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This morning our hearts burst with joy at the overwhelming support for the two seniors that were unexpectedly dropped off yesterday at the rescue. We just had to rush the soaked mash out to give them the great news, that people care and they are definitely loved. After they enjoyed their mash they were given hay to nibble on. It is very wonderful they are both at the rescue, and the chestnut (in the background) was not hauled off yesterday. It’s so wonderful that they were not separated.

After some phone calls, emails and a staff meeting, Chief was loaded up to go to his new home.

Chief’s mommy is so excited to finally have him home for good. He looked around, and soaked in his new surroundings, while his mom had the biggest grin on her face.

Soon he settled right in to his pen and began the never ending quest for something to nibble on.

From there, it was on the road for a couple hours to pick up a horse that needed to come into the rescue. It is getting harder and harder, it seems daily, to decide which worst case story we can help and which worse case story we cannot help. Each day the pace of horses that have to be moved out of their home due to foreclosures and job losses seems to be rising. We cannot imagine this winter, we are going to take it one day at a time.

On the way, the sun slipped behind a beautiful mass of clouds. Tawnee grabbed the camera and took a picture. Jason, who was driving, said “You should see it through sunglasses.”

So Tawnee grabbed a pair of sunglasses, sure enough. It does look better with the sunglasses over the camera!

The GPS told them they were getting close, but the GPS navigation was wrong and soon they were lost. After pulling over, making some phone calls, doodling on the GPS, the correct directions were soon punched in and they were backtracking a few miles. Now the sun was in the rear view mirrors, still as beautiful, but now slipping behind the mountains.

Soon the sun was gone and they were still not at the stable.

Thankfully it was still light enough when they picked up Nike. She is a very beautiful girl, and she was very well cared for, but her owner unfortunately is no longer able to keep her.

It was a long drive back to the rescue, all done after dark.

Eventually they were safely back, unloading Nike into Chief’s waiting stall. It’s always a good day when a horse finds an adoptive home just in time to bring a horse in that needs a new home.

Nike settled right in and started eating. Nike is an 11 year old TB cross / Warmblood. She is trained to 1st level dressage in training level events. She has been sitting in pasture for several months not being ridden, but with a little exercise she should tone right up and be ready for some great riding.

Again, thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! to each and everyone that donated since last blog. Your generous outpouring of love not only makes it possible to help the seniors, and others, but gives us hope and courage that in the never ending fight against horse slaughter, abuse, abandonment and neglect, there is your loving support. Wendy S., Stephanie F., Gail G., Lari K., James G., Sally F., Andrew C., Deborah G., Carla G., Christine C., Lynn E., Cynthia B., Jacquelyn W., Andrea M., Marlene B., Judy C. all donated, thank you again.


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We have a great update on Kramer. He is becoming a police horse! His adopter has been keeping us informed, and has sent us the newspaper link that talks about Kramer’s latest achievement. Click here or click the picture below. Kramer’s adopter is a police officer, and she’s so happy that she will be able to ride her horse for work. What an awesome story, from rescue to Mounted Patrol.

We got a call from Tink’s adopter. She told us that she loves Tink, renamed Cloud, very much, but just doesn’t have the time to spend with her she feels she needs. Her other horse was feeling left out from all the attention she was giving Cloud, and she realized she really only has enough time for 1 horse. So, Tink came back today.

She is a beautiful girl. She is green broke to ride, and is now looking for a second chance at a forever home.

We got an unexpected call from our vet today informing us that someone was at their office wanting to drop off a horse for us. This transporter has done this before. Our vet is not the drop off place for horses coming to the rescue, so our vet told him to bring the horse to us. We had no idea a horse was coming in… When he arrived, he unloaded a very old, extremely emaciated, Appy mare that is completely blind.

We carefully walked her over to the round pen. It’s always so sad putting a blind horse into a new situation, everything is so foreign to them. The round pen is a nice safe spot, until a stall could be made available as we were not expecting to get in a blind horse.

She laid down and rolled in the nice sand. Tawnee was hoping she could get back up, she is very weak. After her roll she managed to get back on her feet and began exploring.

The transporter said that he had paperwork in the truck, so Jason followed him to the truck to get the paper. He handed the paper to Jason, hopped in his truck, started the engine and said “The paper says there’s two, but I’ll take the other back to my ranch.” Jason looked at Tawnee, handed the paper to her, she said “It says two, two are staying!” Jason ran after the truck, yelling at him to stop, and explained to the transporter what was going to happen.
He grudgingly unloaded the horse. It turned out to be a skinny, though not nearly as skinny as the Appy, very old chestnut mare.

We found it a bit odd that he wanted to keep the heavier horse. Non the less, she was now in our round pen being a buddy for the Appy.

