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We got a wonderful update from Travis’ mommy today. Along with the many wonderful pictures, they wrote: “Travis is wonderful! We love him dearly, he is such a great boy!” Thank you for sending so many wonderful pictures and for giving him such a great home.

After the chores were done and a business meeting, the rescue rig once again was on the road.

My Little Pony was going to her forever home today. She is such an adorable little horse, and so willing. When she first came to the rescue she was so shy of people, but thankfully she calmed right down and is such a lovely girl.

Since My Little Pony and Hope were being adopted into the same great home, we put them in a large pen together to get used to each other. That is all it took, and now they are inseparable best friends.

Their new home has lovely green grass, a large pasture, and a big family to give them lots of love. Hope loved to look around, soaking all the scenery in. You could easily tell she loved being at her new home.

Their new dad is just thrilled with the new additions to his family.

From Hope and My Little Pony’s new home it was on the road again to head to the next stop. This week has really been a traveling week!

Pistil was coming back to the rescue. She had an incredibly loving home, but she recently became unappreciative of her home. When her adopter first came to us, she was looking for a companion for her beautiful gelding. She adopted Pistil from us, who recently started attacking her boy! We will be evaluating Pistil to hopefully figure out what is going on. She may need a 1 horse home. Her adopter loved her dearly and was really sad to see her go.

Pistil made it back to the rescue without incident and unloaded into a waiting pen.

There is a really wonderful Ebay Giving Works item right now. 100% of the proceeds goes to the rescue! The t-shirts are in multiple sizes, about 50 are available. Great barn / working shirts! Click here to visit the listing. Great way to donate and get a free shirt.

Many thanks to Laurie for putting Chief into adoption pending. Hopefully he can go home soon!

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This morning right after the chores were done Jason and Tawnee were on the road once again. The first stop was the gas station to get some much needed diesel.

The rest of the horses at the Clint Ritchie estate were scheduled to be picked up today. Yesterday they emailed Kathleen asking if there was any snow. The response was “You’re in luck, there’s no snow.” Sure enough, not a single flake of snow could be found anywhere. The drive was a lot more pleasant, and safe, with no snow on the ground.

Soon they were pulling into the ranch. The fields of green grass were a very welcoming sight. The first time Jason and Tawnee went to the ranch, everything was green and beautiful, with horses in each pasture. Now there were only 3 horses, and they would soon be gone, leaving the ranch with no horses to enjoy the pastures.

Ace, Dun Deal and Little Red were waiting patiently in a large pen to be picked up.

First things first, the long backing job down the alleyway to the loading chute. It was a lot easier without snow, and with practice makes perfect, before long…

…all three were in the trailer…

…and the trailer was being pulled out. They were very good horses and hopped right into the trailer without a single fuss. As you can see in the picture, the truck and trailer are quite dirty. Washing the vehicles in the winter is an exercise in frustration, the very first time you drive out the dirt road when it’s wet, your vehicle looks like this.

Jason and Tawnee were then on the road to their next destination.

Two horses were being surrendered into the euthanasia clinic by their owner who was unable to care for them any longer. Their names are Noodle and Black Jack. They are both in their mid to late 20’s. Noodle was xrayed and diagnosed with navicular and Black Jack has stringhalt.

After Noodle and Black Jack were loaded, it was off to Chief’s adoptive home. Chief’s adopter really loved him, but he is just too big of a horse for her. She feels that he would really shine with a more advanced rider and that it is not fair to him to just sit in a pasture and not be used to his full potential.

Chief was a good boy and got right into the trailer too. He is a really nice boy and if you are looking for a big riding gelding, he might just be a good match for you! We always re-evaluate the horses when they come back to the rescue and will be updating you on his riding abilities soon.

After Chief was settled into the trailer it was time for the long drive back to the rescue. It started sprinkling rain on the way back, but everyone was so thankful it was not snow!

It was about dark time when the rescue rig finally pulled up.

The horses were so happy in their waiting stalls and pens and they’re all anxious to see what tomorrow will bring.

A huge thank you to Diane C, on behalf of Blossom, Willy and Justin, for her generous donation today to the general operating fund! We would also like to thank Anonymous and Gail G for their faithful monthly support. It is greatly appreciated.

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With all the new pens that have been put up recently, our water troughs were getting to be in short supply. This morning after all the horses were fed, watered, and all the other chores were done, Jason headed in to town to do some banking and get some much needed supplies. Home Depot no doubt always loves seeing the rescue come to town.
Soon 9 new sparkling water troughs were purchased and loaded up. We are hoping these will last longer and not crack unlike the bright blue round water troughs we bought awhile ago. These feel tough and have a 750 lb weight rating.

Then Jason stopped at Tractor Supply to purchase some salt blocks. The horses always seem to love licking them right up.

Some previous adopters came out to visit Prince and Miss Bea today. Miss Bea was so happy to have someone visiting her she could hardly contain her enthusiasm.

