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This is the first time we have ever gone fishing at the rescue. Cleo the Mule certainly didn’t need a 110 gallon trough in her pen, so it was dumped out and replaced with a much smaller trough. Unfortunately some fish also got dumped out, so Jason, despite his flu and fever, spent about half a hour catching fish and putting them in the trough. Jessie also came out and joined in on the fish rescue. It’s nice that Tawnee is well, but she gave the flu to Jason.

After the fish were safe, Jessie and her friend wanted to help out wherever they could. They helped with fencing and helped take adoption photo’s by getting horses to pose. This is Juliet, the Mustang mare who had lost her foal, the one that was looking longingly at the gate when we rescued her from the kb. If you missed her rescue story, click here. She is a nine year old, and is probably around 13 hands or less. She leads, but still needs some direction in that area. She is certainly very cute!

Jessie’s brought her friend Janice out to the rescue, she is a long time blog reader and really enjoyed visiting. She has a lot of history in animal rescue and loves to keep up with what is happening out here.

Tawnee asked them if they would like to share in the special moment of Prince’s first bath. They were both tickled pink to be able to join in this moment.

Prince wasn’t too wild about the whole situation, but he finally got used to the new sensation and his first bath was completed shortly after this photo was taken.

Tawnee had to head off to the vet as there was two horses that were brought in for the euthanasia clinic late. One of them was brought to the rescue, the poor old gelding with cancer and laminitis. The other one was dropped off at the vet yesterday, she was 27 years old and had lived a wonderful life with her owner for over 20 years. Her owner told us she knew it was time. It’s always hard saying goodbye to these horses, but knowing that their suffering is over is so comforting.

After the vet Tawnee went shopping for Macho Man. There were some items he just has to have for his big adventure. Between Tractor Supply and Wal Mart we hope we have everything he needs for his first road trip.

We would like to thank Nancy P for her extremely generous donation today. Thank you for donating to save lives Nancy!

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We know you are sick and tired of hearing about flat tires. So are we. The tires are in good condition, there are just a lot of nails on the dirt road that like to poke into tires. The tire that was low in yesterdays blog was completely flat this morning, so Jason got right to work and got it changed out to the spare.

Deb came down this morning, hooked her truck up to the trailer and off she and Tawnee went. Somebody had emailed us a horse ad that was very concerning. It was one of our horses that had been adopted out and the ad read: “Selling as brood mare. Do not know anything about this horse is a repo of a loan. Do not have any interest in riding her have gaited horses. She is a great deal at 800. 15 hand black bs mare with white blaze with black erbon spots and right rear fetlock. Great bloodlines and confirmation is broke to ride but has not been ridden for a while. Would need refresher course for the trails. Good for experienced rider only or brood mare, had loud overo black and white foal last year, thining my herd will trade for 2 horse trailer or gaited horse.” Tawnee was horrified when she read the ad. A repo? The person didn’t know anything about the horse? Something terribly wrong must have happened. She scrolled down on the ad to see the contact information and sure enough, it was the adopters name and phone #. What did she mean she didn’t know anything about the horse? A anonymous phone call was made to find out what was going on. The adopter claimed that she got the horse from a sale, yes it was a repo. It was a twisted story and didn’t make much sense. But she would make a great broodmare. There are way to many horses out there to just breed indiscriminately. Arrangements were made in the phone call to go see the horse.

When Tawnee and Deb arrived, the lady was definitely surprised to see them. She said we could just have her and to go get her. Soon Checkers was in the trailer and on her way to the rescue. Any horse that is adopted from us is welcome to come back at any time. If the horse isn’t working out, or you find that you don’t have time for it, just bring it back!

It was a long drive heading back to rescue, it was very hot. Tawnee and Deb saw a beautiful river alongside the road, so they pulled over for a quick cool-off stop.

And splash, Deb jumped in clothes and all.

