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Today was Cheyenne’s day. Before Cheyenne came to us she had gotten caught in a fence and injured her leg. Her owners were unable to care for it properly, and when she came to us she had some vet wrap that was tightly wrapped around her leg that had to be removed as it was cutting off her circulation.

No doubt Cheyenne wondered where she was going today and why she had to be separated from her best friend Dakota.

At the vet Cheyenne settled into a nice comfy stall and waited to be examined.

She had to be sedated and then her wound was scrubbed down and prepped for examination and treatment.

She definitely has a nasty injury but the vet says it should heal up just fine with proper care and about 4 weeks of rest and treatment. Good news for Cheyenne!

Her leg was all bandaged and wrapped up. She will have to wear this bandage for 10 days or so and then be checked out again and maybe rebandaged, depending on what the vet says.

Cheyenne was happy when it was all over with and she was walking out of the barn.

She was even more excited when she saw the trailer. She couldn’t wait to get back to Dakota!

On the way back to the new facility there was a beautiful rainbow over Oroville. As “Oro” means gold, there really could have been a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Back at the new facility Dakota was patiently waiting for his dear Cheyenne to come back. He was so excited to see the trailer pulling in…

…and Cheyenne could hardly wait to get out of the trailer and into her waiting pen.

Finally they were back together. They took some time snuggling together, reaffirming their bond for each other. They really love each other, how great would it be to find a home where they could live together forever?

It was a very beautiful ending to a great day!

Many thanks to an anonymous donor for their generous donation!

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At the new facility everything is going great. The horses are really enjoying the wide open spaces. Magic says “Hello” while he had his breakfast this morning.

The Hay Wagon was taken to the new facility today. It no doubt makes the horses feel at home to have their hay brought on the familiar machine.

Lou was adopted and picked up by his adoptive family today. We absolutely love it when rescued horses find an absolutely perfect home and family to love them.

Jason and Tawnee set out this afternoon to pick up a very important piece of equipment that is being loaned to the rescue for a short time. When they left the old rescue location it was slightly hailing.

Not 3 miles from the old rescue, it was hailing so hard that the road was completely covered with ice.

Out on the paved road, it was still covered in ice. Mile after mile went by, all covered with ice and hail.

Driving up a hill, a car had gotten stuck in the hail and could go no farther. When Jason and Tawnee drove by they yelled out “No chains, no more driving.”

People don’t generally think they will be driving through 2-3 inches of slick white slush at the end of April in the foothills of California. Today caught lots of people off guard, including this PG&E truck that slid off the road.

It really looked like the middle of January! Some local residents said it was the most white stuff they got all winter. Quite a strange storm.

They made the dangerous journey through the slush to pick up a backhoe! Jason and Tawnee had to wait until the roads cleared before they could bring it back down the hill. The owner of the tractor showed Jason all of the controls.

And then loaded it onto a trailer. This tractor will be a huge help in setting up the new facility!

The tractor trailer is also a dump trailer, so it will be useful in moving gravel and other needed stuff.

Jason and Tawnee made it safely back to the old rescue location. The roads cleared, but then another hail storm made some sections white once again on the way back to the old rescue. What very odd late April weather!
Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a very nice camera. As you know, we routinely go through camera’s at the rescue as we take thousands of pictures a month, and we have had 2 very similar cameras to this one, and really loved them. It is a Canon S3 IS Powershot. It is only $160 and 15% of the sale price goes to help the horses! Click here.

Many thanks to each and every one of you that support the rescue both financially and emotionally!

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We would like to bring your attention to a very special donor that stepped forward with an extremely generous donation during the well fund raising. Stephanie donated $820 in honor of her friend Rebecca B., who took the time and effort to place her horse, Ricky, in a forever home, acting as an example of what responsible horse ownership is. This picture is of Rebecca saying good-bye to her Ricky.

This morning Regent was loaded up into the trailer for the long trip to his new home. He had no idea where he was going, but he knew it was going to be somewhere safe. Jason and Larry were making the trip with Regent today.

At Regent’s home, two horses were being surrendered. Dakota and Cheyenne were not fitting in with the herd and needed to come into the rescue to find a new home. Dakota was good and let Larry catch him right away, but Cheyenne had quite a different opinion. They had recently got these horses, hoping they would fit in with their other adopted beloved horses, but these horses started beating up on their other horses and they called us to see if we could take them and find them a better match.

