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On Friday, Macho Man was at the fair with Tawnee. Tawnee thought that Macho Man looked a little bored, so they headed over to the ice cream stand. Macho Man was in for a special treat: his first ice cream cone! The ladies at the stand were more than thrilled to see this new little customer.

Macho Man seriously loved the ice cream cone and just couldn’t get enough of it! Tawnee had previously cleared giving Macho Man some human treats with our vet to make sure it won’t hurt him. He won’t get very much, but he sure enjoys what he does get. He won’t know what to do once the fair is over, he sure is living the sweet life down there!

Macho Man and Tawnee had to leave the fair early on Friday. They only sold 87 buttons, but they had to leave Cal Expo (where the fair is) early.

They were on the road. We had gotten a call from a person that had adopted a horse from another place. Shortly after she adopted the horse she lost her job and needed to return the horse. When she contacted the place she adopted the horse from, she was told that the horse could not be returned and that she had adopted the horses and there were no other options. She owned the horse, it was her responsibility. There was no way she could keep the horse and the only other option was to put him for free on Craigslist, but she did not want to have to do that.

Tawnee arrived at the boarding stable safely. It was a really cute and well thought out facility.

While at the facility Tawnee got to visit one of our previously adopted horses: Burly Ben. He is doing very well and is quite happy with his adopter.
The horse that needed help is Naughty Nine, an off the track TB. The lady told Tawnee the whole story, all Tawnee would do is tell her that she is not the only one that has had the same problem. Even if you are told that the horses are welcome to come back if they do not work out, get it in writing!

Today, Sunday, Jason and Tawnee headed to the fair with Macho Man and Dottie, while April and Larry stayed at the rescue. Larry cleaned and groomed the rescue, including harrowing the round pen.

Mr T seems to be a little jealous of Dottie and Macho Man getting to head off on grand and glorious adventures. He heard that there are lots of pretty goats down there that are groomed to perfection. He figured he is really stylish too, so he wants to go, now he just needs to convince Jason and Tawnee.

Some potential adopters came out to visit the horses today. As of the writing of the blog we have not gotten the details on their visit, just a picture. They certainly look like they are having fun!

Meanwhile Jason, Tawnee, Dottie and Macho Man had arrived at the fair and were heading towards the booth.

After a little bump, Tawnee noticed some strange pain and swelling in her arm. Not good! Ever since 2006, when Tawnee was bucked off a horse she was showing to potential adopters, she has had some trouble with that wrist. Today it flared up like it never has before and she might just have to get that checked out.

Volunteer Kim was able to talk to everyone at the booth for quite a number for hours today. She did an absolutely great job and everyone seemed to love her. She also insisted that Jason and Tawnee take a break and enjoy the fair for a bit. Thank you so much Kim, we really appreciate it!

Soon the sun was setting and another busy day at the fair was drawing to a close. At the end of the day 277 buttons had been sold. It was a very wonderful day.

Tawnee spent all day holding her poor arm, which continued to swell. She says if it’s not better by tomorrow she’ll go to the doctor. For now she’s just gritting her teethe.


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Moonlight & Stormy’s Rescue Story

The Sorrel mare is Rosy who was adopted by Lynn who founded Pregnant Mare Rescue after adopting Rosy.

On March 22nd, 2006 the first ever feedlot rescue at the Fallon NV Feedlot was done. We rescued 3 pregnant mares and a mare and foal. We were told the mares were being held at the feedlot for 5 days in the hopes that they would foal out. If they gave birth, the foal would be put in another pen and be left there to die while the mare was shipped out to slaughter. If they did not give birth they would be shipped out, causing another foal to possibly be born in a double decker truck or at the slaughter house. If the mare did not give birth and was slaughtered, the foal would merely be a useless by-product of the slaughter industry.

But, the lucky mares came to us. They were not halter broke nor had they been given any training, so Tawnee spent a lot of one on one time teaching them to be halter broke and getting used to people. Moonlight looked as if she was about to pop. We kept her separated and every day her tail was wrapped and she was ready.

One stormy morning, very early, to our delight we looked in her stall and there was an adorable little filly. She was so cute! We named her Stormy because she was born during a rain storm.

