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We are always searching for ways to make it easier for people to support the rescue. We have been working on one for awhile, and recently it got all set up. We hadn’t announced it yet, but today one of our friends and supporters, Bandit Blue, discovered it and got to work. The program is Ebay Giving Works, powered by Mission Fish, and it makes it very easy to support horses while you buy and sell on Ebay. You can donate 10 – 100% of the proceeds from the item you are selling. If you aren’t interested in selling, you can buy from those that are supporting us by visiting our Ebay Giving Works page by clicking here. Christmas time is just around the corner, there may very well be that perfect gift waiting on our Ebay page for you! Check it out.

You can also get to our Ebay Giving Works page by clicking on the link in our left menu bar below our friends on our website and blog. You can also easily list items for sale by clicking on the link.

This morning Tawnee decided it was time for Parcy to socialize a little bit. Off to the mini pen they went. Macho Man was quite intrigued, but Parcy couldn’t quite figure out why the black bundle of hair was following him around.

Pretty soon Parcy realized it wasn’t the grizzly bear he had imagined, but instead a cute little horse the same size as him. Macho Man thinks that Parcy is really cute, but definitely speaks a different language.

The untitled mustang that came from the auction last week is doing great. We have named him Blaze.

Tawnee got the shavers out and shaved down his brand to accurately read it and to make it easier for the BLM brand inspector to identify him. He is, unless we read the brand wrong, about 26 years old.

After it was done, he enjoyed a nice roll in the round pen. He couldn’t figure out why we decided to shave his neck hair, so he took a nice roll to rearrange his hair.

April and Tawnee spent a lot of time in the office. Tawnee is teaching April some of the ins and outs of Petfinder and other office work so April will be able to help keep the horses updated and the office running smoother.

While April and Tawnee were in the office, Linda and Larry were out getting pictures of the horses so they can be put on the website. Autumn sure is a big, beautiful girl.

About this time Mr T snuck into the feed room to work on his ever growing size. Tawnee threatens him that he will be sent to the Biggest Loser campus, where little goats that stuff themselves are put on a diet, have to exercise, and get back into shape. Like we said before, he’s not pregnant.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday two horses came into the rescue from a Humane Society so we can help them find homes. These two horses are numbers 297 and 298 for the year that have been rescued. Only 2 more and it will be 300 for 2009! It is really sad that there are that many horses in a small area of the United States that have needed our help this year alone. As the winter goes on, at the rescue we all fear it will only worsen.

The sun is messing up everyone’s schedules a little bit. It seems to slip behind the hill, it feels really late and everyone gets tired. Then someone looks at a clock and it’s only 3:30. It’s pretty bad, the long summer days sure get a lot more outdoor work done.

Some potential adopters came out this afternoon to look at the horses. They all really liked Woody, but they really liked all the other horses too.

A group of kids enjoyed giving Blaze some love as they groomed him. He enjoyed his bucket of senior feed with Molasses while he was being groomed too.

He may be a senior, but he’s really well trained and enjoys getting in the round pen to trot around.

He also gave a supervised ride to one of the younger visitors. She really enjoyed it, but…

…she seemed to have more fun playing with Parcy. She said “He’s such a cute baby horse!” We had to clear that misconception up.

When items are listed on Ebay supporting NorCal Equine Rescue, we will randomly pick one to share with you on the blog. Perhaps it will suit your fancy and you can support the rescue while buying a wonderful gift for someone else, or even yourself. Today we are featuring a beautiful cutting board that would be very stylish in any horse lovers kitchen. Click here to view the item on Ebay. Don’t forget to list your items on Ebay through Giving Works and it could be listed here too!

Many thanks to those generous people who donated over the holiday weekend. Sara H., Candace B. – Donated on behalf of Anita S. for her birthday., Costance W., Scott C., Annonymous., Pamela N. all gave to help support our rescue efforts. Thank you so much!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We want to share some of the things we are thankful for this Thanksgiving.
We are thankful for getting only 28 flat tires so far this year and not 30!

We are thankful that we were able to save Phoenix before it was too late…

… and that today, Phoenix is a beautiful, healthy and happy horse!

We are thankful that there were no fires this year where horses had to be evacuated to the rescue! Remember last year… it was bad!

We are thankful for all of our hard working volunteers. They are not afraid to get their feet dirty!

We are thankful that Prince survived being born 30 days premature. He was so little, only 30 pounds with a 30% chance of surviving!

We are thankful that we where able to improve our quarantine area so much this year.

