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Gopher’s Rescue Story.

What!?! A pig featured on today’s blog? Yes, and keep reading for the story of how NorCal Equine Rescue managed to rescue a pig. This is quite an nontraditional story, and we hope that you enjoy it immensely.

Jason and Tawnee, when NorCal was little and first starting out, had given their information to the Plumas county Sheriff dispatch for emergency contact to help out with livestock. At that time Animal Control would only respond to dog and cat calls. Around 10:30 Friday evening Jason and Tawnee were in bed when the phone rang. Dispatch was calling to let us know that there was a loose pig running around on Hwy 70 in Quincy causing a disturbance. They asked if we could pick it up, and we agreed. A pig? Jason and Tawnee weren’t really used to dealing with pigs, in fact neither had ever dealt with pigs before, so it would be an interesting evening.

They got the address and destination, it seemed there were some folks feeding the pig in their yard to keep it in their yard so it would not be hit on the highway. Jason ran out into the dark, hooked up the trailer, while Tawnee got grain, a lasso, a prodding stick, and everything else she could think of that a pig may be lured into a trailer by. Within a few minutes they were on the road for the 45 minute drive.

When they arrived they found a half drunk pig eating watermelon, cat food, beer, bacon and corn on the cob. The folks were doing everything they could to keep him in their yard. Every time he would start to walk away they would grab some other food to try to keep him there. Their fridge was no doubt getting empty!

Jaoson and Tawnee sat their wondering what to do with a half drunk pig. Tawnee got the stick out and tapped it on the side like she’d seen the kids do at the fair. The pig just looked at her funny. Jason grabbed the lasso and soon had it around the pigs neck. Come to find out, full size pigs are very strong and very noisy. This was a very populated area, it was almost midnight, and the drunk pig was screaming bloody murder as loud as he could in protest. The crowed of onlookers grew. People started peaking over the fence to see what was going on. Finally, after some heaving, pulling and pushing from everyone involved, the pig was in the trailer. Jason and Tawnee apologized for making such a disturbance so early in the morning and headed off. They had no idea what they were going to do with the pig and hoped that the owner would come looking for it soon.

They fed and watered the pig in the trailer and the next morning they built a temporary pen and tried to get the pig out of the trailer. By this time the pig had a hangover and didn’t feel like being messed with by anyone. He was more than happy to take food, he just wouldn’t get out of the trailer to get it.

Tawnee coaxed and coaxed him to no avail. Jason had the idea of spraying him with water, and sure enough, he disliked that more than he disliked getting out and he hopped out. We had Gopher the pig for a few days.
His owner contacted us and the return was very uneventful. He jumped into the trailer (being sober helps) made the trip safely and jumped back out. His owner had left for the weekend and the pig wanted a vacation too.

Jason and Tawnee were so thankful that the pig’s owner was found. The trailer stank so bad after he rode in it! Even months later they could smell little whiffs of Gopher. He was a sweet pig though, and touched our hearts, and our noses.


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We got an absolutely lovely update from Prairie and Spunky’s adoptive mommy. She writes: “You should see her when they are out running the 5 acres…… All are so awesome to see as they run and buck all over. Miss Bella is quite a sight as she leaps through the air like a Lippezaner(sp?) All the horsies are such a joy to me…….Thanks again so much for all you do to save these beautiful animals!”

Tawnee reminisced with herself when she saw this photo about the day they were rescued. She was sitting in the auction ring, when a yearling TB entered the ring. He went down to $75. Tawnee bid and won, and the yearling was moved out of the ring. The door opened again, and in walked another TB yearling. Again, bid of $75, Tawnee bid and won. Yet another TB yearling walked in the ring. Tawnee was beginning to wonder where she would put all the yearling babies as she won that one too. Then the door opened again, and yet another (the 4th in a row!) walked in. By this time Tawnee was feeling a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do. She didn’t win the bid on that TB, and she felt sure that must be all of them. The door opened again, #5 yearling TB walked in, Tawnee bid the $75, and another TB yearling was saved. Thankfully the next time the door opened it was not a TB yearling. Tawnee says she will always remember that day. The wonderful thing is, the 4 TB yearling’s were adopted to 2 different families. It was nice that they were able to stay with their buddies. It is so heartwarming to see these two doing so well.

We all know you enjoy seeing the pictures of the daily activity at the rescue. For quite some time, it seems, the pictures have been taken with the below camera. Notice how the paint is almost worn off.

