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We would like you to meet Addie!  She is a very beautiful girl who’s owner could no longer financially keep her.  She really loved Addie, but just couldn’t make it work in this economy.

Addie is an 8 year old Thoroughbred mare.  She is very sweet and has great ground manners.  She does have some lameness, and recently has not been sound.

Taking one last look around her old home, she loaded right up into the trailer and was ready for her long trip back to the shelter.

Everything has been drying out at the shelter and the sun has been shining brightly.  Last Sunday’s rainstorm was something, even some panels got blown over the wind was so strong.   Parcey and Shadow are becoming good buddies, Parcey think’s it is kind of cute that he is an uncle now.  Some people have asked, and just so you know, Parcey was fixed a long time ago, so no chances of babies in the future.

A lady recognized a horse at the shelter.  She came out to see him and was very emotional about him.  She said he is a horse she had owned for a very long time, and had to get rid of him due to her husbands death several years ago.   She said something drew her to him, and she just knows it is him.  He has the same callick on his forehead.

She brought pictures of when he was 3 or 4 years old.  It is hard to tell from the pictures if it is the same horse, the only person who can positively identify an animal is their owner.  We’re sure many of you have grey horses, and you could recognize them anywhere.  Her adoption application is being processed and soon Lexan should be heading to his new/old home.  The lady’s husband purchased him for her as a wedding present many many years ago.

Blackberry is in adoption pending and should be heading to his new home soon too.  Since the adopter is unable to come down due to work, she sent one of her friends down to meet him.  She should be coming soon to meet him herself.

The weather sure has been up and down.  Supposed to rain, then not supposed to rain.  The skinny horses from slaughter pipeline that will let us handle them have been getting blankets on every night.  It is becoming a routine they are loving.  Some of them have never been trained and are scared of humans, which they have every right to be for what they have been put through.  They watch on with wonder as the blankets are put on and are getting very curious about the whole thing.

At the vet office, the little donkey that came in from the kb last Sunday is getting ready for his brain surgery in a few days.  He sure is the cutest donkey anywhere around.

The two little mini’s are fairing much better.  Their travel fever is going away and one of them is dreading the day he is healthy enough to be gelded.  His gelding buddy says it is no big deal and he should quit stressing about it.  They will remain together so gelding buddy can assure him that he will live after the surgery.  They are oh so cute and will be available after the stallion is gelded.  You just have to love that quizzical little look!

Don’t forget to take the 30 seconds to vote!  We’re still 3rd in Ca and 44th overall, please remember to use our old name, NorCal Equine Rescue with a capital C.  Click here.

This last week was quite busy.  Addie was in Los Angeles and had to be picked up, leaving the volunteers to feed and water at the shelter.  We can’t thank April and Larry enough for keeping the animals fed and happy.

Many thanks to everyone who has donated! Anonymous, Constance W. – Sara H. – Glennis R. – Stephanie H. – Martin O. and  Betsy W.


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We are extremely excited to report that thanks to Betsy W’s donation to get this program up and going, our microchiping program will be reintroduced.  The horses will still be freeze branded, but now with two forms of permanent identification, the adopted horses will be as  safe as we can make them!  We would also like to thank Microchip ID for their support as well.  We are now going to start holding low cost microchipping clinics for people who their horse protected in the event of theft, natural disaster, et .  If you are interested in getting a clinic held in your area, please let us know.  There does need to be a minimum of 10 horses that are going to be microchipped.  Please contact us for more information.

Friday morning we had a new arrival.  Meet Goaty.  His family, who had bottle raised him from 2 weeks old, could no longer keep him and asked if we could find him a home where he would not be eaten.

On Friday, Tank was adopted!  His new mom was so excited to add him to her family.  She also…

…adopted the remaining two chickens.  Poor little survivors.  It was just a terrible massacre, we believe it was neighborhood dogs.   We are so glad that Mrs Crow and Buffy survived and are in a great home.