We are thankful for Macho Man and Dottie, they brighten up everyone’s lives they come in contact with.

We are thankful for warm sunny days at the rescue and that we where able to improve the fencing to panels this year.

We are thankful that Lilly’s Bumblebee is the 1000th horse we have rescued since 2003!

We are thankful for your support that allows us to give an option to horse owners who have no other option.

We are thankful for a great board of directors, one of which is willing to fly through the air just to help out a little more.

We are thankful for all our wonderful adopters, who step forward to do what they can to help save lives! Opening their homes to those who have none.
We are thankful for your support that allows us to rescue horses from livestock auctions, saving them from the slaughterhouse.

We are thankful for a great vet, she spends so much of her time helping us out with the rescued horses and gives a 40% discount to our vet bills. Thank You Dr. Weaver!

We are thankful that little Parcy’s purpose in life is not a piece of veal on a plate. We are also thankful for good old Jack.

We are thankful for people like Ruby that do what they can to raise funds to help rescue horses.
We are thankful for each and every donation, especially when they come with sweet letters such as this: “My daughter Sasha and I read your blog daily and we love what you do! We were so touched by Parcy’s story that Sasha took $$ out of her piggy bank to help him and the horses. Thank you for all that you do. We’re huge fans!”
We are thankful for each and every one of you that give what you can, both financially and emotionally, to further our mission of mercy.
Have a great Thanksgiving, due to the holiday the next blog update will be on Sunday. We will be welcoming visitors on Sunday at the rescue.

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Macho Man was quite surprised this morning when Tawnee haltered him and led him from his pen. He had no idea what his day had in store for him.

It has been so long since he has walked up his ramp he had almost forgotten how. With a few seconds to think, he started to remember what he was supposed to do.
Without hardly any fuss at all he was a good boy and hiked up the ramp into the giant trailer.

Prince, too, was surprised to suddenly be wearing a halter. He’s a really good boy and didn’t mind having the halter put on at all.

What could the day be holding for these two precious boys? Two little horses in separate stalls in one giant trailer. Prince needed to have the vet look at his eyes as part of his eyelids are white and part are black. We are hoping to have them tattooed so that his eyelids won’t sunburn.

Shortly after Tawnee left with the horses another load of hay was being delivered. It is always nice to have great hay delivered at a wonderful price.
Macho Man and Prince’s journey ended at the vet office. Macho Man needed to have his teeth examined and possibly floated today.
Dr Weaver took a look inside his mouth, despite his best efforts to let everyone know he would rather be relaxing with Dottie.

His teethe will benefit from some dental work, but due to some emergencies coming into the vet office his dental is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Macho Man was more than happy when he was all done with the examination. Prince has a tentative appointment for next Tuesday as well.

We would like to thank those that use Goodsearch.com as their search engine and Goodshop.com to buy items on the Internet. When you use Goodsearch.com to search, each search is about 1.5 cents. When you use Goodshop to buy stuff at various online retailers, including Amazon, Ebay, etc, a percentage of the sale is donated to us. We just received another check from them, this time for $36. It’s not a whole lot, but it feeds the horses and can save lives with almost no effort or no expense on your part! Click here to visit Goodsearch or click their logo below.

Many thanks to the following horse hero’s who donated today: Cheryl R., Gail G., Dianne K., Karen O., Goodsearch., Stephanie H., and United Way. We greatly appreciate your donations and we know the horses do too!

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You never know what’s going to happen at the rescue at the start of the day. Today’s plan was to make a simple 90 mile trip to pick up 2 horses who’s owners were no longer able to keep them. After looking at the map, Jason and Tawnee realized they would only be about 40 miles from the Petaluma auction. A quick call to Kate at SAFER horse rescue, and the day became another auction rescue day. Not what was originally planned for the day.

Along the way Jason and Tawnee met with some very strong winds. Wind so strong that it blew large branches into the road, which Jason pulled off the road so no one would hit them.

Last time they went to Petaluma they went through little towns with slow speed limits and lots of stop signs, which was the way the GPS told them to go. Today they decided to stay on the major highways and it certainly seemed to work better.

Back at the rescue, April and Larry were meeting with Dakota’s adopter. They wanted to come on Sunday but due to the weather they were unable to make it. They were really excited that they were able to meet this special little guy today.

They absolutely love him, the adoption papers were signed, he was a good boy and hopped right into the trailer, and off he goes to his new grand adventure. His adopters are friends with the lady who fostered and adopted Cowboy the mule.

The hill is definitely a challenge for adopters. With the rain we’ve recently had it hasn’t made it any easier.