The buttons are no longer readable as the paint has been gone for some time. The screen is cracked and there is remnants of hay inside the screen. This camera recently died, permanently with no hope of being fixed.

Just for fun, we have a poll up asking how old you think the camera is. You can access the poll on our website by clicking here. The answer will be on Sunday’s blog.

This morning Macho Man and Dottie were complaining that they haven’t been on the blog for awhile. At least that is what Macho Man was saying. Dottie still remembers her adventure to the vet to get her dental done. So, here Macho Man and Dottie are saying “Hi!” to all of you readers.

Tawnee had some things she needed to have done so she was off and down the road. Butte County Public Works needs to come fix the road again. After the rain, the potholes are really developing. This is the good part of the road.

Tawnee stopped by the vet to see how the boys are doing. Due to a heavy emergency work load of small animals, their surgery’s have been postponed. We are excited that they will soon be able to be adopted as cute little geldings.

Baby is doing great too and was enjoying a sunbath in the beautiful green grass. She is so cute!

We have a new addition at the rescue. When there are multiple people cleaning stalls and doing the dirty work, there are two main tools that are used. A nice aluminum shovel and a very heavy awkward shovel. While at Tractor Supply, Tawnee got a nice new shovel. In the sun it seemed to glimmer and shine like a pretty toy.

Soon it was back at the rescue and Tawnee lined it up with the old aluminum shovel. They are both the same brands, but the old one seems to be about an inch and a half shorter than the other one.

It’s been there, done that for awhile and the leading edge is getting worn down from all the works it’s been put through. That’s what happened to the other inch and a half.

The poor shiny shovel was probably hoping to spend its life in a heated garaged, waiting for the nonexistent Oroville snowstorm. Instead, it was put right to work moving manure. Not so glamorous, but a lot more useful.

Our Facebook page got a slight facelift today. If you’re not a fan, you should be! Since you love reading the blog, you’ll enjoy the Facebook page as Jason posts snippets of things that are happening at the rescue before they make it on the blog. You can leave comments too! Click here.

The wonderful bracelet has bid up to $256.51 with 13 bids! Your special valentine will feel loved and honored wearing this bracelet, especially knowing that its purchase helped rescue horses. Speaking of Valentines Day, we will be closed that day. It lands on a Sunday this year, and we feel that all the staff deserve the special day off. To visit the Ebay auction, click here.

Thank you all so much for your support, both financially and emotionally. Penny P donated a Cosco Gift Card! United Way and Emily P donated today to help the horses. The following emails are the emotional response from the “Too many emails” segment of yesterdays blog. Enjoy! Please know that Jason and Tawnee read and enjoy all of your emails, they hope that you understand if they don’t personally have time to reply.

Per your blog last night, I would never complain about your emails, you guys are incredible at what you do. I have now idea how you get the energy (being young helps) to do it all, then write the very informative, creative, entertaining blogs at the end of every day. Plus your raising a family on top of it all. My heart goes out to you both, you two are the meaning of dedication.

Thanks for all you do

We LOVE your E-Mails!

I just want you to know that your email is one of the highlights in my inbox. I always look forward to reading them. thanks, Kim

I could sit and read your email blogs all day long (if I didn’t have to go to work!!!) and stare at the pictures you post and imagine being there with all that is going on. I used to be able to donate to the rescues then hours were cut but I plan to send some from my Fed Tax return as soon as it hits to help whenever I can. I can’t imagine all you do! I wish I could save the animal kingdom from everything and just knowing that I can help at all through people like you is the greatest feeling. I donate to my local shelter as well , but horses run through my dreams! Love to all! Trudi

Oh pish posh – I wish you would send more emails – I LOVE hearing about the rescue – but that is just MY opinion! Keep up the great job! Dawn

Sadness to those who feel you send to many emails. I look forward to them and Bless all of you for all that you do. May those who complain about menial things find love and grace in their hearts. Best Regards and Blessings, Irene

Your blogs are never boring.I look forward to reading each and every one. Actually today’s was extremely cute about the testosterone poisoning. I sat here and laughed my butt off. Keep up the good work and the great sense of humor. Cindi

I had to respond about the person who thought you sent too many emails. Apparently they’ve never heard of a delete button. I love your blog and usually start my day reading it. I enjoy reading what’s going on and I feel like I’ve come to know all of you.