Finally Cheyenne and Dakota were haltered and were being led to the trailer. Regent looked on with wonder, no doubt wondering why he would never be able to spend time with them. The other horses they have adopted from us are doing absolutely wonderful and we know Regent will do good too!
Cheyenne and Dakota looked on as the many miles were traveled back to the rescue. Some rain, mostly sun, on and on they traveled.
Back at the new facility the sun was shining brightly. Cheyenne and Dakota were so happy to get out of the trailer and into a waiting pen.
The new facility is so beautiful and is getting set up so nicely thanks to the hours and hours of hard work the staff and volunteers are putting in. It still has thousands of hours and thousands of dollars left to go, but for now we are so thankful that the rescue has accumulated so many panels over the years.
Cheyenne and Dakota are so beautiful. They will be evaluated for their adoptability and training level soon.
Many thanks to Gail G. for her generous donation today!

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This morning Joey was being loaded up into the trailer. He was adopted yesterday, and today was the start to the journey to his home.

First though, it was a stop by the vet to finish up some routine medical care required before adoption.

Wheeler was excited that he wouldn’t have to be at the vet anymore. He doesn’t like being in a stall. Wheeler was surrendered on Friday, but because of the move he was dropped off at the vet to make it easier on his old owners.

He is quite the character, he definitely has quite the personality to him. We are told he is about 6 years old and has had several injuries in his short life. He had a hind leg injury that healed up, and also had a front knee injury, so he has a plate in his knee. He is supposed to be sound and was used on trail rides. He could use some more time in the saddle. He will be evaluated once he settles in. We know one thing, and that is he does not like getting shots.

Many of you may remember the abandoned dogs that were picked up a couple weeks ago. Hope is now in a lovely foster home. We really appreciate this as she will be able to get the one on one attention that she wants. She was at the vet today getting all checked out and to make sure everything was still OK.

Finally Joey was on his way to his new home. He lives back a beautiful gravel road that winds around tall majestic oak trees.

At Joey’s new home Tawnee got to see Travis. He is doing really good and is such a beautiful boy.

He was really amazed to see another horse coming his way. No doubt they will be best friends by the time you read this. Sharing stories of their rescue days by the hours. We can just hear it…
Travis: “So is Jason feeding the hay on the four wheeler or the wheel barrow?”
Joey: “What are you talking about? They have this fancy green machine they call the ‘Hay Wagon’ that can easily carry 4 bales of hay!”
Travis: “You’re pulling my tail, they don’t have anything like that, I know, I was there!” and so on…

When Tawnee said “Goodbye” to Joey he didn’t even take time to say anything back. He was more interested in looking at and eating grass. Tawnee decided he must be cranky after his visit to the vet, no one likes visiting the doctor right?

$322.17 came from Sav-Mart today, simply because you swiped your SHARES card! We cannot thank you enough for making this donation possible, just by giving the clerk your card.

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a Ducks Unlimited Camo Bag, with Camo Face Cover. It’s only $24.99 and 15% of the sale price goes to help the horses! Click here.

Many thank to Constance W. for her generous monthly sponsorship! Without people like Constance giving what they can, we couldn’t rescue the horses we do like Joey. You can see your name here tomorrow, click here.

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First of all we would like to share a wonderful update we got over the weekend. “Twirl is now Belle. Linda took some pictures while doing some ground work with her. I am taking weekly lessons, and both of us are learning so much! It’s always amazing how much there always is to learn. Our trainer really likes Belle, and keeps saying what a good student she is. Ray and I are so fortunate to have been able to adopt Belle, thank you so much.” For those that do not remember Twirl, she came into our euthanasia clinic, was deemed adoptable by our vet and staff, came into our adoption program, and found a very wonderful home!

There was a lot of action today. The last of the horses loaded up into the big trailer for the short ride over to the new rescue. It was Dottie and Macho Man’s turn to move out to the new property. Jason and Tawnee say they will miss them, but know they will enjoy being loved on at the new facility.