She was so little and so wobbly, but Moonlight was a great mommy and took good care of her.

She sure had the cutest face.

Now that Stormy is all grown up she still has a cute face. It’s hard to think that looking at her she would have been a slaughter by-product dumped in a dumpster bound for the rendering plant or land fill if her mommy had not been rescued by us.

As for Moonlight, she is also a beautiful fat and happy girl as well.

The happy ending to this story is that they were adopted together. Two lives that would have been killed were given a great chance at forever happiness together.

Thank to support from people like you we save horses every month just as sweet as Moonlight and Stormy that are just as in danger of being slaughtered as were Moonlight and Stormy.

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Today was a very special day at the fair. It was disabled person day, and any disabled person was given free admission to the fair grounds. For Macho Man this meant that he was able to make a lot of people with disabilities smile very big today!

Macho Man got to meet a new furry friend today. An Alpaca came walking along and wanted to talk to Macho Man.

They definitely had a connection going on. They really enjoyed hanging out together for awhile.

Macho Man really enjoyed watching the horse show this evening. He couldn’t believe that his bigger cousins were really doing all those neat things.

He had fun watching the horse gymnastics. There are a lot of really neat horse shows at the fair. Macho Man was amazed at the great big black horse.

Tawnee, Larry and April were at the fair all day, and they sold a total of 117 buttons. More towards the goal.

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This morning volunteer Sarah came out to help get Dottie and Macho Man all bathed up for another big day at the fair. They both needed a bath and Sarah was more than happy to pitch in and help out.

Once their bath was done they loaded into the van. They were all wet, but at least they were clean! They were happy to get into the van where the warm heater was blowing them dry.

The two horses from yesterdays rescue were heading to the vet today. It’s really sad that we couldn’t make their life better, but at least they had food in their tummy’s and knew they were loved.

Soon their suffering would be over. It’s was so hard watching them try to get their feeble bodies into the trailer for the short ride to the vet.

Soon Dottie and Macho Man were at the fair in full swing. Sarah went down with Tawnee today to help out, giving Jason’s voice a break. They both had high hopes in their head that they could sell way more buttons than Jason did.

Macho Man really enjoys selling those buttons to help horses! He likes looking at the green stuff… The one rule is, he can’t eat this green stuff.

The mounted police were riding by and they just had to stop and see the little horse. Macho Man looks so tiny! He was really impressed with the great big police horses. He probably wonders if he can work for the police when he grows up too… Sorry Macho Man, your growing days are over, sorry!

Once again it was about dark when it was time to pack up and head back to the rescue.

Soon Dottie and Macho Man were in the van and enjoying their supper on the way back to the rescue.

All in all about 160 buttons were sold today, great job Tawnee and Sarah. You didn’t really out-sell Jason, but it all helps. The total count keeps going up!

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As usual Jason headed out with Macho Man this morning to the fair.
We have some new volunteers at the rescue! Jason discovered a volunteer watermelon plant growing in the manure pile with a pretty good size watermelon growing on it. Today Tawnee found a volunteer sunflower that has sprouted. It seems that Tawnee is getting her garden after all this year as little as it may be. She decided not to grow a regular garden this year as the horse come first.
We have been working on a rescue for awhile now and today was the day for the rescue to take place. Larry and April were asked if they would to do this rescue and they more then happy to do it, so they headed out.
When they got there they found some pretty sad looking horses that really needed help.
Soon the 2 old horses were in the trailer and it was time to head back to the rescue.

When they all got back to the rescue the poor horses looked out of the trailer wondering what would happen next.

When the mare was been lead into the stall she collapsed due to weakness and then struggled to get back up. Larry tried to help her…

… and soon she was back up, thankfully.

Looking into their eyes is so sad, they are so old, tired of life, tired of being hunger, tired of pain.

They both seemed to be glad they were in nice clean stall. Most importantly they were close to each other. They have been holding on to life because of each other, knowing how badly they need each other.

There is barely anything left of their frail bodies…

Their hooves are in terrible condition.

April got right to work making her famous toothless horse treat. It’s fame is known widely in our group of rescued horses. Hands down nobody can make up a better bucket of food for toothless horses then April.