Keep up the good work. Regards, Joni

We love reading your blog ~ we know
you all work yer =#! off and its appreciated 🙂
YOU ROCK!! Lov Jim & Eileen and Grandma Edith

We love your daily blogs! Rhonda

Just read your blog…I love ALL the emails…I totally look forward to reading your blog and updates!!! (I read about some not liking all the emails) I LOVE THEM!! Keep up the great work! The horses are so LUCKY to have wonderful people like you!!!!! Thank you!! Kathy

I for one don’t think you send too much email and in fact look forward to seeing the updates in my inbox!! Keep up the good work! Jessica

Well I am one who thinks you send JUST enoughh email and LOVE it…. keep it coming! Kristi

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This morning Ethan and August needed to be taken to the vet for their brain surgery: gelding. They have testosterone poisoning and needed to get their problem cleared up so they can hopefully find their forever home. Tawnee went out to start up the truck, and all that it did was click click click. Dead battery? Surely not! In 4 years of service it has never let us down. The white trailer was recently fixed, and we have been asked to sell it for the owners. One of the best ways to sell a horse trailer is to drive it around with a 4-Sale sign! It was used to take Chief and Numa to their adoptive home, and was still hooked up to the truck this morning.
Sure enough, the batteries were dead, and other plans had to be made. Jason backed the truck down the hill with no power brakes, and then hooked jumper cables from the van to the truck. After all that, it still wouldn’t start. Other plans had to be implemented.

The truck was hooked up to the white trailer, and without power it was impossible to separate them. The little silver trailer was filled up with hay, and the van can’t pull the gooseneck. Jason began the long job of unloading the hay, putting it into the Hay Wagon and driving it to where the hay is being stored.

Once up there Jason unloaded the hay, put it on the pallets…

…and headed back for more. We are so glad to have the Hay Wagon, it made the job significantly easier! It’s rated to carry two more bales, but Jason didn’t want to be picking bales up off the ground.

It took trip after trip, but finally the little silver trailer was empty of hay and ready for equine occupants.

The van was hooked up, and then backed up to the Mare Motel to load Ethan and August.

Soon they were in the trailer and ready for their big trip. They had no idea where they were going, but were excited to find out.

It was an extremely beautiful day today, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, it was so nice. We can’t wait for the leaves to start budding.

Baby is doing quite well. She was able to get out today and head off to her pasture where she can enjoy some nice grass and sunshine. She is still sore but this always takes time. For Macho Man it took about 3 months before he was sound again.

August and Ethan got settled in their stall. They are such cute little guys.

Today was a euthanasia clinic day, although with all the bad weather we have been having folks canceling. 1 horse did come to the clinic today. It’s always so sad seeing the owners say “Goodbye, I love you” but we are thankful that they are doing what is best for their beloved horse.

It’s really sad when a horse gets so old its body deteriorates. It is comforting to know that aching joints will no longer be hurting, and that the last thing he knew was love, food and a soft voice.

Ethan and August aren’t too sure why they’re at the vet. They will find out tomorrow. First they need to settle in and get comfortable with their new surroundings. This is their first night at the vet in their whole lives.

Tawnee really enjoyed the scenery on her way back to the rescue. Everything is starting to get green and the sun was on the hills instead of dark grey storm clouds.

Tawnee got her wish and saw another beautiful sunset tonight.

Somehow we didn’t link to the bracelet in the last blog. It has received 10 bids and is currently only $198.50. Click here!

Recently we have had some people complain that we send them too much email. We are a very active rescue (as you know) and every day a lot gets done. We send at least 6 emails a week, sometimes more depending on what is happening. Generally we only send emails once a day when the blog is posted. We apologize if you think we send too much email, but this email list is a daily update of the happenings at the rescue. If you do not wish to be on the emailing list, there is an unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. We love all of our readers, but just wanted to let you know that it is really easy to unsubscribe if reading the blog makes you tired. Jason and Tawnee say they understand if this blog makes you tired just reading it, they say “Just imagine actually doing it all!”

Many thanks to Carolyn H., Patricia M in memory of Classy Mickey, Diane P., Dorothy J. for their extremely generous donations today. They are greatly appreciated! It is a wonderful feeling knowing we can say “Yes!” to those desperate horse owners, knowing that the funds will be available to care for their beloved horse.