Tank’s mom’s daughter fell in love with Nichole.  So, Nichole got adopted and went home Friday too.  What a great day!  Nichole now has the perfect home where she will be loved on and can enjoy the trails.

Sunday was a terribly windy, rainy day.  Some of the shelter roofing was blown apart and will have to be fixed before the next rainstorm.  The winds were blowing up to 50 mph, it was a really crazy storm.  Even the horses blankets were getting blown off of them.  It was just a really rough day.  To make matters worse, people were calling up saying they wanted to come visit the shelter.  We are always closed on rainy days, and especially when it is a cyclone!

To make Sunday a little more interesting, the kb called up and said he had 3 horses and a donkey in his trailer, he was driving back north and he would sell them to us if we wanted.   We said “Yes” and due to the rain wind and mud, we rerouted him to another location.  Thanks to the $10,000 that was raised, we were able to save more lives from the slaughter pipeline.

We didn’t get a lot of pictures of the newest arrivals, but this is the cute little donkey.  He is an approximately 2 year old jack, who is going to soon be a 2 year old gelding.  He is really cute!

Don’t forget to vote today!  We are in 38th overall and 3rd for California. Vote for us using our old name: NorCal Equine Rescue  Click here.

The next blog is expected to be Thursday, giving us time to get the shelter put back together.

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This morning we found a very tragic sight at the shelter.  It appeared that all of the chickens at the shelter had been killed.  Every one of them.  Our hearts were devastated.  They have been out there for so long, and everything has been fine.  The neighboring ranches have chickens running free day and night.  Sadly, last night something came in and mass murdered them.  After searching diligently for any survivors, April and Larry found Mrs Crow.  We are extremely sad to tell you that Crow was found dead, he will be greatly missed.  We are thankful that Mrs Crow is still OK.

Even Parcy and Mr T seemed sad with the loss of all their little friends.  No more chickens roosting on Parcy’s head or running around between Mr T’s feet.

Today was the day to bring the slaughter pipeline horses to the shelter.  This will be their last trailer ride until they find homes.  It was nice to have them all unloaded safely at the shelter.  As Tawnee said “For once I was too busy to take any more pictures.”

It was nice to see them relax and settling in at the shelter.  Each one is so precious!  We are very excited about the outflowing of support and homes that are offered.  We still have quite a few that need homes, so if you are interested in one, please contact us.

Once all the chores were done, a wonderful surprise happened.  Buffy the rooster was found alive!  You could tell he had been through a bit of a battle, but he was safe.  He must have spent all day in hiding, he was so scared.  He is one lucky little guy!  Preventions were made to keep the two lucky chickens alive and well.

The sunset at the shelter this evening was absolutely spectacular.

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a Windy Horse Metal Art, 21 inches tall.  It sure is awesome looking !  Click here.

We still need your daily vote on the Animal Rescue Site challenge.  Just remember if you have to search for our name, that it is our previous name, NorCal Equine Rescue with a capital C, based in Oroville Ca.  Hopefully soon their records will update…  Click here.

Many thanks to all of our wonderful donors!  Michelle E., Jo C., Dennis T., Anonymous, Danielle C., Dana G., JoAnna Z., all donated, thank you!

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Sacramento Protest!

Save the Date: October 23, 2010 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Protest for the horses! 

Sacramento, CA

Protesting for a moratorium on all US Wild Horse roundups and demanding a vote on HR 503 The Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act.

CONTACT: Janet Schultz: 1fastback@att.net
WHEN: October 23, 10am-2pm
WHERE: at the West Steps of Capitol Bldg (10th and Capitol Mall) ,
NOTE: No horses as they require a separate city permit.

We highly recommend that you go and enjoy the day, standing up and speaking out for the horses that have no voice.    In the beginning of the year, our staff attended a protest in Sacramento urging the state elected officials to use their power and influence to save lives.

It was raining at the protest we attended, but the media did cover the event.  It was so good to stand up for the horses and bring awareness to the plight of the Mustangs and other horses in need.

Tawnee was one of the guest speakers at the event along with Craig, Carla and Elyse.