Miss Bea and Prince were put into the round pen together. Prince just loved to hang out with Miss Bea, he followed her all around.

It really was love at first sight. Soon the adoption papers were signed and Prince and Miss Bea have a forever home!

Prince has a new best friend, it is so wonderful that the handsome Prince finally has a castle to call his own. Miss Bea was transported to her home today and transportation arrangements are being made for Prince.

After Prince and Miss Bea’s adoptive family left, Jason got right to work replacing the big feed buckets that had been used to hold water with the new water troughs. The horses really couldn’t care less what their water trough color is, as long as it has water in it!

August and Ethan, who up until yesterday have lived their entire lives on a pasture, are a little disappointed they are separated by a fence. They still rub noses and play through the panels, but it is definitely a time in their life when they need to get more used to people too.

We would like to thank the horse heroes who donated today: Jon & Carla G., Pamela N., Pamela J., Susan S. Thank you so much!

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We love every single face here at the rescue, each one so beautiful, so perfect, so lovable. Each one has their own special story, each one truly a gift.

This morning we had a new face at the rescue. Over the Holidays, sadly a local family was being evicted from their house (due to their landlord being foreclosed on) and could not take their miniatures with them. They had a miniature jenny, a miniature jack, and a miniature horse. The Jack was taken directly to the vet to be gelded. Some pre-approved adopters were interested in a miniature donkey, and as soon as they met Dottie (the miniature jenny) they fell in love and adopted her the very same day. Unfortunately the pictures are missing in action from the holidays, we will have pictures of the jenny and jack very soon!

While Jason and Tawnee were doing the morning chores…

…Miss Bea decided to be a helpful girl and spread the shavings too! Thanks for your help, it was greatly appreciated. Who knew that horses could volunteer too?

Some potential adopters came out to visit Spirit today. During the course of the visit he just had to lay down and roll around. Her farrier discovered that he may have had laminitis in the past which we will have checked out.

Brave Larry came out to the rescue today for the first time since his surgery. Jack, the ever watchful dog, immediately noticed that Larry could use some cheering up and put his head in his lap ever so gently. No Larry is not paralyzed. He will be up and walking very soon we hope.

Larry worked hard in the office all day, writing emails and answering phone messages. It is so amazing how much work he can get done! He is truly the most dedicated volunteer we have ever had. We always knew he was dedicated, but after writing emails in the hospital bed and answering phone messages in his power chair, wow!

Today was a very big day for the mares out on the pasture. First things first, the little trailer had to be unhooked. Then the big trailer was hooked up and Tawnee and April were off to the pasture.

It had been arranged to meet Mocha and Emily’s potential adopters, who had seen them last Sunday, out in the pasture.

It was their big day to be adopted and head off to their new home. Their new family absolutely loves them.

After Emily and Mocha were on their way to their home, Nutaka, Candy, and Amber, along with their babies, were led into a waiting pen.

Then, they were gently loaded into the great big trailer. The mommy’s were loaded first and then the babies were loaded into a separate compartment behind them. They have had a wonderful time in the pasture, but now it is time for education, the boys to visit the vet for their all important brain surgery, and to hopefully find loving homes soon.

Back at the rescue they were temporarily unloaded into the round pen to stretch their legs. The three little horses just were not sure about the new situation.

Some other visitors came to see the horses today as well. They really liked Tacoma, they really liked his sweet, loving personality.

After messing with him in the round pen, they liked him even more, but they are now faced with the decision of bringing a young horse into their family. So many people want horses that are already trained to ride, they often pass by the younger ones that so desperately need homes. We really appreciate people who take the time to at least consider adopting a horse that still needs some work.

After all the visitors were gone, it was time to build even more pens. This time they were built to house the mares and foals.

The babies followed right along as their moms were led to the pens. The babies really enjoy their pens, although no doubt they are missing the 10 acres. They are really adorable, that is a face that not just a mommy can love.

We’ve been working hard on getting all the horses out of the mud, but now the mud needed some help. A good layer of grass seed was spread about and hopefully it will turn into lovely green grass soon.

By the time Tawnee was done spreading the grass seed, it was very dark. Once Tawnee starts on a project, she just doesn’t like to stop.

There is some very troubling information regarding the BLM’s “management” of the wild horses and burros. The Animal Law Coalition has a great article on what is happening, click here to read it. Truly, it will be devastating on a international level if the American Mustang no longer roams freely in the wild.

Many thanks to Dan S., Constance W., Susan S. for their extremely generous donations over the Holiday Season. There are only 4 more days to donate to claim your donation on your 2009 taxes!

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We would like to thank the many of you that sent Christmas cards, donations and gifts. There is one special gift that will forever remain a treasure at the rescue. A family adopted Tonka, Brighty, Dolly and Cruiser. For Christmas they sent us the most beautiful picture book of the lovely horses they adopted from us. This is truly a beautiful gift, thank you so much! We have scanned the pictures for your enjoyment, and typed in their captions. The next scheduled blog is on Sunday, have a very Merry Christmas!
The day Tonka, Brighty, Dolly and Cruiser arrived
Excuse me, where am I?

