The euthanasia clinic is currently at $2,300, only $200 left to go!  We can’t thank you enough for your generosity in supporting this program.  To help finish off the fundraising, click here.

Decisions for surrendering horses can be extremely hard.  So many times people know they should make the choice, but when it comes down to it, it is too hard to do.  We got a phone call yesterday “This is the hardest thing I have to do, but I really should.”  When she arrived, she just couldn’t say “Goodbye” to her precious friend and decided to take her back home, not knowing what her husband would say.

We came in contact with a local artist who wants to help out and do what he can to help the horses.  He makes beautiful metal carvings and frames them with gorgeous wood.

He brought out a horse one that is not finished yet to see what we thought.  That is made out of metal!  It is absolutely stunning.  He is hoping that he can sell this when it is finished and give a portion to the shelter.

Shanti had a potential adopter visit her and the potential adopter really liked her.  Shanti was placed into adoption pending.  Hopefully her application will be approved soon and Shanti will be heading home.

The economy is hitting so many people, and it is extra sad when it hits our previous adopters and they can no longer keep their adopted friends.  Two of our previously adopted horses came back to the shelter today with tears being shed by their adopter.

Can any of you guys guess who these two are?

Let’s see.  This is a Buckskin mare who’s ten years old, rescued from an auction, who is named Sierra.  Ring any bells???

Here she is when she was rescued from the Roseville Livestock Auction back in 2008.  She was emaciated and her udder was filled with milk.  Was she pregnant or had someone yanked her baby away and got rid of her at the auction?

She was so skinny!  It was soon figured out that she was not pregnant, but had a baby at her side recently.  Her owner had taken her to the auction and kept her baby.  They didn’t want to deal with Animal Control seeing her in this condition.  Livestock auctions are the place where neglectful and unfit owners walk away from their problems: legally.

Miraculously, we were able to find her baby!  The man who had owned both of them had pulled the baby off at 3 months old and dumped the mom at the auction.  To read the story, click here. A portion in this story says it made Tawnee’s blood boil.  Read it and find out why!

We were able to reunite mother and son back together.  It made Sierra so happy when she got to see her precious baby once again.  She no doubt thought she would never see him again, but the way things worked out, she had him (now weaned) at her side once again.

She wasn’t doing as well as we wanted her to before we were able to reunite her with her baby.  Once we reunited her with her baby, her weight gain started picking up and her whole attitude changed.  How people can say they are just animals and have no emotional feelings is beyond us.

Now 2 years later Christopher is quite a big beautiful boy.  Their family loved them so much, it was really sad to see them part.

Now they are waiting for a home at the shelter once again.  Can it be yours?  Sierra is  a 10 years old Mustang mare who has always been shy of people, and Christopher is a 2 year old Mustang / QH who is very curious of people and likes to eat out of your hands.  It would be so wonderful if these two could stay together in a great home.

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Thanks to some extremely generous donations, the euthanasia clinic fund is currently at $2205!  We only have $295 left to go, we are almost there!  To help out, click here.

Parcy’s birthday cake finally arrived.  It wasn’t a normal birthday cake, but it sure was good looking.  It had an grain / corn frosting with decorative carrots and a celery stick candle, symbolizing 1 year old.  It even had a grass pellet base.  You may not think that sounds very good, but…

…Parcy was more than delighted with the surprise.  He couldn’t believe his luck.  Get used to it boy, this is what often happens on birthdays.  The 16th could have been Parcy’s real birthday, but from here on out we are going to stick with the 15th.

Munch munch munch.  Parcy couldn’t believe it was all his.

Parcy wants to thank all the Facebook fans who sent him a happy birthday wish.  One of these days we are going to teach him not to talk with food in his mouth, but what can you expect from a 1 year old?

Parcy made a new friend today as well.  The husband of a visitor wasn’t too keen about the horses, but became good friends with Parcy.

Meanwhile the other half was in the round pen enjoying the company of Annabelle.  She had called up wanting to adopt a horse, and after talking with her, she was asked if she would be open to adopting a special needs, hard to adopt horse.  She said she was.

Annabelle and her truly fell in love with each other.  Annabelle snuggled up to her and you could tell that she knew she had found her new mom.

Annabelle is the pony from the slaughter pipeline that had a hole in her throat between her airpipe and her throat.  Whenever she eats or drinks, goo comes out of her nose.  Two vets looks at her and both agreed that it did not cause her any trouble, it was just cosmetically unappealing and slimy at times.  She probably got it from choking really bad at some point in time.  No doubt this was why she was in the slaughter pipeline.

Annabelle is a very lucky little girl.  Her new mom is approved to adopt through us, and Annabelle should be going home in a week.  Her new mommy wants to make sure her pen is perfect for her.

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HTML clipboard   The euthanasia clinic is coming right up next Sunday!  So far we have raised $1,245 out of the needed $2,500 for the clinic.   If everyone who read this donated just $1, it would be finished overnight! Please click here!

Something strange has broken the gentle tranquility of the shelter: the phone started ringing.  Tawnee was replying to phone messages and answering the phone at the shelter yesterday.  She was talking to April when the phone rang. She said “Now the phone gets me everywhere!”  One of the phone calls Tawnee got was kind of funny.  It went like this:

“Thank you for calling Horse Plus Humane Society, this is Tawnee, how may I help you?”

“Yes, do you have any good horses?”

Tawnee: “Why yes, we have lots of good horses, but good at what?  All of our horses are really good at eating.”

That sent the caller into hysterical laughter.  Then she clarified that she was interested in a good riding horse.

Today was a special day.  It is what we believe to be Parcy’s 1st birthday.   He seemed to know it was his special day.

We rescued him 11-16-2009 as a day old veal calf from a livestock auction.  He was so tiny and frail.  To read his rescue story, click here.