You can see Tawnee’s speach at the state capital building on YouTube by clicking here.

Our staff has other plans for day of the protest, but we do urge you to save the day and make yourself heard!  Speak up for those that have no voice.
The normal blog will be written on Friday, there was just a lot of office work that had to be done today.  Our web-master let us know that he got the donation form working on the website.  Apparently people were trying to donate with their credit cards and it just wasn’t working.  Give it a try, click here, and please do let us know if it doesn’t work.

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We are extremely excited to announce that there is an extremely easy way to support the horses now: we officially have our own credit cards!  There are 3 beautiful card designs.  One for long ear fans, one gazing into a horse’s eye, and the other has Dottie and Shadow at the shelter.  All of the pictures were taking by our staff at our shelter.  What truly unique credit cards.

These cards are a great way to support us!  Just by signing up, after your first purchase $50 is donated to our organization.  After that, 2% of your grocery and gas purchases is donated, 1% of all other purchases and up to 10% at select merchants!  Please apply today, even if you just use  it once, we will get $50!  If everyone who reads this got a card and swiped it just once, we would receive over $100,000.  This is an amazing opportunity and we hope that each and every one of you will take advantage of this amazingly easy way to help.

Can you think of an easier way to help the horses while you do your daily shopping?  That $100 grocery bill will donate $2!  If everyone was doing that, it would add up extremely quickly.  To apply for the card, click here.

The fallout from Mexico turning away horses has begun.  It appears that they may have started turning away horses early September, it’s hard to say for sure.  The truck driver in this news story broke down and left 7 horses in a semi trailer, 2 of which died.  The man claimed that he purchased them from a farm in Texas on the Mexico border and was hauling them to Kansas.  What truck driver would drive a semi truck from Kansas all the way to the Mexico border, purchase 7 horses, all the while caring nothing for them and letting them suffer in 130-140 degrees (inside the trailer) while he sat in the air conditioned cab?  No doubt he drove a full trailer of horses to the Mexico border, and these were the ones they rejected.  Of course he didn’t care if the horses died an agonizing death, that’s what killer buyers do for a living.  The good news is, this guy was arrested and hopefully faces felonies.  KENS did a great job covering the rescue of these horses,  to watch the video, click here.

The Arab mare from the slaughter pipeline we rescued this week has been identified thanks to her freeze brand.

Her name is Golden Dreams, a 22 year old mare.  Whoever named this horse Golden Dreams probably didn’t realize all this mares dreams almost came to a tragic end in Mexico.  Now her future is bright and she really can have golden dreams once again.

You can tell that this mare, once filled out, will be a beautiful horse once again.  She has the good looks of her dad.  Who is her dad?

Her sires name is Wizjon, son of the great Bask.  Bask was the only stallion to be a U.S. National Champion Stallion and Park Horse and is the breed’s all time leading sire of champions and National winners, as well as National winner producers.   As you can tell, Wizjon was also a great looking horse.

Golden Dreams was owned by Venture Farms and they are the only recorded owner’s other than her breeder.  What a wonderful thing it would be if they would provide her with a sanctuary and wonderful retirement for the rest of her life.  This all just all goes to show that no matter breeding, bloodlines, or what high society barn you may have come from, every horse is just a step from a slaughter truck.  So sad!

A trailer was on the way to the shelter with some very precious cargo.  There was a livestock auction Saturday night, and one of our undercover agents (H) was attending.   Your support to the Dano fund made this rescue possible, thank you so much!

The door opened and we got our first glimpse of the rescued horses from the auction.  This is a yearling filly, she is a registered Appaloosa.

There are also 2 adorable little mini’s who were in the trailer as well.

Look at this little guy.  He is truly just the cutest little guy around.  He is blind in his left eye, so to compensate, he looks with a quizzical look, with his head cocked to one side.  It is so cute!

