year, mostly by government funding, and only roughly 100,000 horses sent to slaughter each year, hardly a drop in the bucket compared to the overpopulation of dogs and cats. Please remember us in your donation plans so we can help more horses in need and not have to turn them away.

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The skating party was a huge success! Many thanks to all the 100 people that came, the many wonderful volunteers, and the staff and management of of Funland. It was a really fun day, a lot of really happy people doing a lot of great activities. If you weren’t there, you really missed a great time.

Jason and Tawnee got back to the rescue about 10:30 pm, then after tucking everyone in and uploading the pictures, it left no time today to write a very lengthy blog. Please enjoy the picture captions!

Martha and Eeyore were very good about getting into the trailer. They hopped right in, wondering what fun they would have today.

The first stop was at Staples to pick up the banners. Thanks to Staples for getting it done!

Tawnee held the minis and goat while the panels were unloaded. Soon the panels were out and set up and ready to hold them safely.

The jail was also unloaded. It arrived safely and was ready for some occupants.

And then, the dunk tank and inflatable slide showed up! We cannot possibly thank Plan-it Interactive enough for bringing them out free of charge. Click here to visit their website.

The scary looking dunk tank was set up and ready to make some victims wet.

And then the big slide was being unrolled.

Soon it was all stretched out and ready for air.

The blowers were hooked up and it began to inflate.

A few minutes later it was really taking shape.

And then the fun began! Tawnee looks like a small dot, it was really huge!

Our friends at Home at Last were invited to set up an informational booth at the skating party. They had a really attractive setup.

Dottie loved hanging around the kids. This time we did something new, we did pony painting.

The kids would put their hands in some paint and place their hand on Dottie. The kids all loved it and Dottie didn’t mind a bit.

Folks posed to get their pictures taken with Dottie too.

We had various booths outside giving people information, items for sale, tickets for sale, etc.

The dunk tank was definitely a crowd favorite. Everyone really had a lot of fun and since it was so incredibly hot today, the person on the platform didn’t mind getting dunked at all.

When the ball would connect, down into the water the person would go. Britney got dunked repeatedly, but was a great sport about it.

Larry had a lot of fun putting people in jail, then the people would have to raise bail until he was satisfied. Some people gave Larry a hard time and just took off running.

People began gathering inside after 5:00 pm.
The items for the silent auction were all arranged quite attractively thanks to Tasha’s hard work.

Around 6:00 the slide was being taken down. We would like to thank Tamra for making the slide and dunk tank a reality, and the dedication she showed to the horses today. We cannot thank you enough Tamra, you are the best!!!
Inside everyone was really enjoying skating and staying cool. Over 100 people attended the skating party today.

At the end of the skating party we did a skating gymkhana. Cones replaced barrels and poles, and skates replaced horses, but it was a lot of fun! Sierra, pictured below, took first place in barrel racing and placed second in pole bending, seen below. Everyone had a lot of fun!

About this time, the last of the silent auction items were being collected by the winning bidders.

Then there was the jolly twine ball. The winner of it actually wasn’t interested in taking it home, so he tried to find someone else to take it.

Finally one guy was more than thrilled to have the twine ball in his possession.

Outside everything was coming to a close, and it was time to take everything down.

The little equine and Mr T were waiting patiently for their turn to get loaded into the trailer.

As we were finishing packing up, a few more stragglers were carrying their precious items to their waiting car.

Lead ropes were brought out and put on the little ones.

Then with some human help they got up and into the trailer for the ride back to the rescue.

We cannot possibly name everyone that donated today, but thank you so much for making this fundraiser such a success. We really appreciate everyone showing up and showing their support. Now it will be nice to get back to the normal day to day of the rescue life for awhile.

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You may be somewhat bored of reading about our fundraiser events, but, as the economy gets worse, it gets harder and harder to get donations, but on the flip side more and more horses need our help. It is a really a vicious circle, and, tomorrow is the last planned fundraiser for awhile.

Today’s events were focused on one thing: getting ready for the skating party. This morning found Jason working away on the jail. It needed the finishing touches.

April, Alex and Brittney came over today to help get ready for the event tomorrow. First they cleaned, sorted, and did a lot of work here at the rescue lightening the load for Jason and Tawnee who were running around trying to get all the loose ends tied up. Thank you so much guys!