Brighty, Tonka & Kathryn

This is actually our first attempt at our Christmas card picture….


Lucas & Cruiser


I can fly!!

Pretty Dolly…

Abby & Heidi

Tonka in the trees


Brighty & Cruiser playing



First day in the snow

Brighty & Heidi….. they are inseparable!

Sweet Tonka…. who we love!!!!

Thank you Tawnee & Jason. We can’t imagine life with out our new horse family. They are well loved in their forever home!

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We have some very exciting news to share this blog. Kramer, a horse that was adopted in July, is now an official Police Horse! He looks so stunning in his uniform. He is such a wonderful ambassador, not only for the Police Department in public relations, but also for horses at shelters and rescues across the nation. Just because you are a horse that was rescued, does not mean you are a bad horse. There is a great news clip about Kramer’s police work, click here to watch it.

It was a beautiful morning at the rescue. The horses are really enjoying their new pens. We are so thankful that we have enough panels to make the portable pens possible. It definitely helps out on the mud situation.

Hope was enjoying her new pen as well. She laid down and enjoyed a nice sunbath. Somebody needs to tell Woody that he shouldn’t spy on neighbours, especially while they are taking a sunbath.

Tawnee was heading to the vet today and realized she had better mail the Christmas cards. Oops, they may be a few days late, but hopefully your name was on one of the envelopes. We do not have the funds to send Christmas cards to each and every one of our donors, but know that you are truly a hero because every dollar really does help!

Speaking of mail, many thanks to Eileen for sending such a thoughtful box full of little baggies of Christmas gifts for the volunteers! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness.

When Tawnee got to the vet she checked to see how Trixie is doing. Trixie is doing great and will be spending one more day at the vet so we’ll have everything ready for her when she comes back to the rescue, hopefully tomorrow.

The sad part of the day came when it was time to say “Goodbye” to Kristi and the other horses in the clinic. Kristi enjoyed eating some beautiful green grass. It’s always so hard saying goodbye, but it is comforting to know that their suffering is over.

Being able to offer this service helps out so many horses when their bodies are not able to hold them up any longer. This mare’s knee is calcified and was causing her continual discomfort.

It’s Christmas time, and as such we want to leave you with a light-hearted video. One of our friends forwarded us a video entitled “How the Grinch Stole Equus which was quite funny and interesting, and it definitely reminds us that the American Mustangs are in real trouble. We also really liked “A Christmas Legend” video done by the same people. All their videos are really cute but this one is extra special. Click here to watch it. All you long ear lovers, this one is a must!

Many thanks to Susan S who donated in honor of Sarah D. Thank you so much!

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Today was the euthanasia clinic, a lot of people were interested in coming, but decided to wait until the next clinic due to the holidays. Tawnee wasn’t sure how many people were coming. She loaded up Kristy and Trixie to be examined by the vet.

Unlike yesterday, today was a cold, but a beautiful and clear day. It was so nice to see bright blue sky.

One horse came into the clinic today. They had owned her since she was born 26 years ago. Her quality of life was gone and it was her time to be laid gently to sleep. We are very thankful that we have been able to provide these clinics for so many horses in need of its service. It’s a hard and challenging program, but knowing these horses are not dumped at an auction or sent to slaughter makes it well worth it. We would like to thank you, our supporters, for making these clinics possible!
Kristie has been heavy on everyones minds here at the rescue. Something just seems wrong with her. She has no appetite, she stands in her pen looking miserable, and sometimes she almost gets a far away dazed look. Dr Weaver examined her and could not find anything wrong with her on the outside, but she did age her at 26 years old.
It was decided to give her an ultrasound as one person thought she may be pregnant, and we wanted to know. The ultrasound revealed an extremely shocking and saddening problem. Kristi’s right ovary has a huge tumor the size of a football, seen below. She is living a miserable existence and it has been decided that humane euthanasia is the last gift of kindness we can give her. It is comforting to know that she was pulled out of an auction where a known killer buyer attends, and that she will never know that terrible fate.
After Kristi’s examination it was Trixie’s turn to be seen by the vet. She injured her shoulder a few weeks ago and it wasn’t healing up as it should.
She was sedated and led into the operating room.
The area had to be cleaned and prepped for surgery.
Dr Weaver got to work and after examining the injury it was determined she had a small infection. The infection was cleaned out and she should heal up just fine.
Trixie is finally over her battle with ticks. Not a single tick can be found on her and we hope it stays that way! When she came to us from Petaluma Livestock Auction her whole body was covered with ticks, which made her quite uncomfortable.
After she was patched up she was put in a stall to spend the night at the vet.
It was a long day, but finally after dark it came to an end and Tawnee was able to head back to the rescue.
Many thanks to Roberta A., Seth and Kerri B on behalf of Kate B., and Gail G. for their very generous donations today! It is greatly appreciated.

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