These little minis are very lucky mini’s indeed.  There was a semi-load of horses brought out from North Dakota to the auction.  They didn’t sell at a sale back there, so they shipped them to California to try their luck here.  We were told  they decided to put a bunch of minis between the big horses legs.  What a horrible way to travel.  After the sale, Agent H took the horses to a temporary foster home until they could be transported to the shelter.  Here they are enjoying their breakfast at the foster home.

These little horses were more than happy to get out of the trailer and stretch their legs at the shelter.

Mr T had to wake up from his never ending nap / eat / nap cycle to greet the new visitors.  He wanted to make sure they knew he was bigger and stronger.   The Appy filly looked on with wonder: “Is that a mini or something else?  What is it?”

After the auction was over, our agent H purchased this Appy filly in the parking lot.  A man with a double decker semi had purchased her and was going to be loading her up.  Agent H was able to purchase her to save her whatever the road in the double decker would have held for her.

She has got a very cute face, but her blaze makes her face look extra long.

Tawnee hooked up the trailer to take the mini’s to the vet.  One of them needs to be gelded (the other is a gelding) and they both have a cough.

Soon they were both sniffing out the treats in the vet’s stall.  The vet said most likely they have shipping fever.

This little guy will be having his brain surgery as soon as he is given a clean bill of health.

We are so thankful that these little guys are safe and we know that we will be able to find them very loving homes.

We would like to thank the Mercury Register for doing such a great job on the article, it made the front page of the newspaper!  Nobody can miss that one.  We have had a lot of people calling that have read the article, asking what they can do to help.  They have been wanting to adopt one of the horses that was saved from the slaughter pipeline.  Great homes are what they need!  There are quite a number of youngsters in the group, they need experienced folks to step forward and give them a great life.

We would like to thank you all for your votes.  We are still in 3rd place for California, and overall at 39th.  To vote daily, click here.

Don’t forget to scroll back up to the top and signup for the credit card.  It is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to support Horse Plus Humane Society without costing you a penny.   They make us tell you the following: “Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. Offered by Capital One, N.A. © 2010 Capital One.”

Many thanks to all of you who support us both emotionally and financially.  We could do it without you!  Trudi R., Margaret O., Josh W., Pamela N., Gail G., Shari W. all donated today, thank you so much!

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We posted a new Youtube video about Captain’s reunion with his mommy.  Now you can watch Cappy and his mom’s first few moments together after a long separation.  Click here.

The big day had arrived: the horses from the slaughter pipeline had been dropped off at a holding area at 2:30 am and were ready for us to pick them up.  Trailers were hooked up, volunteers showed up with their rigs, and the journey began.

It was so neat seeing the caravan of mercy heading down the road.

After a bit of a drive, everyone arrived and got their first look at the horses.  There were a total of 18 horses and 1 mule.  Originally there were going to be 38-40.  The good news is, we didn’t have to pay the full transportation cost, but each horse’s price was higher than expected, but still very reasonable.  They just weren’t able to get a trailer load to bring to the dropoff.  We are so sad that more horses were not able to make it, but thankful in one way that the horses that did come had a much easier trip because they were not so crowded.  This still leaves some funds to rescue more horses from the slaughter pipeline in the near future.

One of our biggest fears was that there would be horses down and be unable to get up.  When the staff arrived, there was one horse laying down who didn’t really want to get up.

Tawnee gently haltered him and found that his front leg was extremely swollen.  He was able to get up and was carefully loaded into the trailer.

Then it was time to load all the other horses.

They were confused as to why they had to get into more trailers.  We wished we could tell them they were safe now, and that everything was going to be OK.

Horse group after horse group ran down the alley…

…and hopped into the waiting trailers.  They were all so willing to get in, it was as if they knew they were going to a better place.

Finally all of the horses were loaded up into the rescue rigs.  They watched with excited eyes to see where they were going for sure.

Tawnee stroked their foreheads and softly talked to them.   Soon they were off down the road towards the vet office.

Finally the caravan arrived at the vet office and began preparing to unload.

About this time, the media arrived.  Channel 12/24 Action News and Mercury Register sent reporters to find out what was happening.