After Tawnee delivered the rest of the horses to the new facility, Alex came back to load panels. It’s amazing how many panels the rescue has acquired over the years.
A visitor came that wanted to tour the old facility before it was closed to the public forever. They looked around the old place and then headed out to the new facility. Tawnee snapped this picture as the last visitor drove out the gate and away. Never again will trucks and trailer of adopters be stuck on the hill and have to be towed up.
The gate was closed and Tawnee examined the sign. Wow, it has actually happened.
Meanwhile Jason was at the Paradise Horseman’s Association annual Gold Nugget Horse Festival. He met a bunch of wonderful people who were very supportive of our work. We would like to thank the Paradise Horseman’s Association for inviting us and giving us a complimentary booth location.
Our good friends from Home at Last also had a booth at the festival. It was great for Jason to be able to kick back and visit with good friends during slow periods.
Out at the new facility, a Girl Scout Troop had been planned to come out. They finally arrived and they were so excited! Tawnee was glad that she had gotten Dottie and Macho Man there in time to meet a bunch of new friends.
They got right to work taking down some old fencing that was no longer needed. What hard workers they are!
While the Girl Scouts were hard at work, Dottie got tired of watching them work and sprawled out for a nap.
Dottie was a little embarrassed when she saw the camera on her. She explained that it looked like such hard work she just had to get a nap to rest her eyes.
She decided she had better get up and make herself a little more presentable just in case the camera came her way again. She still looked pretty sleepy from watching the girls work though.
These girls really know the meaning of work and would give the Boy Scouts a run for their money. They were not afraid to get dirty.
We had our first potential adopter come to the new facility today to meet a horse they were hoping to add to their home. That horse was not the perfect match but they really fell in love with Joey. They are previous adopters of Travis, who is doing great, and since they are already approved…
…the very first adoption took place at the new facility!
The Girl Scouts were still hard at work. Their plan is to build the white vinyl fence over the next few visits. We are confident they will get the job done in time.
The girls were getting pretty tired of hauling vinyl fencing, so they started working on a very important pen. When Tawnee was doing the blog photo’s, she realized in this picture she doesn’t look much taller than the 10 year olds.
While the girls were hard at work, the very first truck and trailer was heading to the new facility to surrender a horse they could no longer keep.
The very first surrender at the new facility happened today too.
Morsey is 23 years old, and has arthritis. She would make a wonderful pasture pal they said, but her riding days are over. It was a very hard “Goodbye.” It was easy to tell they really love her.
Morsey settled in and enjoyed drinking some of the fresh clean water made possible by our well donors. Morsey says “Thank you for the yummy water!”
The paneled pen the Girl Scouts were working on is a very special and unique pen. The first of its kind in the United States that we know of. This pen is a Safe Surrender Site for horses. So many times horses are abandoned because their owners feel shame or embarrassment because they no longer have the means to care for their horse. Their excuses are over. Anyone at any time can anonymously surrender a horse into this pen free of charge.

We are looking for Safe Surrender sponsors for the horses. Sponsors we can count on to cover the cost of the Safe Surrender horse. We are not sure how the Safe Surrender Site will be utilized, but we are sure that it will be as horses have been dropped off through our gate before. Now there is a safe location where anyone can drop off a horse anonymously. If you are willing to pledge for the care of a horse when it is dropped into the Safe Surrender Site, it will really ease our minds. We need pledges that cover $200 per horse to cover their initial care and a holding period, so any amount that you can pledge will really help! We will start putting the word out there that this is available. Please contact us if you can help. Make the pledge, save a life. Click here.

We would like to thank the Girl Scout Troop for working so hard and getting so much done today. Thank you girls, you are amazing! We look forward to your next visit.

We all know what Macho Man’s favorite shoes are, now you can own a pair just like him!
These are size 7 womens Converse black and white. They are only $8.50 and 15% goes to help the horses! Click here. Now you can be stylin’ just like Macho Man.

A huge Thank You to Carolyn S., Gail G., Lari K., Kathie F., Judy H., Sara H., Lisa S., Kimberly H., Kathryn G., Erin L., Omar S., Pamela N., Howard N. for their very generous donations. We can’t thank you enough!

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We would like to thank everyone for sending in their thoughts and suggestions for the new name. We are so excited about all of your enthusiasm for this next step. We have a poll up of the top 9 suggestions, and we would love to hear your opinion of the best name. To view the poll, click here. After Monday the voting stats will be considered by our board in determining the new name.

Much of the week has been spent preparing for the move, and today was the big day! Volunteers have been hard at work for days, and finally the last panels were being bolted together. They waited with anticipation for the horses.

Finally Jason and Tawnee arrived with both trailers full of horses. The horses no doubt were wondering where they were going.

And then the big moment we have been waiting for: Chip stepped out of the trailer onto the new facility. The very first horse!

He was led over into the pen where he looked around with amazement at the wide open spaces and yummy green grass.

