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Thanks to your generosity, all of the needed funds were raised to give Buckeye the surgery he needs to make him comfortable! Thank you thank you thank you!

Monday morning found Tawnee on the road. Tawnee was taking Buckeye to the vet once again.

At the rescue, Jason and a group of volunteers were preparing for a big work day.

At the vet, Buckeye was led into the barn for his first treatment.
He was wide-eyed with wonder, he knew something special was going to happen. Someone finally realized his little foot needed help!
The farrier’s could not believe their eyes. They said they had never seen a case this bad before.
They got to work trimming and shaping his hoof so after his surgery he will be able to stand more normal.
After the surgery, he should be able to stand on the newly trimmed hoof. It is unbelievable, we are holding our breath that his surgery will be 100% successful. We would like to thank you so much for making this possible.
Dipper was getting his feet done. Today was his big day to head to his new family. We wanted to have one last nice trim before he headed off on his new life. If you remember, he was one of the colts that came to us with extremely long feet. He is now a properly trimmed gelding.
At the rescue all the horses were enjoying the day. The cooler weather sure has been nice for everyone!
Jason and the volunteers continued putting up the poles for the shelters.
Pole after pole was set in concrete, plumbed and made straight. It was a lot of hard work getting them set!
Tawnee and a volunteer headed down the road with Dipper and Coco (one of the yearlings rescued from the kb on August 12th.) A very wonderful lady wanted to adopt both of them as she wants to put some training on them to make them more adoptable in the future. Her plan is to make them more adoptable and then adopt them out through us and train another couple young horses from the rescue that need her help.
Finally all 20 of the posts were in the ground. After a week to let the concrete set hard around them, we will be able to get the roofs on. Then the pens will need to be built under the shelters, we can’t wait!
Tawnee and the volunteer finally arrived at Dipper and Coco’s new home. They were wide eyed and looked out of the trailer with wonder.
Soon the trailer was backed up and it was time to get them unloaded. Dipper was a little shy about coming out, but Coco convinced him otherwise.
Soon they were both enjoying their yummy supper. We would like to thank this adopter for opening her heart and home up to these two young horses that so desperately need training and one on one bonding time with people.
After the horses were settled, the adopter said she wanted to donate a trailer load of hay. Soon 40 bales of nice yummy hay was loaded up in the trailer. Thank you so much!
It was a very long drive back, but there was such a beautiful sunset along the way. A wonderful ending to a wonderful and busy day.
A huge “thank you!” to Chris R., Colleen S., Iris L., Norma C., Melissa P., Carla G., Kim P., Erin D., Susan T., Victoria C., Barbara P., Jennifer K., Elizabeth K., Aimee W., Kim K., Betsy W., Zsuzsana W., Julie P., Cynthia S., Barrelracingnews.com, Faryn K. They all made Buckeye’s surgery possible and more!


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Bringing you up to speed from last week, Tante left the rescue and headed on his new adventure in life. We are so excited for him and are so glad that he has such a wonderful adopted home.