She really gulped down the water, she was definitely thirsty from her trailer ride.

The Appy enjoyed drinking the water for a very long time too, she closed her eyes and just sipped away.

Once their thirst was quenched, they each had a nice soaked bucket of mash.

They really enjoyed sitting there with water in their tummy’s, and now food in front of them.

It was a warm day, but certainly not as hot as yesterday. Blossom, the mare with the old broken tail, enjoyed her bath in her stall.

When evening was coming on, as usual the wild turkey gang came by for a drink of water. It’s nice, even with our limited water, to be able to help the local wildlife out.

Tawnee needed to evaluate some horses. She wisely chose to wait until the cool of the evening. Shasta enjoyed watching the sun set.

She was a very good girl for riding, and they rode until the evening shadows were too long and the sun was too far gone to ride anymore.

Many thanks to Sara H for her generous donation today. We could definitly use some donations to help the Appy and Chestnut out, if you can help even a little, click here.

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Today started as a normal day. Feeding, watering, making sure all the horses are ok, but is was definitely hot. This guy recently came into the rescue and definitely enjoyed having his bath. He was such a good boy, you could tell he was really enjoying the loving attention and he just wanted to stay there all day.

Finally he was all done and enjoying a nice bucket of grain. He has a tattoo so Tawnee looked up the number. He’s a match with The Day We Met. Kind of a strange name, so we will be calling him Little Richard. If anyone knows something about this horse, please send the information our way.

While Richard was drying off, a trailer pulled in with another horse coming into the rescue. This is Shasta, she’s an 11 year old Appendix QH. She is a beautiful girl. We are told she is trained to ride but we have not yet evaluated her riding abilities.

Linda worked with the horses through the heat. It was one of those days where sitting in the shade seemed like such a good idea.

In fact, everyone, visitors and staff alike, just gravitated towards shade. Travis’ potential family came out once again to spend some time with him. They are excitedly waiting for their application to be finished so they can take him home!

Dancer left the rescue today with her new mom. They were really excited to take her home, and we were really sad to see her leave. She’s been with us quite awhile. Thanks so much for giving her such a wonderful home.

Many of you may remember when we talked about the volunteer sunflower and the volunteer watermelon. The sunflower got stomped on by a horse, but the watermelon has been doing just fine. When everything quieted down and all the visitors had left, it was time to have a volunteer appreciation meal with one of the watermelons.

The watermelon was just about at the peak of ripeness. It’s what everyone needed after the hot long day. Sweet, cold and juicy.

Napoleon enjoyed having his piece of watermelon too. Nothing like home grown organic sun ripened refrigerated watermelon to make a happy horse.

We would like to thank the wonderful person for sending all the fly masks in the box. Thank you so much for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Many thanks to Esther J., Constance W., Scott C. for their generous donations over the weekend.

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Brazy’s Rescue Story.

Brazy was only a few days old when she was orphaned at a feedlot in Nevada. She had been transported with about 40 other horses to the feedlot, and when they opened the doors to let them all out she was trampled almost to death by the adult horses rushing out. She had a strong will to live and managed to survive the thundering hooves.
On August 28th, 2007 thanks to generous support we had the funds to rescue her along with some others from the feedlot. She came to us hurt, abused and in great need of tender loving care. This is her at the feedlot.

Her face had been trampled, and she was just not feeling so great.

You can see the fresh scrape marks where the unconcerned feedlot workers allowed her to be almost killed by the mad rush to escape the truck of death, unbeknown that they were being unloaded from one truck of death to be loaded on a non-stop truck to the slaughter house if no one rescued them.

Brazy was fostered by Ron and Claire of Critter Pass Ranch. They gave her around the clock care, mare match, special suppliments and all the love and encouragement to live that they could.

Her infant eyes were so sad, she had almost been killed, but, maybe things where starting to look up?

When she was strong enough Ron started teaching her how to halter and lead. They were quickly falling in love. In the picutre below she has just had her first bath ever.

Each day brought new life to her eyes, new spring to her step.

As the summer wore on she started feeling much better and began to behave as a baby horse should behave. She would trot with glee, she would lay in the warm sun. Curiously she would sniff new objects, excited at the new things she discovered on a daily basis.

She was soon introduced to a new kind of four legged friend: a Llama! Brazy says “It has funny ears and a really skinny neck, but it didn’t try to eat me and it didn’t even spit on me.”

Ron and Claire simply could not bare the thought of Brazy ever having to find another home, so they adopted her. She will live with them forever.

Brazy is so happy to have a forever family. Claire loves her, Ron loves her, and she is so happy to have survived her terrible start to life and she has a lot of love to give back in return.