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Valentines day is right around the corner, and we have a special fundraiser that we have been waiting until just the right time to share with you…

Awhile ago a very special person donate a 10kt white gold diamond tennis bracelet to be used as a fundraiser. We’ve been saving it for Valentines so it can make a very special gift for a special person in your life, while helping horses all at the same time! Ladies, please hint very strongly to the special guy in your life that this is what would be the ultimate Valentines day gift. 100% of the proceeds go to help the horses, and the starting bid is only 1 cent. Click here.

In yesterdays blog we asked for your help, and your generosity to help horses was once again overwhelming. About $1,000 was donated to various funds just today to help horses in desperate situations! Saying “Yes!” to people in desperate need is made possible with your help. We cannot thank you enough! If you had a chance to listen to the Youtube video we posted with conversations with people who where losing all, you would remember the conversation with the lady who owned a horse for 24 years and is on the verge of losing every possession. Tawnee suggested she try calling SAFER horse rescue as she was more in their area. We are extremely pleased to announce that arrangements are being made for her mare to go to a SAFER foster home. Just incredibly awesome! Networking between rescues can get so much accomplished.

We have a great update on two horses that were adopted from us into the same lovely family. First of all is Snazzy. They write: “Snazzy bonded with our family right away and seems aimed to learn and please. She is a real sweet girl.”

Cedar is also doing very well at his home and they love him immensely. He even loves to lick the snow, silly boy! After these photo’s were taken they were moved out of the snow to a lower elevation. They did seem to enjoy the snow while they were there though.

Look at the adorable family they all are together. Thank you guys so much for giving them such a great home. It is so heartwarming when horses such as Snazzy, at a livestock auction doomed to an unknown fate, are adopted into such wonderful homes. This happens because of your support.

This morning something was different. Little Big Red looked and looked and looked, and just couldn’t quite figure out what had happened that was different. Then it suddenly dawned on her: the rain was no longer falling on the roof! The rain had actually stopped. She just couldn’t wait to get out of her stall and into the round pen.

Everything was still really wet, but what a relief. She loved playing in the round pen to stretch her legs after the long storm we had.

Since the rain was stopped it was time to get some outside chores done. Some pallets that had been laying on the ground needed to be picked up and moved to a new location for the hay to be stored on them.

Jason and Blue worked tirelessly at it for quite some time. Pretty much Blue sat there and made sure the mice stayed hidden and that Jason was doing his job without slacking off.

Blue says that riding is hard work, but maybe not quite as hard as actually running along.

It has been decided to use part of the mare motel as hay storage temporarily until the ground dries out enough so the horses can use the barn.

Pallet after pallet was laid on the ground in preparation for the load of hay that will soon be delivered.

It sure was nice to see broken clouds with the sun peering out for a change. The sad thing was, it’s been so long that everyones eyes had to adjust to the brightness.

Some chores needed to be done in town, one of which was picking up the mail. We always appreciate wonderful cards, letters, donations and emotional support that you all send us. We wish we had the time to respond to each one personally, but do know that each and every one is greatly appreciated!

One envelope had the cutest stamp we have ever seen. Two very adorable horses peering out from behind the postmark.

Another card that really touched our heart had a picture of a beautiful mini stallion. The note inside really touched our hearts. It said: “I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to have my mini stallion (Pete) gelded. He’s a gorgeous horse and I had a lot of people asking why I’d geld him and I told them all that there are lots of gorgeous horses out there and that he’ll make a very fine champion gelding!! It was really hard to do, but I thank you for the inspiration.” We commend you on having your absolutely stunning boy gelded!

You may remember we used to post sunset pictures off and on. Tawnee just couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw what an amazing sunset developed tonight. It was so nice to see another sunset with the colors bursting through the air. Tawnee wants to see another one tomorrow evening too.

Many thanks to Constance W., Kathy H., Joni M., Scott C., Patricia P., Ann H., Gail G., Irene C., Peggy L., Margaret D., Dianna S., Laura C., Norma C., Elizabeth N., Carla G., Jeanette C in honor of Barbaro, Heidi J., Natalie K., Tristan D., Julie M., Micaela P., E G. What an absolutely amazing day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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We need your help. The daily calls of folks in desperate need are increasing and getting more desperate. On our website under current needs you will find a fundraiser called “Help a Horse in Need.” Our goal is raise the funds to help 50 horses that are at the absolute end of the road, where their owner has no options other than abandon them, borrow a gun and shoot them, or send them off with a killer buyer. These are horses who’s owners have contacted everybody, tried to give their horse away to a decent home, all to no avail. Every rescue they call is full and they are told “No.” We are their last chance before they are financially forced to do the unthinkable.