Finally Jason and Tawnee pulled into the Petaliuma Auction yard where Kate was waiting. She was excited to show the new horses to Jason and Tawnee. Kate had to do the bidding as they were too late. If Tawnee had done the bidding, we would probably have a bunch more calves.

We are so happy that these horses were saved today. This is an adorable little gelding.

This is an off the track Thoroughbred gelding who’s a little thin.

The horses were grateful to Kate for saving their lives. Kate generously donated the funds to save their life at the auction, the remainder of the auction fund that is left over from last auction will be used for the auction horses care this month.

Soon it was time to load up. The horses were more than willing to get on the trailer.

Kate gave the cute little gelding one last hug while saying goodbye.
Many of you probably remember that last Monday we did our first rescue from the Petaluma Livestock Auction. We wrote on the blog that we were grateful to the management of Petaluma for not selling BLM horses or burro’s without a title.
Well, guess what, the little gelding is a branded BLM mustang with no title. So much for their sign, but it sure looks good at least.
From the auction Jason and Tawnee headed to where the two owner surrender horses were waiting. They were quite a bit later than originally planned.
When they arrived a beautiful QH / Percheron mare, 6 years old, who started life as a PMU baby was waiting. She had been rescued as a 6 month old from Canada. They told us that she has had 6 months of training by a John Lyon’s certified trainer.

The other horse is an older gelding who they had gotten out of a situation that was not very good.

Autumn is a big beautiful girl. She makes you feel little!

Star, who is actually missing half of his tail, is quite the gentleman and loaded right into the trailer without much fuss at all…

…and then stood there for 45 minutes while Autumn goofed around. She thought about going in and then decided she was not going to be put into the trailer.

The sun was set by the time Autumn decided she did want to be in the trailer after all. Finally the back door was closed, Autumn and Star were safely loaded and they were on the road.

Kristi, Petie’s old owner, is donating a custom built ramp for the miniature horses to load into the van. Kristi told Jason and Tawnee that the person making the ramp was in Vacaville, so Jason and Tawnee stopped by so he could get some measurements. What’s kind of interesting is that it is the same guy that built the portable stalls in the back of the van that the mini’s ride in! He is generously donating his time to get the ramp built.

Late into the night Jason and Tawnee drove, getting the 4 horses back to the safety of the rescue. Another very long day!

Many thanks to Kate at SAFER’s for donating the funds to save lives at the auction today.

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We received a wonderful donation to the gelding program over the weekend. With the matching grant funds, it is currently at $1958 out of our goal of $5,000. We had a technical problem with our certificates, but the first batch was packed up today to be sent out to those that have requested one. Thanks Larry for getting them packed up!

Parcy is now at the rescue and doing great. He is so full of joy and life. This morning he walked up, put his face in the camera and stuck out his tongue: just like a goofy kid.

He got his first walk about the rescue today while the stalls where being cleaned. He kept looking around, you could almost see him trying to figure out where he fits into this great big world.

He kept looking for his mommy, walking up to people and horses, but he just can’t find her. Dakota, while feeling sympathy for the poor little guy, had to tell him that he is not his mommy. It is so sad, but we’re all glad that this little guy is here and doing so well. Some of you may have watched the Humane Society investigation video we linked to the day he was rescued. If he wasn’t here, he probably would have been slaughtered in a slaughterhouse, died from neglect or be a prisoner in a veal crate.

It was a busy day at the rescue today. It was the busiest Sunday we have had in awhile, probably because it was drizzling off and on. Busy is very good when horses are leaving to their loving homes.

Jim and Donna from Home at Last came down today to welcome Molly into their sanctuary. It is tradition that they never leave with just one friend in their trailer. We are extremely excited to inform you that Jesse has now been taken to their sanctuary as well. He is such a sweet old guy, it really made everyone’s day to see him get such a wonderful home to live out his life. Click here to read Home at Last’s blog.

Indie’s adopter was very excited to come out to see her lovely boy. However, Indie had decided to roll in the mud and make himself look as dirty as possible. He may have figured that if she still loved him, it was true love. You could definitely see how excited his new mom was in their adoption photo.

After the adoption paperwork was signed they all headed over to the fanciest trailer that has ever been to the rescue. 8′ tall interior, air ride suspension, reverse slants, anti-fatigue flooring (it literally felt like walking on a pillow) and front / back ramps. Yes, it was really nice. It looked so nice that Mr T trotted along to check it out too.