Buckeye was taken to the vet for an examination and xrays to determine how bad his leg was internally.
Without receiving proper care prior to coming to the rescue, it had gotten far out of control.
At the vet, he was a willing patient. It was almost as if he knew we were trying to help him.
Soon the xrays were being taken. He was such a good boy and stood there so calmly. Of course being able to eat yummy food out of the bucket Tawnee was holding was an extra plus. He has the worst club foot our vet has ever seen, along with an extremely contracted tendon.
The xrays revealed a lot of problems in his little foot. If he was a full sized horse, there would be no chance of a pain free life. Since he is a little guy, his chances of making a recovery are far better. He cannot continue living in this state as he has an extremely poor, painful quality of life. We are hoping to raise $750 for his surgery and care.
Sunday morning at the rescue, we had a very nice lady show up who wanted to volunteer. She got right to work shoveling manure. She was so incredibly helpful! She said she wanted to make a donation for hay, which we desperately need and are very greatly for. Her generosity will feed the horses for about 2 weeks! Thank you so much, we look forward to you volunteering again soon. You were a great help.
Intrepid Monarch was adopted about 9 months ago, but sadly it was not working out so he was returned Sunday. One of our previous adopters who sadly lost his adopted horse due to a tragic health issue was at the rescue looking for a new friend. He and Monarch hit it right off, and you could tell they really enjoyed being in each others company. The adopter is keeping the history alive of the dress and customs of the calvary during the civil war. He was very excited that he will be the only person in his unit that has a Morgan.
Soon adoption papers were signed…
…and Monarch was off to his new home.
We also had a potential adopter come out and look at Forest. He really liked him, but they went home to think about it. One of these days we know that Forest will find that perfect home.
Keller also had some visitors out who gave him a nice long massage. He just couldn’t get enough of the attention. He also enjoyed the misters that Jason installed in the barn today. It really helps keep things cooler and keeps the dust down. We just love all the extra water!
In between all the visitors, progress was being made on the paddock shelters. We have been soaking the holes to make them easier to drill, and it sure did work great! Jason and April were able to drill the holes without any fuss at all.
Soon Jason was mixing concrete.
An almost tragic circumstance happened. When one of the holes was dug, Tawnee looked in and saw something moving. A poor toad was at the bottom of the hole, but thanks to the quick action of a volunteer it was out of the hole and set free. Amazingly enough, he was unharmed. He is an extremely lucky guy.
Jason hoisted the upright metal pole on his shoulder and carried it over to the hole.
The concrete was done being mixed and ready to go in the hole.
Shovel after shovel full went down the hole. Soon the very first post was set in concrete. This was such exciting progress, we know it won’t take so long to get #2 in.
With all the extra water we have decided to start irrigating. Here a little sprinkler is making its way around and around, watering the grass as it goes. It’s also getting the next set of holes wet that needs to be drilled.
Please remember Buckeye’s surgery to save his life. Without this surgery, the only kind thing to do will be to have him humanely euthanized to save him from his life of pain, but you can make a difference. You can give him the gift of life. Please donate for Buckeye’s surgery, he is counting on you! Click here to help Buckeye.

Many thanks to Rebecca H., Jimmy C., Constance W., Pamela N., Lori F., Wendy S., Phyliss K, Rebecca O., Anonymous for their very generous donations!

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Today we would like to say Happy Birthday to Larry. This blog is dedicated to one of the best volunteers we have ever had. Larry first heard about us at a fundraising booth in front of Wal-Mart. Him and his wife April came out to the rescue and soon fell in love with Drake.
After their adoption application was approved, they adopted Drake in August of 2008.
Larry and April started volunteering and soon proved themselves to be absolutely invaluable. Larry is handy with just about everything. His painting skills were put to test making the tack shed look wonderful.
He also is great with horses and soon was transporting horses for the rescue.
He also helps a lot with fundraising booths, this was taken at the California State Fair 2009.
He is always willing to lend a helpful hand when there is work to be done.
Even if all he can do is watch, point and say how to do it right.
He is always willing to stay up if there is work to do, even if it means staying up until 2:00 am making protest signs to try and save the Mustangs.

Larry and April manned the intake at the euthanasia clinics for many months.
He is very helpful at auctions and other places where we rescue horses.
By this time Larry was doing most of our emails. Sadly, his back (which he injured at work being a firefighter) started causing him more and more pain. Eventually he had to go in for major back surgery, but even that couldn’t keep him down. Yes, he really did write our emails laying in the hospital bed after major back surgery.
The first time he came out to the rescue after his surgery our blog said: “Brave Larry came out to the rescue today for the first time since his surgery. Jack, the ever watchful dog, immediately noticed that Larry could use some cheering up and put his head in his lap ever so gently. No Larry is not paralyzed. He will be up and walking very soon we hope.”
With his increased back pain, he was more limited to doing office work, but there he shined too.
He started answering phone calls and replying to phone messages, freeing Tawnee up to do more hands on with the horses.
Soon Larry was back on his feet and rescuing horses once again. Here he is picking up Dakota and Cheyenne from their home.
At the new facility, Larry continues to be a huge help. Here he is helping to make the office look great.
Larry and April do most of the watering, feeding, and day to day chores at the new facility.
Larry has a huge heart full of sympathy and love. Here Larry is giving some of that love and sympathy to Dano before his life slipped away.
Larry, you are the best, and from all of us here at the rescue, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you for showing all the horses you come in contact with so much love.