Tawnee was more reluctant, she hates wet jeans, but in the end Deb threatened to throw her in, so she mustered up the courage to brave the icy water.

Once they were on the road again they headed to Dancer’s foster home. She is a beautiful girl and unrecognizable from the skeleton that walked into our rescue last year. We have a potential adopter interested in her so it was time for her to come back to the rescue.

Meanwhile at the rescue, hay was being delivered! This time it was only $7.50 a bale, with a $20 delivery charge. Can it get cheaper this year? Probably not. It is so wonderful that hay is getting reasonable once again.

Home at Last Sanctuary had a couple openings, so they came down to the rescue. They really like Midge and he has now found his forever home where he will never have to be ridden or any other demands put upon him that he is not physically capable of performing.

They also took Sweety Pie into their sanctuary as well. She is going to be buddies with Ranger, so they will have their own teenage gang up there. Thank you so much Home at Last for opening your doors to these two special horses.

Deb and Tawnee arrived back at the rescue safely this evening. The horses seemed happy to be back at the rescue and settled in nicely.

Jason has been working very diligently on the truck and today he drove it around the rescue for awhile. It is almost road worthy and should be hauling water this week. He got the water pump mounted on the side and only a new gas cap, air filter bolt and hoses remain to be installed. It is rolling on its own wheels though.

Thank you so much Taryn M. and anonymous for your monthly donations that came in today. Your support is greatly appreciated, we certainly can not do it without your help!

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This morning Jason headed to town to get parts for the water truck. The list of needed parts was very small, so he was back in short order.

After Jason arrived back at the rescue Tawnee headed to the vet to pick up a couple horses we had out there that were ready to come back to the rescue. On the way she stopped at some property that is for sale that is relatively close to the vet. It is nice, but it is pretty much bare. It has 2 big barns on it used for agriculture. Everything else would have to be from scratch.

It has cell service, on the paved road, and lots of naturally occurring water. This pretty creek is on the property and is flowing really good. We have no idea if this property is a good place for NorCal or not, but it is always good to check areas out that may be a possibility. This 30+ acre property does have the 3 top priorities: high speed Internet, on a paved road, and lots of water.

After Tawnee was done drooling over the property, she headed to the vet. Midge greeted her happily and was more than willing to hop into the trailer for the ride back to the rescue. We’re hoping we can get to the bottom of his problems soon.

This girl, Ginger, had her teethe floated and hopefully she can start gaining weight. She was able to come back to the rescue today as well. She came from the last auction and has a long way to go. She’s an older mare and we’re hoping that her life takes a brighter turn.

Finally everyone was loaded and Tawnee was ready to head out.

A few miles from the vet she noticed that there was a low tire on the trailer. It looked like it was getting lower too. She stopped, and couldn’t hear any air coming out, so she decided not to change it but rather find air at a gas station. You would think it would be easy to get air at a gas station. But no, not today. First she had to find 75 cents. After digging around she finally found a dollar. She went inside the store to tell them she needed some air and to exchange the dollar for some quarters. She went out to the machine and tried to stick the money in. The machine was very ungrateful and didn’t want to accept her money. She peered in through the coin slot and saw other money jammed in there. Apparently the machine was not hungry.
Tawnee went back into the gas station and said that the air machine was not working. The person said “No problem, I’ll turn it right on for you.” Tawnee headed back out and waited a bit, and sure enough, it came right on. It wouldn’t take any money, but at least it was filling up the tire.

Back at the rescue Deb was evaluating one of the horses, Holiday. When it came time to tighten the cinch on the saddle, Holiday leaped into the air and reared. After they were able to calm her down and let her know everything was ok, they took the saddle off. They put the saddle against the panels on the round pen. Holiday went over and started shoving the saddle around like she was fed up with saddles and never wanted to see one again. After her temper tantrum she calmed off by taking a nice long roll.

Meanwhile Jason was still working on the water truck. He did get it started and running under its own power, now it just needs to get some bugs worked out and it’ll be ready to haul some water!