It takes $150 to bring a horse into our rescue to cover the initial care and evaluation of the horse. We have come to the place where we cannot bring in anywhere near all the horses that we get begged to take in. As the economy goes down, there are more and more horses that need help, but fewer amd fewer donations. It is a very vicious circle. We are here to help all the horses we can, we never want to have to say “No, we cannot help you.” We do our very best, but the situations is really getting worse. Click here.

We’ve compiled a few of the phone calls and phone messages we have received in the last 48 hours so you can also hear the desperation, the utter hopelessness of horse owners without options. We really need your help, if you can, please donate to this fundraiser to give a chance to a wonderful horse in need. The video is a slide show of some of the over 1,200 horses we have rescued, with real telephone calls and messages as the audio. Click here.

On a brighter note, we got an update on Dun Deal. These pictures are from when she arrived at her new home yesterday.

She got her first look at her big beautiful barn. She has moved back to snow country. If you remember, when we went to bring her to the rescue the first time, it was all snowy.

She has a beautiful stall where she can bond with her new mommy and her neighbour, who is also a mustang. We would like to thank Phyllis for opening her heart and home to Dun Deal. It takes special people to be able to adopt a horse that requires so much training, love and time.

This morning Tawnee headed to the vet with Numa and Chief. While at the vet, she visited Baby. She is doing really well at the vet. She is alert and bright eyed, happy to see any visitor that comes her way.

She stands comfortably and is waiting patiently until she is able to go to her new home. She is such a cutey and we would like to thank Rosey’s Remedies and all the Tweeter followers for making her surgery possible.
Numa and Chief were taken out to the vet for their permanent identification.
Both of their identifications went very well and they will now be known as horses that always have a shelter to come back to if needed.

The rain still hasn’t let up, the horses are so glad they are riding in the dry trailer unlike their ancestors who had to pull people in covered wagons through the rain.
After getting back from the vet, they waited for a few minutes in a stall together before loading back up for their trip to their forever home.

Numa was a very good boy and hopped right into the trailer, excited to see what big adventure lay ahead for him this time. Chief, who was already in the trailer, was also a wonderful boy at loading.

There was an monsoon style rainstorm practically the entire trip. A little patchy fog here and there helped keep Jason alert too.

Finally they arrived safely at Chief and Numa’s home. Numa was the first to get out, followed by Chief, seen below.

As soon as they could, they headed off to enjoy exploring their large pasture together. They sure did look happy and relaxed.

Tawnee worked very diligently on a new database software that was donated to the rescue for better record keeping. She also updated the available page.

We would like to welcome J. Evans Plumbing company as a proud advertiser / sponsor of NorCal Equine Rescue! We welcome you to visit their website to see what they are all about. Click here.

Many thanks to Sara H., Cynthia B., and Suzanne F. for their extremely generous donations today. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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You all remember the protest on Thursday right? The TV station has finally posted their news segment on video of the protest, and amazingly it featured a snippet of Tawnee. Click here to watch the video.

We are feeling a bit soggy around here. It has just been rain, rain and a little more rain on top of it. The other day when Jason was coming back with a load of hay the water was flowing over the road. Take note this is not the main bridge we take pictures from, but is a different area of the road.

This morning Dun Deal’s adopter came out to take her home. It was neat seeing that Dun Deal really did remember her and warmed right up as she licked and chewed. You could easily tell that Dun Deal still trusted her.

They brought some hay to donate. First everyone started unloading it by hand and hauling it over to the designated spot. Then they remembered that thanks to your support, we have a Hay Wagon! It is a new way of working that everyone here at the rescue is getting used to, it sure is a huge improvement.

They did a quick adoption photo pose before Dun Deal was led over to the trailer.

Dun Deal was very calm as she observed the trailer, making sure there were no mountain lions, bears or wolves waiting to pounce on her when she got inside.

She was a very good girl and with a little coaxing from her new mommy she soon calmly stepped in.

Poor Linda worked out in the rain today with the horses. It wasn’t much of an exercise program for them as we didn’t want them to get warmed up and then chilled. Mostly she just groomed them, put the saddle on, test rode them, and then got off before they got worked up.

A huge project was undertaken today by Jason and a volunteer, Rob. We have been moving a lot of panels around this winter as mud takes over the pens. Today’s moving project was Toby’s Golden Moonlight barn. The ground underneath it had become saturated, and so it was time to move it to drier, firmer ground. Blue, the dog, observed everything to make sure it was done properly.