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At our last euthanasia clinic, one of our previous adoptee’s Bud was brought in. His health was failing and his quality of life was fading fast. His adoptive family made the tough decision to say goodbye. After Bud’s passing, his family wrote us this message:

“Thank you Norcal for rescuing our Bud so that he could become the best friend of a little girl. You found him beaten down, head hung low, and starving. A little love and care and he is the best friend a little girl could every have, he gained his pride back and held his beautiful head high knowing that he was loved. Today we said good by. I want to thank you for providing a way for him go go peacefuly, that last thing he heard was the voice of someone he loved. We are resting in the comfort that the ending of his love was full of love because of what you do.”

Many of you may remember Bud by his rescue story. In memory of Bud, we are re-running his rescue story. May he rest in peace.

Bud’s Rescue Story

Bud was rescued from a livestock auction in June of 2008. It was scary for him as he is blind in one eye and he was very weak.

He definitely needed to gain some weight.

A young girl who was volunteering at the rescue fell madly in love with him and adopted him. We had named him Dakota Boy, but she called him her “Buddy” so now he is known as Bud.

After a few months, Bud started looking like a different horse. His ribs disappeared, his coat was getting shiny, he was happy now with his girl to love on him.

Soon they were off riding all over together.

Once he was fully recovered they started doing 4H events.

It’s amazing seeing him in the middle, so beautiful and filled out. It’s hard to believe he is the same old, bedraggled Thoroughbred that came off the auction.

This summer he was still doing 4h with his girl. He is looking so beautiful and healthy.

We would like to thank those that can open their hearts and homes to an older horse for giving them the chance to live a wonderful life.

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We got a call from the kb that he had 6 horses in the trailer we could buy if we wanted. We said “Yes.” He said he would call when he was going through Marysville, but he forgot and didn’t make the call until he was at the rescue. We would like to thank Jennifer G so much for covering the cost of purchasing these lives, thank you Jennifer! Your support is greatly appreciated.
Soon Tawnee arrived and he was backed up to the round pen unloading the precious lives.

Soon all the horses were unloaded and the kb was off down the road.

The horses all looked on with wondering eyes, curious about the new development in their lives.
Meet Gambler, he is a sweet guy but has ring bone pretty bad.

Bailee is a cute young gelding who seems to be fine and healthy, just a little thin.
Caeser is an Appy gelding. The poor guy is sore on his feet, and…
…this eye is having a lot of issues.
This cute filly is named Summer. She is a yearling who needs someone who is willing to spend the time with her to make her a beautiful well trained mare.
Promise is another yearling filly. Both these girls are very cute and will be looking for their forever home soon. The kb got both Summer and Promise from an auction.
Buckeye is a cute little Sheltand pony gelding. He has a big problem sadly.
His left front hoof is twisted beyond belief. We believe, possibly, that he may have the same condition that Macho Man and Baby did, but obviously much more severe. We will be having him evaluated by the vet to see what she thinks can be done to make him comfortable. Keep your fingers crossed, just maybe a surgery can save this poor little guy.
Looking at his hoof so mangled and twisted, it’s hard to figure out where it begins and where it ends.
Once everyone was settled and had food and water, it was off to run some errands. Tawnee got a call from April and Larry. They said “There’s a fire and it’s growing fast.” They told her where the fire was and Tawnee got very concerned about one of our previous adopters. Tawnee headed back to the rescue to get the trailer to help with evacuations if needed.
From the rescue the black smoke just looked so angry and ugly.
Tawnee hooked up the trailer and off down the road she went.
The closer she got to the fire, the more people were heading the other direction with their precious animals.
Trailer after trailer was heading out of the fires path.
Fire is such a scary thing. This morning everything was normal, and now everything was chaos.
Burning peoples homes, belongings, and everything they hold dear.
It was nice to see so many people had trailers and were putting them to good use. It’s always scary when people have large animals and have no way to transport them in an emergency.
Tawnee got so close, and then due to safety, she could go no further. With all the firetrucks back there, it would not be wise to put herself and others in jeopardy with so much large equipment and so few turnarounds. She could just hope and pray that the fire would not reach the previous adopters home. Tawnee waited here where she could turn around to see if the conditions would change.
Channel 12 Action News from Chico was there documenting the action. To see the news clip, click here.
Thankfully the firefighters were on the job in time and soon the smoke was starting to diminish.
The helicopters were still flying around dropping water and looking for hot spots, but it looked like the worst was over.
Tawnee headed back out through the roadblock and back to the rescue.
By the time she got back to the rescue all the smoke was practically gone.
It was so nice that the fire did not burn the previous adopters home or come towards the rescue. All our critters were safe today.
Many thanks to Jennifer G. and Faryn K. for their generous donations. We couldn’t save horses without your help!