Tawnee took a nice gentle stroll up the hill on I’m Not Teasin‘ as the sun was setting. Mostly because she didn’t feel like leading him all the way up to his pen and it was easier to hop on his back. She’s almost recovered from being sick but still doesn’t have a lot of extra energy. Teasin‘ first came into our rescue 900 horses ago. We are always more than happy to open our doors to one of our horses if their adoptive family is no longer able to keep them.

The sun was dropping below the trees, signifying another long, hot day was drawing to a close.

We would like to thank Gail G. and Jenn F. for donating today. Your generosity is awesome!

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Tawnee was still sick in bed with the flu so less than half of what normally happens on a given day at the rescue happened, but she was able to answer the phone today and talked to a lot of people. On a normal day the rescue gets about 50 phone calls.

After Jason was done with his chores and her chores, it was off to visit a previous donor. A great big yellow tow-truck followed Jason to their place.

They were selling a 2,000 gallon water truck for almost nothing, and so after visiting it yesterday we all felt it could serve the purpose of moving water to the rescue when the well has a hard time keeping up very well. We’re also hoping to water the road on busy days to keep dust under control.

The motor wouldn’t start, so it had to be towed to the rescue. Fortunately it was only a few miles away so towing expenses were negligible. Soon the water truck was hooked up and ready to go.

A quick turn around and they were on the road.

Soon it was being pulled into the rescue.

It was backed into position, the tow truck unhooked and soon it was sitting there all by itself.

In no time at all Jason was under the hood making it go. He reports that it did run today, but that it needs a new fuel system which should be installed tomorrow. It will be so nice to have a source of water on wheels!

We would like to thank Wal-Mart for donating a bunch of feed today, and many thanks to April and Larry for picking it up and delivering it. It is so wonderful to have volunteers that are able to lend a helping hand. It really helps when Jason or Tawnee don’t have to drop everything and rush into town when Wal-Mart calls.

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It was quite a busy Sunday, nice and warm with a gentle breeze blowing at times. One of the first projects that was worked on this morning was the big yellow trailer coming apart. The goal is to have a functioning flatbed hay trailer in the end. The last couple weeks have been spent sawing hacking and prying the top loose from the deck. Today it was hooked up to a truck, pulled almost over…

…and the top fell off.

All the hard work is starting to pay off. The deck is cleared, ready for re-enforcement and then it’s ready for use.

We had a lot of horses get adopted today. First of all Travis’ potential adopter came out to visit him.

Sure enough, they fell in love and his adoption papers were signed.

Soon Travis was loaded up and on his way to his new loving home.

As a precaution against spinning out and maybe getting stuck, Larry towed them up the hill with his truck. It really makes us wish for a new facility, one where adopters can easily haul their new family member home from.

Martha and Eeyore met their new family today. It was certainly love at first sight, which with them it’s impossible not to love them immediately!

We have absolutely loved having Martha and Eeyore here at the rescue. We were all so sad to see them go. They were so loving, sweet and kind. Their new family has a lot of love to share with them, and we know they will be very well cared for and loved on every single day.

A couple very beautiful horses were surrendered today. He is already in adoption pending to a repeat adopter who was visiting today.

This beautiful boy came in today, and is also in adoption pending. He was in our rescue before, but his owners are moving over seas and they made the best choice possible and brought him back to the rescue. It was very hard saying goodbye to their two beautiful boys, but they knew it was the best thing to do.
Juno’s adoptive family came out and adopted him and Promise. Thank you guys so much for giving these two precious horses a loving home. We are so excited that Juno will have a pond to play in, he just loves playing in water too much.

Deb was out working in the hot sun again today all day long. She showed horses, evaluated and gave it her all. Thank you Deb, Larry, April, Jaime, Rob and Jason for all your super hard work today! Tawnee? She was sick in bed. She’s been sick since Friday, she’ll get well soon we hope.