As the camera’s rolled, the horses were unloaded.

What a relief it must have been for the horses to come around the corner and find yummy food waiting for them.  They just couldn’t wait to start eating!

Below are pictures of each of the horses.  There are a total of 18 horses and 1 mule.  Enjoy!



















They sure were enjoying drink after drink too.  Wonder how long it had been since they were allowed to drink water?

Finally the excitement settled down and they just started relaxing, eating their food and looking around.

Then it was time for the reporters to get the information they needed.

This mare tried to tell her story to the Mercury Registry reporter, but just couldn’t find the right words.  She is such a loving girl, and loves telling us “Thank you!” in her own special way over and over again.

After the media left, it was time to get down to figuring out what was going on with the horses that had urgent health issues.  The poor guy that was down got x-rays to figure out if he would be OK.

Another horse has an old injury that refuses to heal.  It is a combination of proud flesh and hoof growth.

Others had runny eyes and goopy noses.

One of the horses has an Arabian freeze brand hidden under his coat.  Tawnee shaved it down so we can trace his identity.

The sweet mare who kept telling everyone “Thank you!” over and over again was telling Tawnee “Thank you!” once again.

We thought she might be pregnant, so she was going to have an ultrasound to find out.

Thankfully, their was no baby tucked in her belly.

By this time the x-ray results had come through for the poor guy with a hurt foot.  Just so you can have reference, this is a normal xray.

This is the poor guys leg.  As you can see, it is clearly shattered and is in horrifying condition.

It was a very long day, 3 of the horses that came in were in critical condition and had to be humanely euthanised.  We were thankful that in the end they knew love and kindness.  They are all so grateful that you made it possible to be saved a horrible death in Mexico somewhere.  As the sun began to set, the horses were settling in, ready for their first calm and peaceful night in who knows how long.

You can watch the great TV news clip, they did a really good job.  Click here.

The Oroville Mercury Register did a great news article on the rescue too.  To read it,   click here.

Thank you all so much for your support.   A special “Thank you!” goes to Donna A., Sheri B., Nancy F., Christina S., Judy H., Marie J., Trudi R., Margarette O. for their very generous donations over the weekend.  We would like to thank the 3 people who each donated a bale of hay.  We still have to raise the funds for 597 bales!  Please donate a bale, click here.

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Friday found Jason and Larry on the road heading opposite directions. 

Larry was delivering  Scarlett to her new home.  They were so excited to finally get her home where she will be loved on each and every day.   She is going to be a therapy horse.

  Her new horse friends were excited to meet her. 

  They also just had to show Larry their pet pigeon that they had saved as a tiny baby awhile  ago.

  Meanwhile Jason was up in the mountains picking up Trigger, who was being surrendered.  Trigger was unable to stay with his family as they were moving away.

   He is an older horse with an extremely swayed back. 

  We had a very exciting event happening first thing Sunday morning.  You may remember the Appy gelding named Captain from last Sunday’s blog.   It turns out that his old family from years ago recognized him. 

  Tawnee asked that pictures be sent to confirm.  So many times people can think they know a horse, but it turns out it’s not the same.  But this guy was definitely the same horse!  The lady had purchased him as a 3 year old, and had him until he was 14 years old.  She had to find him a new home, and was led to believe that a little 5 year old girl really loved him and he would be cherished in a new home.  She sold him with a strict first right of refusal contract.  She kept up with how he was doing on a regular basis, but 4 years after selling him, she got the tragic news that he had been shot and killed in a hunting accident.  She was heartbroken.

  She was completely dumbfounded that 10 years later her precious boy turned up, alive and well, but at a shelter.  Where had he been for those 10 years?  What had he gone through?  It was so heartbreaking for her, but it was exciting all at the same time .

   Sunday morning the special reunion happened.  Captain (Cappy as she called him) held his head high as his mom hugged him, sobbing with joy.  He was alive and well, he was not killed by hunters.

  You could tell that Cappy knew that his mommy had come for him.  It was so precious to see the love they shared.