Among the many new things she discovered was that people ride big horses, and roosters ride little horses! Brazy says “I don’t mind as long as he doesn’t crow too loud up there or drop some bad smelling gooey stuff on my back!”

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We have a great update about Freckles. She is doing great and her baby, after this photo was taken, is being weaned. Freckles was rescued from a livestock auction. When we rescued Freckles we weren’t sure whether or not she was pregnant. Behind Freckles you can see a couple dogs, one of them is Hugs, the abandoned dog that Tawnee rescued on the road. Hugs was pregnant with 10 puppies! A wonderful family adopted Hugs and shortly after adoption she had her pups. Then they adopted Freckles. Shortly after, she had her baby. They fall in love with one, but then she gives birth and they have more to love. They kept one of the puppies and all the others have found wonderful homes. Thanks for giving all these animals such a wonderful life with your family!

We have been in contact for quite awhile with Horses Honor, a 501(c)(3) horse rescue here in northern Ca that has been operating since 2003. During those years they have rescued hundreds of horses, and adopted out about 300. In the past we have brought in horses that were adoptable to find them new homes. Then we brought in some horses to the euthanasia clinic. Recently Horses Honor has needed some serious help. Horses Honor had about 30 horses, and with donations practically nonexistent, they knew they could no longer care for all the horses properly, especially with winter coming and hay prices expected to go up. They reached out to us for help and we agreed to do what we could.

Horses Honor believed that if they got their numbers down to about 20, they would be OK. They brought 3 horses to the clinic, and today NER staff headed out to pick up 9 more.

On the way, Tawnee past a large field with many mares and foals. Tawnee’s heart ached at the thought of what would happen to those horses. Why are people still breeding in mass when foals go for $75 – $100 at auction. That’s after having your mare bred, keeping her for 11 months, then another 6 months before weaning. That is a 17 month investment to get $75-$100 for your foal. If you want a baby, there are plenty of them out there that really need help.

After a long drive our staff arrived at the first Horses Honor foster home. 7 horses were waiting at this home for us to pick up.

One by one the horses came over the hill to the waiting trailer.
Each horse loaded easily and without complaint. The staff had to be very careful as they were being loaded on the road, but there was simply no other option. Fortunately it was a very quiet road and there was no trouble.

The 2nd rig headed to the 2nd foster home / pasture to get 2 more horses. It was a long, narrow road. Tawnee stayed behind with the big truck and trailer because there was simply no room to take the big rig down the road.

After some turning, backing, pulling foward, turning again, etc, they got turned around. Soon the trailer was ready for the horses.

But, where were they? It was 400 acres, so it took a little while.

Soon the Horses Honor staff found the horses, caught them, and they were loaded up. This senior girl is pushing 30. Her companion, not shown in this photo, at one point in her life her tail was broken and she is unable to swat at flys. It just hangs there limply.

All 9 horses were safely loaded and began the long trip back to the rescue. Thankfully it was very uneventful: no flat tires!

The rigs pulled into the rescue and backed up to unload. You could see the horses looking out, wondering who all the other horses are.
One by one they were unloaded and into waiting stalls.

This is the companion to the white senior above. You can somewhat see in this photo, her rump is deformed from the injury. It appears that the end of her spine, approximately 5-6 inches from her tail, was completely broken off. In her day she was a polo pony. Who knows how she got this injury, but it’s quite old.

All the horses were unloaded, led into their stalls where fresh food and water were given them. Horses Honor still could use help. Any donations to help with feed, and dental care, would be greatly appreciated. Click here to visit their website. We could definitely use some help on the increase of horses here at the rescue. Generally when we rescue from the auction we have raised funds for the rescue and care of the horses. Please help us help these horses, we could really use your help for feed and vet care. Click here to donate. If you mark your donation as “Horses Honor Horses” we will know what it is to be used for!

Some of you may remember when awhile ago we talked about the movie “Blinders” which led to a few more entries about the horse drawn carriage industry. On the 19th of this month, there was yet another carriage accident. From everything that we can gather, the horse bolted and is OK. People need to realize that horses and cars do not mix. It’s amazing the horse survived, so many times in carriage accidents the horse is severely injured or killed during the wreck.
To see the aftermath video, click here or press “Play” below.

Thank you so much for your support both financial and emotional! It really means a lot to all the rescued horses here at the rescue and to the staff.

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Today we got a great update on Silver.

“I am the one that adopted Silver who is now call Pie after The Pie in ‘national velvet’. I would like to let you know he is doing great and is such an amazing character of a horse to have. I am also sending you some pictures of him. There not the greatest pictures I still have to send you some picture of him done up for a show. ”

It is always so great getting updates on horses that have found their loving homes. If you have adopted a horse from us, please send us pictures and a short writeup, and we may select yours to be featured on the blog!