Horse after horse got out of the trailers and were led to their pens. You could see the amazement in their faces.

Then the fun began! Horses started prancing with glee.

Soon they were running and galloping with joy with the wind whipping through their manes!

Finally they started settling down and enjoying the beautiful grass. Some of them just had to lay down and bask in the sun.

What a wonderful gift you have given these wonderful horses. This 20 acre facility is truly a blessing that will be there for thousands of horses to come.

While the horses were settling in Jason and Larry were finishing up a couple things on the watering system.

The generator started and the very first water trough was beginning to fill. We can’t wait for the solar panels to arrive and have free water!

The water system is really unbelievable. Within a few minute 4 water troughs were filled along with over 300 gallons into the holding tank. Wow! Two hoses were going full blast and water pouring into the tank. There is so much water that two hoses literally cannot handle it all.

Once again we would like to thank each and every one of you that made this possible. Without your help, the rescue would still be back 5 miles of terrible dirt road, down a steep hill that many vehicles cannot make it back up, we would be making plans to haul water from the river just to give water to the horses. Thank you, thank you thank you!

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Dear Friends of NorCal Equine Rescue,

NorCal Equine Rescue has come so far since our founders rescued that first horse from an auction back in 2003. Since that seemingly insignificant day so long ago, over 1,200 horses, ponies, minis, mules and donkeys have come through our open gate and into our loving hearts.

During the last few years you have seen NorCal Equine Rescue grow from that humble beginning into an
amazing organization that has done so much in the lives of horses. We have so many diverse programs to help horses that are suffering or have a good potential of ending up in a horrible situation. One of these programs was a pioneer program that had never been done before in the entire world. The name NorCal Equine Rescue quickly spread. News reporters drove for hours to cover the story, and we were seen in most of the major horse magazines and on television stations across the United States and beyond. Many large veterinarian hospitals, Animal Control Agencies, Humane Societies, rescues, other organizations and individuals began contacting us requesting information on how to start similar programs in their local area. That program was the Free Euthanasia Clinic for horses, a program to prevent them from being abandoned, abused, neglected and the brutal trip to slaughter if their owners could no longer keep them. Auctions were no longer the only option. That day NorCal Equine Rescue stepped up and said “There are other options then slaughter for unwanted horses.” Since we forged the way, hundreds of other organizations have followed in our steps and began offering euthanasia as
the last gift instead of turning those horses away. Humane euthanasia is truly the last gift of kindness for those horses instead of turning a blind eye as if they never existed as they are trucked off to slaughter.

The name NorCal Equine Rescue has been seen and heard on Animal Planet, TV stations, radio stations, magazines, newspapers and so much more. But all that is about to change. Now with a new facility it is time for a new name and a larger outreach.

NorCal Equine Rescue is transforming into a Humane Society for horses and we need your help in choosing the new name. Since we will soon be a Humane Society many things will be changing, but our core beliefs will still be the same: doing what we can to alleviate suffering for as many horses we can. A Humane Society will give us more legal authority and we will employ several Humane Officers, with the same legal authority as Animal Control officers, SPCA officers, and other Humane Society officers. So many Animal Control agencies are overburdened with small animal issues and are unable or unwilling to reach out to the horses in their community. We are tired of having our hands legally tied when it comes to helping horses that are being legally abused. Everyone here at NorCal Equine Rescue feels it is time to take the next step.

The name is very important and we need you ideas. We do not want to be geographically limited in our name, as we rescue far beyond northern California, “NorCal” is no longer relevant to our name. Equine is an excellent identifier of which kinds of animals we rescue, but unfortunately many people are unfamiliar with the term “equine” and are confused as to what it means. Equine must be replaced with horse. Rescue will be replaced with Humane Society. Another important aspect of the name is it must sound official and authoritative.

An example of the kinds of names we are not looking for are “Happy Carrots Humane Society,” “Green Acres
Humane Society” or “NorCal Equine Humane Society of Oroville.”

There are three words that need to be in the name: “Horse, Humane, Society” not necessarily in that
order. We can have up to 4-5 words, particularly if the acronym is pleasing, so please contact us with your suggestions! It is you, our supporters, who have enabled NorCal Equine Rescue to become what it is
today, and we want you to continue being an integral part of what it is to become.

We have several contact options:


Jason & Tawnee Preisner, founders

PS – We value each and every suggestion, but please understand we will be unable to personally reply to each one.

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