Mr T was quite impressed and decided this was his new home. However, they weren’t too keen on the idea, it was not a goat trailer. Mr T had to be held back so Indie could have a chance at loading. (If you’re wondering from the picture, no, he is not pregnant.)

Indie probably wished he hadn’t rolled in the mud and made himself look so bad when he walked up to this fancy trailer. After a little looking, he got in the trailer without incident and was soon heading off to his new home. While writing the blog we received an email saying that Indie made it home safely and is doing great!

Next it was Honey’s turn to go to her new home. We’ve had Honey over a year now, she’s the mother of Prince. If any of you missed out on the story of our 30 day premature baby, click here. Linda gave her the last grooming she will have at the rescue. Honey, being a little more sophisticated than Indie, wanted to look her best.
As the rain was drizzling down she walked over to the waiting trailer. She was a good girl and hopped right into the trailer, ready for her new adventure in life.

Jason was taking Honey to her new home as it was not too far away.

Honey settled right into the pasture with her new friend Trixie. Trixie has been lonely and was very happy to have a new companion.

When Jason left Honey was standing there taking in all of her new surroundings. You can tell she is happy to finally be home.

It was a busy day but Linda managed to work with some of the horses too. April and Linda moved a lot of horses to pens on higher ground as the rain has made some of the lower pens muddy and they need a chance to dry out.

Looking at the forecast it looks like the rain will be gone for a few days and it will be warming up a few degrees.

Many thanks to Sasha (age 8), Erin L., Susan M., Omar S., Joyce D. and Lori R. for their generous donations over the weekend. Your support is greatly appreciated, we could not do as much as we do without your support!

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Lilly’s Bumblebee and Tink’s Update
We recently received a great update from Tink and Lilly’s adoptive home.

Lilly’s Bumblebee is a very special horse: she was #1,000 equine rescued by our rescue! This was the very first day they met. It was easy to tell they were both falling in love.

Now, they are more in love than ever. They write: “Bumblebee is being the silly baby and loves to ‘chase’ the car in her pen when we drive up. And I doubt a horse out there has had more hair-do’s than Bumbles…. she is very patient for the braiding-combing-etc. 😉 Thank you so much for saving these girls for us!”

We hope you the longest, most loved life a horse has ever had Lilly!

This was the first time they met Tink. They really fell in love with her too.

What a beautiful girl! Tink was adopted once, but it was not the perfect match so she came back to the rescue to find another family that was a perfect match. They say three times is a charm, this time, it was only her 2nd try. She really did find her perfect home.

They recently wrote us and said: “Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the horses we adopted from you guys!! Tink has fallen in love with our gelding Charlie, and we are spending lots of time on groundwork. She actually loves to work and knickers when she sees me, which is the sweetest thing. She is the first one at the gate and is learning all sorts of neat tricks (she ‘hugs’ for a treat!) and I rode her for the first time today! “

Thank you for giving Tink and Lilly’s Bumblebee such a wonderful, loving home!

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A very kind lady has offered to donate a ramp for the mini-van, so Jason took some pictures and measurements today to send off. Hopefully it will be done very soon. Thank you so much Kristi for offering to get it done! A new, bigger stronger ramp will certainly be very appreciated!

Intrepid Monarch’s new mommy was so happy to be approved to adopt she just couldn’t wait another day to come pick him up. We are so glad that Monarch has a wonderful home to go to.

He was a very good boy and loaded right up into the trailer. In no time at all they were heading down the road to his forever home.

At the vet, Parcy has got everyone wrapped around his little hooves. Even Cindy, who answers the phone at the vet, had to come out and feed him. It was her very first time ever feeding a calf.

Pogo, the stallion surrendered a couple days ago, found out he was going to be gelded today. The look on his face, well, you could just see he wasn’t too thrilled about the idea.

Soon the whole operation was over and his life just got a whole lot better. He may not believe us right now, but we know it has.

Today was the day to say “Goodbye” to those that came to the clinic. It is always really hard, but being able to offer them their last bucket of grain as they drift into blissful sleepiness after being sedated is the most loving gift we can give them. All of their pain, fear and suffering is over.

It’s always hard seeing horses when their legs cannot hold them up anymore. There is just nothing more you can do for them, other than love them and say “Goodbye.” The legs, stiff with arthritis, will never know pain again.

All we can say to these horses is “You’ve lived a magnificent life, you’ll never know the fear of a slaughterhouse, we love you.”

After a long day, it was wonderful to see a beautiful golden sunset.

Many thanks to Gail G. for her donation today. We really appreciate it Gail!

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