You may have noticed a new button on the equines detail page on Petfinder. It says “Sponsor Me” and that is what it does. You can donate money to NorCal Equine Rescue to care for the rescued horses. What a great way to show your love of the horses! Most people will probably find Paypal easier, but it is an option that Petfinder implemented.

Tawnee spent the entire day at the vet. It’s always so hard saying “Goodbye” to the poor old horses. There are some special ones that she will always remember in her heart.
There was the old grey gelding with melanoma’s throughout his body. He had so much melanoma in his mouth that he was unable to close his lips. The old beautiful black therapy horse who must have been amazing in his day. After his show days, he gave his life making children happy and bringing smiles to their faces. The old stallion who could barely walk. He is a very lucky boy that someone took pity on him, they purchased him from his previous owners and brought him to the clinic to end his suffering. The old 30+ year old paint mare who had no teethe left. It was a hard “Goodbye” for her and her owner. Her owner had done an absolutely amazing job with her despite her not having any teethe. She was just a little ribby, and was starting to lose weight on her top line, so her owner knew it was time to say goodbye. She did such a good job keeping her weight up however. The thin Palamino gelding, when his owners purchased him, they were told he was 10. Someone else looked at his teethe and said “No, he’s about 17.” In reality, he is actually about 30. The tall Thoroughbred with a broken shoulder. It had healed incorrectly and he was still in a lot of pain. All these horses, and many more, were given a peaceful, humane and compassionate ending to their long and magnificent lives. Yes it is very hard, it is one of the hardest things we do in the rescue, but giving a horse the last gift of love and dignity is so important.
While Tawnee was at the vet, Linda was out riding and evaluating horses. She is doing a great job of getting all the horses evaluated.

Many thank to Marty L. and Carol D. for donating today! Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

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Today was the euthanasia clinic, and as Tawnee would be at the vet all day waiting for people to show up, she took out horses that needed examinations. First was Chief. He was a really good boy and loaded right up.

Next it was Dancer’s turn to load into the trailer.

Arrangements had been made to meet Kassandra’s new mommy at the vet so she could be taken home. Kassandra is so happy to finally be heading off to her forever home.

During the course of the day people started bringing in horses. This poor old guy was so tired, old and bedraggled. You can easily tell he is suffering a lot due to arthritis. His owners had done the best they could for him, but he was just too old, and with winter coming on, it was time to say “Goodbye.” The euthanasia clinic is a huge blessing for financially strapped horse owners and horses like these. When faced with a $500 vet bill to have a horse euthanized, it is very tempting to leave a horse suffering in the back pasture or take it to auction. We would like to thank you, our donors, once against for allowing these sweet horses to pass on gently, with compassion and dignity.

This poor stallion is 26 years old and has been used for breeding mares all summer long. What are people thinking when they think “Let’s just get one more baby out of him!”? What will happen to that one more baby?

It was very busy at the euthanasia clinic, it was definitely the busiest clinic we have had in a long time. It kept Tawnee, April and Larry hopping all day long. Finally as late afernoon came, thing started calming down. Dr Weaver started doing horse evaluations and pre-adoption exams.

Chief was given his pre-adoption exam. He was a really good boy during his exam and the vet was really impressed with him. He is definitly a big beautiful boy.

Alex, who came in on Sunday, was at the vet to get his examination. We thought he may have some lameness so we had the vet check him out. Dr Weaver recognized his brand and told us he is a Westfalen Warmblood. He seemed to think the examination was just a lot of fun.

After his short workout he was given a nice cool bath.

He did have his front legs xrayed. Everything seems to be fine. He is ready for a loving, forever home! He’s a huge beautiful boy.

Dancer checked out A-Ok on her preadoption exam too. She is a very beautiful girl.

We got a side shot of her and you would be hard put to recognize her from when she came into the rescue last October.

She was horribly emaciated, along with many of her other horse companions who were rescued as well. She is one of the Lucky 7 group. It is always wonderful seeing the horses fatten up and become beautiful once again.

Speaking of fattening up, any guesses who this plump guy is?

That’s right, Phoenix! It’s hard to think that just a few months ago he was this horrifyingly emaciated and at the point of death. We are so thankful that the vet has been able to pull him through. His sponsor wants him to stay one more month at the vet office before coming back to the rescue. Just look again, Phoenix just a few months ago, seen below, and today, seen above.

Many thanks to all of our wonderful donors! Tina S., Gail G., Lari K., Iris L., Elizabeth N., Nancy B., Handi-Riders., Laura F. and Cathleen D. all donated just today! Your generous support of horse rescue is truly amazing. The euthanasia fund is basically finished, thank you so much again!

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