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Friday was a farrier day. In between all the big horses that got trimmed, Macho Man stood quietly to get his feet trimmed too. He is such a perfect gentleman.

Rocky’s feet are growing in nicely, they were so long, cracked and painful. When we got him we were fearful for quality of life, but his hooves are growing in healthy.

All in all 12 horses were trimmed. Thunder wanted to stand with the most handsome pose he could strike. He certainly is a beautiful horse.
Jason got some con-mix for making concrete to set fence posts.
Last week Dually and Denada were adopted, but somehow they didn’t make it in the blog. Here they are saying “Bye, thanks for taking care of us while we were here and giving us such a great chance at a new life.”
Sunday morning found some horses in the anonymous drop pen. We are not revealing the horses identity yet just in case they are neighborhood runaways like last time. We should know more in the coming weeks.
We had a previous adopter, who adopted Dun Deal (one of the Clint Ritchie horses) come to the rescue to look for a project horse for a young man. They really liked Tante. She brought pictures of Dun Deal and she is doing wonderfully.
Tante really liked them too.
Soon adoption papers were signed and you could tell that both Tante and the young man were very happy about Tante going home. Transportation arrangements are being made, and soon Tante will be in a wonderful loving home.
Hilly’s family brought a friend with a trailer. They were approved to adopt and were ready to take her home. What an absolutely adorable adoption photo. You can tell she’ll be getting lots of loving.
She was a little hesitant about loading, but finally hopped in without too much fuss. Then the trailer door was closed.
Every time this family has come out they have to spend time petting the donkeys. Of course they had to say “Bye” to them before they headed home.
But the donkey’s wouldn’t say “Bye” they said “Take us with you!” So, they signed the adoption papers for Juanita and Vinny too. All our long-ears found their home today.
Soon a truck and trailer pulled into the rescue. A man got out and said “I got a message that you take horses on Sundays, is that right?”
Of course we said “Yes” so everyone went back to unload a big 21 year old TB gelding. Right when he opened the trailer door and stepped up to untie his lead, he pulled back, broke the rope and came flying out of the trailer just as Tawnee snapped the picture. A perfect example of why you never want to stand too close to the trailer when horses are unloading OR loading.
But soon he was relaxed in a nice quiet pen enjoying some nice yummy food.
His owners were no longer able to keep him. They said if no one was at the rescue they would have just put him in a pen and left. There are a lot of really desperate horse owners out there.
As you probably noticed in the above picture, Crow was sitting on Tawnee’s shoulder. He likes to hang out there and thinks that he is a parrot and not a chicken.
Soon another trailer was pulling in.
It was a poor mare with a severe case of cancer. She came to the rescue for the last gift of kindness. We had some cancellations for the clinic, so we are going to be having a mini-clinic, and hopefully we can finish the fundraising thermometer so we can have a regular clinic in September. We do have a few more horses for the clinic that have not been on the blog due to their owners wishes.
The last visitors of the day came to visit Juanita and Vinnie. The only problem was, they had been adopted and were already home by that time. So Tawnee convinced them to consider a llama instead. Pepper would make a great companion for their goats too. The lady’s husband was a little skeptical at first. Standing back with his arms crossed like “Really, a llama?” Pepper was quite skeptical of the lady and wasn’t sure what to think of her.
Soon she passed the lead rope to her husband and it was pretty much an instant bond. Pepper liked him and he seemed to like Pepper. They are submitting their application and are hoping to adopt him if he is still at the shelter when they get their pen finished.
What a wonderful day, lots of adoptions and people interested in adding a new member to their family.
Many thanks to Karen T., Jean S., Barbara B., Roberta A., Charlotte A., Dianna S., Ian C., Bev W., for their extremely generous donations.

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Some days start earlier than others. Today Tawnee was jolted out of bed with a phone call at 5:27 am. A kb was on the other end. He was waiting at the rescue with a load of horses if we wanted to buy them. Tawnee drug herself out of bed and hit the road.