The rain has put a damper on everything. We keep thinking and saying we are closed on rainy days, but people just keep showing up. We must make this official as due to liability reasons we must be closed on rainy days. Please call before you head out to make sure it’s not a rainy day on Sunday’s. During the week visitors are most welcome by appointment, weather permitting.

With a lot of hard work in the pouring rain, the Toby Well’s Golden Moonlight barn was finally having the finishing bolts tightened down. We’re going to have to let it dry out for awhile before putting horses in it, everything is just wet wet wet!

Chief and Numa’s potential adopters have been excitedly waiting for the day when they can take their new family members home. They came out to see them today, and to get the paperwork and transportation arrangements made.

This adoption photo is a really touching one, you can Numa snuggling up with his new family. Picture perfect! You can see how thankful he is that they have opened their hearts and home to give him a perfect home.

After the visitors were done walking around, they were grateful for the little creek flowing at the rescue where they could wash off their shoes. There is fresh clean water everywhere. Speaking of water…

…isn’t this just the most adorable cutting board you have ever seen? It’s a picture of a beautiful lake of water with two Loon’s enjoying their bright sunny day in the water. It’s on eBay, 10% of the final sale benefits us! Click here for the listing.

Many thanks to Priscilla B. and Janine M. for their generous donations. You can see your name here next blog by just clicking here!

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This story is the story of a race horse.

This horse was owned by West Point Thoroughbred Inc. He was born in Kentucky and made his way to California.

Yes, Esoteric Thinker was a beautiful boy. Simply gorgeous and an amazing athlete.

The West Point Thoroughbreds wrote an article about one of his races that he had won. The article follows:
“Horse racing does not give points for style, but Esoteric Thinker certainly showed a flair for the dramatic in the MSW race on June 1st getting up in the absolute final stride to break his maiden at Golden Gate Fields. Esoteric Thinker was sharp early sitting a little closer to the pace than normal after breaking from the far outside post. He settled nicely down the backstretch and began inching closer on the turn for home. He continued his run into the stretch but then had to wait behind the tiring leaders at the eighth pole. It looked like he might lose a lot of momentum, but Esoteric Thinker showed a lot of heart. Russell Baze shifted Esoteric Thinker out at the sixteenth pole, and Esoteric Thinker came again hard to get up by a nose in the shadow of the wire. O.J. Jauregui said, “That was a heart stopper. The horse was training great going into the race. I knew we would run well, but we almost got a little unlucky. We had to wait in the stretch and I thought it might cost us, but Russell (Baze) did a great job getting the horse going again. We were a little more involved early, and the horse showed a lot of heart. He never stopped trying, and he showed the will to win. He came back from the race even better than when he went into it. He cooled out great, and he was full of himself back in the barn. He ate up, and you could see he felt good about himself.” Russell Baze said, “I thought I was on the best horse, so I tried to give him the cleanest trip possible. The ten hole is tough going a mile, but the horse came back to me very nicely. He settled then responded when I asked him. We had a little trouble, but when I asked the horse he kept giving me what he had. He was dead game.” Esoteric Thinker earned $16,500 for the win. He came out of the race superbly, we will look for an “a other than” allowance for him later in June.”

His last recorded race that we can find was at Santa Rosa on July 26, 2008 where he was claimed for $6,250. In October of 2008 he found himself at a livestock auction. After the auction Tawnee was looking around trying to see if any of the kb’s were loading up horses, and the only one she could spot was this great big off the track TB. With a little bargaining with the kb, this big guy was unloaded from the kb’s trailer into the safety of Norcal’s trailer. Yes he really did have 3 saddles on his back.

Once arriving at our rescue his feet were trimmed, he was evaluated and became available for adoption.

A wonderful individual stepped forward to give both “Cruzo” and Durham a wonderful home. They were taken to the vet to prepare for the long trip to their new home.

Back in Missouri the stalls were ready for Cruzo and Durham.

Finally the big truck made the long trip from Ca to the horses’ new home.

Cruzo was unloaded and took his first look around.

Cruzo and Durham were settled into their stalls for the first night at their forever home.

Both of these lucky horses are doing great today and their adopter could not imagine life without them. These horses were purchased directly from KB’s and would be dead today if we had not rescued them. The sad thing about racehorses is they can have fame and glory, turn around, and find themselves on death’s door. Thankfully for these two their worries are over.

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