Then April and Brittney (not pictured) gave Dottie and Macho Man a nice bath so they will be nice and clean for the skating event tomorrow.

Tawnee headed into town with an out of state volunteer. One of her stops was purchasing 4 mini panels. With Dottie, Macho Man, Martha and Eeyore planning appearances at the skating party, they need some room to move around.

After that it was off to Staples. Yes, you guessed it, we are having some last minute banners printed up. It seems to be a trend, but they promised they would be ready in the morning. Then it was off to Wal-Mart were Tawnee and Tasha, the out of state volunteer, started checking things off the list as they found them in the store. It was a long list and it felt good checking off the items as the carts filled up.

Tawnee could hardly push her cart it was so full.

After everything was done, Tawnee asked if they had any food for the rescue, and they did! So, she got it loaded up and headed off to her next destination.

When Tawnee arrived back at the rescue, it was back into full work mode continuing the packing for the skating party. First everything had to be unloaded so that the goosneck trailer could be hooked up.

The silent auction / raffle items were covering the inside of Jason and Tawnee’s living room. It seemed endless, but it was finally all packed up and ready to go.

Jason was putting the final touches on the jail. It looks great! He put electric rope on it, so don’t try to escape!

Then came the task of moving it. Jason and a volunteer tried to pick it up, but couldn’t manage it so easy.

But they figured out a method that seemed to work and soon they were moving it to the waiting trailer.

Would it go in standing up? No, of course not, it was maybe 1 inch too tall.

So, they ended up laying it down on its side and sliding it on up to the front.

Once the jail was in, it was time to load everything else into the big trailer. Item after item went into the trailer.

Many hands made light work and before nightfall the trailer was packed and ready to go.

After the trailer was loaded, Tawnee remembered there was one last thing. The twine ball. It had been tossed into the trash after everyone got fed up with it, but we never had the heart to actually take it to the dump. Too much time went into it and it is really neat after all.

Tawnee put a few twine strings around it to hold it all together and clean it up. She then put it on the scale for the official measurement. It weighs a whopping… You can guess its weight tomorrow at the skating party, and if you are the closest, you will win the twine ball and an additional prize! If you ever wanted a giant twine ball, here’s your chance.

Many people have asked for directions to the skating party, click here for a map on the skating page, just scroll down. You can click the “To Here” button and get directions from your location.

We would also like to invite you to check out FunLand’s website to answer any additional questions you may have about the facilities. Click here! We look forward to seeing you there tomorrow!

We would like to thank Gail G and Pamela N for donating today! We really appreciate your financial support.

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Yes, Macho Man was at it again today. He is getting to be such a popular boy.

Both Dottie and Macho Man were on their way to a Christian summer program for kids. There would be lots of adoring little kids to love on them.

Soon they were in their special mini-pen, and the kids were starting to gather around them. All of the kids had to come say “Hi” at least once, and Dottie and Macho Man were loving it.

There were quite amazing looking characters there, adding an authentic flare to the program.

Tawnee had brought Boaz, her rescued horse, as well and soon Tawnee really didn’t look like herself anymore. Boaz had that look of “What happened to you mom?” on his face.

It’s not Tawnee’s typical riding clothing, but everyone seemed to love it.

Boaz was a good boy, and his favorite part was getting apples and other treats.

At the end everyone posed for a goodbye picture. All the kids loved Dottie, Macho Man and Boaz. We tried to gather everyone for the picture, but a lot of people had already left. They can’t wait to hopefully see them again soon!

All too soon it was time to say “Goodbye.” Dottie and Macho Man were happy to be on the way back to the rescue.

On the way back Tawnee got a beautiful picture of the sunset. The scary part is, about a mile and a half from the rescue there was a grass fire today. We couldn’t tell how big it was, but it looked like an acre or so in size. Very scary.

It was a nice calm peaceful day, no doubt the calm before the storm. Tomorrow everything that isn’t ready for the skating party has to get ready. So many people are saying they are taking that day off of work to come support the rescue’s largest ever fundraising event. If you aren’t taking off work, feel free to donate anyway! And if you are close, we will be there until 8:00 pm having fun, so you can hopefully come by after work.
Many thanks to Tina S for donating today and to Show Dressed Up for sponsoring a hole at the Skating Party. Your financial donations are greatly appreciated!

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