Tawnee gave the horses pain killers to make them feel better and then made the call to the vet office to found out the the soonest the horse could be seen by the vet. Tomorrow they will be seen by our vet and we know we will have to say good bye to these poor old horses. Their suffering will be over. After the vet call they were both enjoying yummy food that they actually are able to eat.

On a brighter note, Trigger is doing great and had his first tying lesson today. He did great and is such a fast learner. If you missed his rescue story click here.

Sundance enjoyed taking his first roll in the round pen as a gelding. He such a sweet boy and is now in adoption pending!

Jason and Mancho Man sold 134 buttons today at the fair! It was a really long day and Jason finally got back to the rescue completely exhausted about 11:30. It was just like every other day at the fair, only longer.

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This morning the guys (Macho Man and Jason) loaded up into the van for a day at the fair.

Tawnee headed out in a separate direction. Tucker was being adopted today and Tawnee transported him to his new home. He’s such a pretty boy, and the other horses were so excited to meet him.

The guys arrived at the fair and got the booth set up. It’s actually quite dusty down there, the thousands and thousands of people walking on the dirt is getting a layer of dirt on everything. It still only takes about half an hour to get set up though.

The bay gelding, named Tuck, from the euthanasia clinic is at the vet and is getting the care he needs for his leg injury. He’s going to have a surgery in a few days to help correct it further. It’s a good thing Tucker found his home, when horses have similiar names at the rescue it can get confusing!

Sundance was ready to come home from the vet. He’s been a very brave boy and now his stallion days are over. He loaded up in the trailer and off he went back to the rescue.

When he arrived at the rescue he peeked out of the trailer and he got the perfect Sundance photo with the sun behind him. He’s really beautiful!

Macho Man worked really hard at selling buttons today, and was a super good boy all day long, but being a Monday it seemed that a lot of people were in school and at work. All in all Macho sold about 83 buttons today. Not a lot, but every bit helps. A lot of really nice people stopped by the booth and hopefully some future friends of the rescue were made today!

After getting pulled over by our local friendly Highway Patrol (the license plate lamp is burned out, it’s one of those things that is really hard to know) the guys made it back to the rescue safely. After checking out the paperwork and finding everything in order, he had to ask about the horse. After Jason explained everyone had a good chuckle.

Macho Man walked out of the van like a pro, pranced right to his lion proof stall and is ready to get some sleep.

We would like to thank everyone for their donations. While the fair is going on we will postpone announcing names of donors. Your donations are greatly appreciated, we cannot tell you much they help the horses.

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Dottie’s still learning to load into the van. She really wants a wider ramp, hopefully one of these days we can oblige her. She did get into the van and her and Macho Man rode down to the Fair today.

On the way to the Fair Tawnee once again made phone calls and answered phone message. There’s still about 25 unanswered phone messages, so if you’re trying to get in touch, please bare with us! The next couple weeks are going to be crazy!

In between breaks, Macho Man was loved on by hundreds and hundreds of people. He really couldn’t walk anywhere without throngs of people surrounding him.

Macho Man found someone that was wearing shoes just like his! Isn’t that just adorable?

North Valley Public Radio came along and interviewed Jason. Hopefully we can find the broadcast on their website eventually.

During the day Dottie put on the shirt and tried her hand at selling buttons. Sad to say, Macho Man has the winning smile and Dottie didn’t sell buttons as well. She was a good girl and enjoyed meeting people.

Macho Man took quite a number of breaks in the stall today. He has a gentle way of letting us know when he is tired of being loved on by strangers, but after a good break he is always ready for more love.

Tawnee took a break from the booth to watch some amazing horsemanship displays. The little horse gymnastics were amazing! Little kids flinging themselves onto galloping horses with ease.

As evening wore on Macho was still bravely doing his best to sell buttons. After the sun went down however, the crowds seemed to disappear to somewhere else. The decision was made to pack up for the night.

Macho Man and Dottie headed out to the waiting van for the trip back to the rescue.

Soon they were in the van and ready to go home and get some sleep. Just over 300 buttons were sold today, bringing the total buttons sold at the fair to 450.

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