We would like to thank the following generous people who contributed to the rescue over the weekend: Karen H. – Sara H. – Constance W. – Chris P. – Scott C. – Michelle E. Thank you so very much! You can see your name here tomorrow, click here.

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Nirvana’s Rescue Story
In October 2004, we rescued Nirvana. She is a Mini Mule, only 35 inches tall. When Nirvana’s master, who was raising Mini Mules, died in about 1995, the locals did not know what to do with the mini mules, so they let Nirvana and about 6 other mini mules loose to fend for themselves. Over 10 years, Nirvana’s friends (the other mini mules died of starvation in the long, cold winters and deep snows; by being killed by Mountain Lions; and by being hit by cars and trucks. Eventually, Nirvana was the only one left. People from time to time would chase Nirvana with motorcycles and other things to have fun at Nirvana’s expense. The locals would capture her every couple of years and tie her down and hacksaw her hooves.

In the Fall of 2004, The Plumas County Animal Control contacted us and told us about Nirvana, they asked whether we would rescue her, and we said, “Yes”. When we rescued Nirvana, she had been wandering around the mountains of Northern California for about 10 years. Her hooves were in extremely bad shape. Her front hooves were about 6-8″ to long and curled into the air. She had not foundered, but her hooves just had not been cared for in the right way.

Her hooves were extremely long; generally we don’t see this on equines that are roaming free.

She was so little but had a lot of hoof on her.

We trailered her out to our veterinarian where a local farrier stood by ready to trim her feet. The vet was ready in case sedation was necessary, but she was a good girl.

There was a lot of hoof trimming to do…

…, but Joe did a great job! Thank you Joe for donating your time to make Nirvana a much more comfortable mini.

She had to learn how to walk all over again since she had been walking for so long on her overgrown feet.
Soon she was all better and ready to be placed into a loving home.

She is such a sweet mule, we are so glad that we were able to be a part of her life and find her a loving, forever home.

Originally shared on the blog 12-12-2008.

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This morning a new batch of fly predators were released. They came in the mail yesterday, and they were already starting to hatch, so they needed to be released ASAP.

Soon the little guys were on the prowl for some fly larvae. Hopefully they can eat a bunch very soon! Do fly predators work? This year the flies don’t seem as bad around the rescue as last year, despite other horse owners complaining about how bad it is at their place.

Tawnee headed out early this morning. Today was the day to say goodbye to the horses at the clinic. It’s always a really hard day, but we have to look at the big picture, knowing that these horses could have been slaughtered cruelly.
On a brighter note, James, a barefoot trimmer that comes out to the rescue, decided to adopt Button. It’s always really exciting to see a young foal get adopted. There are so many young horses flooding the auctions. People bred them, and now they don’t want them, and no one else does either, so they head off to a fate worse than slaughter: horse tripping at Mexican rodeos. These poor little horses, being used to practice tripping on. It makes everyone at the rescue very excited when a baby gets adopted, and today it was Button’s turn.

James also adopted Dodger. It is so great that Dodger and Button will have such a good home, and no doubt they will be trimmed on a regular basis. Jessie also came out to meet the new adoptee’s with James. It was really great seeing her again. She’s been absent from volunteering due to family health issues, but it was really great to see her again.

Midge was taken to the vet for yet another lameness examination. There is something definitely wrong, but we can’t pinpoint what it is. Hopefully our vet can figure out what it is, and hopefully it is fixable.

Deb came out this evening to evaluate and work with the horses. We cannot possibly thank her enough for taking the time out of her busy life to spend time with the rescued horses.

We got our first batch of the buttons, we now have 600 in our possession. If you would like to buy some, please let us know! You really should consider buying 50 or so (at $2 each) and sell them to your friends or give them away for presents. Since the buttons are made locally, we get them in small orders as they are made. We are really excited to get this fundraiser kicked off. Once again, if you are interested in helping us, please contact us by clicking here!

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