When Tawnee turned on to Four Junes, sure enough, he was there waiting.

Soon he was backed up to the pen and the horses were starting to unload.
They were a little bewildered. This poor old guy is completely blind and very insecure with his new surroundings.
The paperwork was done and Tawnee was quite surprised when the kb handed her the registration paperwork for one of the horses. Usually kb’s don’t care about registration, but since he knew we might want him, he had the papers with him.
The sun was just starting to peek up over the eastern mountains as the kb was driving away.
The horses were definitely trying to adjust to their new surroundings. No doubt it was a long and confusing night for them. Some of the horses that were brought in were from the staging area, others were gotten from private parties. All of them could have easily ended up heading south over the border… Tawnee posted the pictures on Facebook and asked for name suggestions. We really appreciate all of your ideas!
This is an older blind Appy gelding who is named Keller, in honor of Helen Keller.
He is completely blind in both eyes and we can only imagine the terror of being in the slaughter pipeline. Every step you take, not knowing if there is a wall or a giant edge you can fall off of.

This is a registered American Saddlebred Horse gelding by the name of Daystar’s Sperkle. Born: 5-29-1989.

He is dreadfully thin and needs a lot of groceries.
This is Jerry, he was from the staging area. The interesting thin about this guy is he has an old pair of shoes on the front.
We can guess that he was sold or given away and then starved. People very rarely pay to put shoes on an emaciated horse.
He does have a brand on his hip, it appears to be a C with an upside down V. If anyone knows this brand, please let us know!
Miss Kitty is a blind mare. She may have limited vision, but it is hard to tell.
Meet Amina. She is an Arab mare who is very beautiful, sweet and friendly.
This is Casper, he is an older gelding. You can see he was most likely born a paint because he has the markings that were dark when he was younger, but with age has grayed.
This is Flicka, she is another Arab mare.
The last horse is Trinket. She is a little horse and she has something wrong with her hind end. She has shoes on all 4’s.
They all had food high on their priority list. You could see the hungry looks in their eyes.
So it was off to the hay pile which got giant while Jason and Tawnee were at training. The hay guys just kept coming and coming, 3 loads of hay with a total bill of almost $2,000. It is really nice hay. They want us to spread the word that they have some really amazing fresh cut hay right now. If you need hay, give give Ray a call or text him: 530-308-5343.
Soon the Gator was loaded up and the hay pile got a little smaller… The hay wagon has over 150 hours on it already! That is a lot of feeding time.
The new horses were so excited to get some food. They just couldn’t wait.
Soon they were all enjoying a nice breakfast.
Then it was time for the horses in the 15 acre pasture to get their breakfast too. We just can’t wait until we can get some irrigation going. Can you imagine this all green and pretty?
Tawnee was getting the hay ready to throw off the hay wagon, and she looked down to see Forest begging. What an adorable guy.
When the hay wagon was put away, Crow hopped up on it, wishing he could go for a ride. We are forgetting about looking for eggs, he is crowing quite regularly now.
Tawnee put the blind Appy in a nice stall as he was very confused out with the other horses. She started scratching his neck, and you could see a look of sheer bliss sweep over his whole body.
His lips were twitching and he couldn’t get his head raised high enough while enjoying a nice massage.
While Tawnee was rubbing him, she noticed that his eyes were tearing up. She actually saw two tear drops fall as if he was crying because someone loved him. It was very touching.
Soon Keller’s massage was done and he was enjoying some nice senior feed. His troubles are truly over.
Tawnee did a search for Daystar’s Sperkle. She found a website where he had been listed for sale previously. She was able to find pictures of Sperkle back in his glory days. We don’t know how long ago this was, but…
…right now those days are long behind him and he is just a rack of bones.
It’s hard to believe that this is the same horse. It just goes to show that just because a horse looks beautiful, is jumped and shown, that it is not safe. When their glory days are over, often horses are just dumped into the slaughter pipeline. So sad.
To keep horses from being dumped into the slaughter pipeline when their glory days are over, the euthanasia clinic is this Sunday. So far $1,160 has been donated for the clinic to provide financial assistance for people that cannot afford end of life care for their beloved horse, won’t you help raise the thermometer to the top? Click here.
Many thanks to Trudi R., Angela T., Kathleen T. for their generous donations today. We couldn’t do it without your help!

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