    Soon the adoption paperwork was signed, she promised that she would never ever get rid of Cappy again.  She learned the hard lesson that only you, the owner, can make sure that your beloved horse is cared for.  You can try your best, but do you really know the home?

  Cappy’s mom got him ready to go in the old trailer he used to ride in.  She put on his old blanket from 10 years ago.  Yes, she still had it to remember her sweet boy by.

   Cappy watched carefully as she got his shipping boots ready, the same ones from 10 years ago too.  He smelled them as if confirming that they were his boots, yes, they were!

  Soon he loaded up in the trailer ready to head off to rejoin his mom forever.


  As the trailer pulled away, we all wished every senior horse that comes to us could have this happy of an adoption.  Every horse at one point had someone that loved and cared for it.  Cappy is one lucky boy to have found his mommy. 

  We got a phone call Sunday morning stating the hay grower we have been getting hay from could deliver 2 truck loads (600 bales) for $6 a bale.  Delivered and squeeze stacked for $6 a bale.  At such an unbelievably cheap price, we knew we had to say “Yes.”   It would take Jason about 10 trips (and 2 weeks) to be able to get this hay moved.  And it would still be $6 a bale.  What a deal and time saver to have it brought in with big trucks!

  The hay trailer started pulling into the lower gate.  It was so exciting to see all that hay coming our way! 

  Soon the squeeze got to work and started unloading the trailer in earnest.

  Squeeze load after squeeze load came off the trailer and onto the ground.

  Soon the trucks were empty and they were on their way.

  Of course, the easiest way to make it rain is have hay delivered.  Thankfully, the staff was prepared and they started covering the hay before it started raining.  This was an unexpected large outlay of funds for hay, and we could really use your help to pay the bill.  If everyone donates just 1 bale of hay ($6) who reads this, it would be paid for.  Just $6!  Click here.

   Buttercup and Betsy are back at the shelter, ready to find their forever new homes, hopefully together.  They are so cute together, and are so incredibly friendly.

  Jason and some volunteers hooked up the big trailer and headed out.  No, not to get horses, but to get something a little taller…

  Phone service is supposed to be coming to the shelter first thing Monday morning, and the pole had to be up!  There was a great deal on Craigslist and soon it was in the trailer.

  Back at the shelter kids started drifting in from what seemed everywhere.  What was happening?

  Soon there was a huge group of kids in the barn hiding from the downpouring rain, about 20.  This was our first kids educational day about horses at the new shelter.  The kids were here to get their horse honor badge for their club. 

  They were all so excited to meet the horses, and Phoenix was excited to meet them too.  Phoenix was going to be their teacher.

  Part of the honor requirements was that each kid learned how to saddle and bridle a horse.

  They all did really good and Phoenix did great too.

  They were all horrified to see the pictures of Phoenix when we first rescued him.  They couldn’t believe he was so abused and neglected.

  After they learned how to saddle, they all got to work cleaning pens, and soon they were done.  Thanks guy!

  Macho Man enjoyed having all the kids messing with him too.  He got his mane braided all over.

  When they were ready to go, they each got to pick out one Macho Man / Dottie button to take as a momento of their fun day at the shelter.

  They all loved their button and are going to wear them with pride!

  They got a quick photo and soon they were gone.  What a great group of kids!  It was long after 4:00 by now, and it should be the end of the blog, but there was still work for the staff to do.  Remember the pole?

  Well it had to go in!  Larry borrowed the trusty tractor from Connie and got to work digging the deep hole.

  Then, the hard dangerous part of raising the pole began.  It was an incredibly long pole…

 …but soon it was up in the air and just had to be straightened out.  We can’t thank the staff and volunteers enough that helped raise the pole, it was a really hard job!

  This blog was written from the road, we will post all the donors names next blog!  The slaughter pipeline horses did get in at 2:30 am last night, next blog will have more information and we will be posting to Facebook.

  Please remember the hay, $6 will help if we all pitch together, click here!

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