When he went through the ring he was only $5 and Tawnee couldn’t keep her hand down.  After he went through the ring she wondered “Now what are we going to do with him?”

Parcy managed to survive.  It’s very hard to keep day old Jersey’s going, but Parcy had a big heart and lots of will.  We wondered where he would fit in at the shelter.  We didn’t want him to ever be munched as lunch, so it was decided that Parcy would be a permanent resident.

So, a year later, Tawnee was at his level trying to get the perfect birthday picture.  As the journalist student can testify, Parcy is hard to get pictures of as he likes sniffing the camera while you are trying to get the perfect picture.

So here it is, Parcy’s ‘official’ birthday photo.  Happy birthday little guy!  We couldn’t imagine life without you.

Buckeye has a new buddy.  Benkey the donkey and Buckeye became best buddies yesterday.  They have become best friends over the fence and are now roommates.  They both want a home!  They have a bet going on who will get adopted first, but the best surprise would be to be adopted together.

Parcy came down to the office and looked inside as if to say “Ok folks, where is my carrot cake and party?”  Sorry Parcy, somehow your cake didn’t arrive today.

Two horses where brought into the shelter today.  They had been abandoned and one of our supporters brought them to us.

We don’t know very much about them but this poor old girl is in really bad shape.  She has severe arthritis.

They both looked around with wonder.  There are a lot of new friends to be made!

Silver wanted to roll in the nice sand after the trip.  She has some messed up hooves and appears to have foundered severely in the past.  She was able to get down and enjoy a nice roll.

You could tell that Red wanted to lay down and roll too, she kept smelling the ground and you could see it in her eyes.  Sadly, she knew that if she went down, with her poor arthritic legs she may never make it back up again, and the pain of trying to get up just wouldn’t be worth it.

Our vet will be evaluating both of them, they are extremely attached to each other and we know that with Red’s severe arthritis it’s time to say “Goodbye.”  Our staff and vet will evaluate Silver to see what her quality of life is with her founder.

The shelter challenge is still going on!  We are still in 3rd place for California.  To vote, click here.

Many thanks to Sarah H. for her part in helping with the euthanasia clinic.  We really appreciate it!


Thanks to your generous support, the euthanasia clinic is currently at $1,215.  We are almost halfway there!  We can certainly do this, to help out, click here. The clinic is next Sunday.

Generally Friday is a day off for most of the staff, but last Friday was quite the exception.  We got a call from a desperate horse owner who’s horse was in really bad condition and desperately needed help.  As soon as possible, Tawnee headed out to assist with this horse.  All she knew was that the horse had cancer and had been bleeding for awhile.

It was truly a sad case.  This horse was greatly loved by his owner, he had owned him since he was 3 months old.  He was now 20 years old and cancer had spread throughout his body.  It was plain to see it was time to say a final “Goodbye.”

The cancer had seriously began to spread in the last 4 months and now this beautiful boy’s quality of life was gone.

Blood continuously dripped down his hind legs and cancerous lumps could be seen in different parts of his body.  The owner relied on your generosity, as due to tragic circumstances, he could not afford to give the last gift of love to his precious friend.  This is a very sad case, but we are so thankful for your support of the euthanasia clinic that provides the last act of kindness for horses just like Coco.  Coco, you were a beautiful kind hearted boy and it was such a privilege to meet you.  May you rest in peace.

Later Friday morning we had a whole group of 4H girls ready to pitch in and help.  One of the girls just had to give Hannah a great big hug.

One of the jobs that was lined up for the girls to help with was spreading the sand in the round pen.  What grand fun they had!  A thick pad was put on the top of the harrow and they road around like it was a snow sled, providing weight so  it would spread the sand better.  It was the best amusement ride ever.

All the girls had multiple turns before it was done.    Finally the sand was spread and it was time to do other things.

Buckeye sure loved being groomed and had a blast as the girls brushed his mane, tail and everywhere they could.  He was such a good boy and you could tell he was soaking up all of the attention.  He really loves kids and is still looking for his forever home.

After his grooming job was done he just had to frolic around in all that freshly graded sand.  We would like to thank each and every one of you that made his surgery possible.  This picture of him feeling so graceful and free would have never been possible without his contracted tendon surgery.

After his prance around he decided it was time to make his ‘snow angel’ in the sand and roll around.  What fun he had!

At the end of the day, one of the girls had fallen in love with Betsy.  As her family was already approved to adopt, Betsy was going home!  It’s amazing the transformation that Betsy has made since her first day with us.  She could barely stand and had that gaping wound in her back leg.  She sure is a happy little goat now.

The girls stood for a quick pose before heading off to their homes.  Thank you girls, you were a great help!  You are always welcome to come back and help out again.

Sunday morning the photo journalist student was at the shelter taking pictures.  This is one of the hundreds that she took.  One thing for sure, Mulan is not paying any attention to Tawnee.  She sure enjoys putting on a dramatic flair when it comes to posing for photos.

Mulan had a potential adopter looking at her.  The lady really liked her, but is leaning more towards adopting one of the scrawny yearling’s from the slaughter pipeline.  We are always overjoyed when someone is willing to give a poor baby a home, save their life and give them the time and energy they need.

Volunteer Theron was still out and helping.  This time a trench needed to be dug for the phone line.  He did a great job along with cleaning stalls and just generally helping out all day.  At the end of the day he said it was so rewarding helping homeless horses.  What a great way to think about it!

It was Captain’s lucky day.  His adopters application had come through with flying colors and he was ready to go home.  The couple was so excited to be adopting him, they said their daughter just couldn’t wait to meet him.  He will definitely enjoy being a family horse and giving lots of rides to very special people.  What a great home for Captain, going from a dude string where he had to work every day to a loving family where he can kick back and take it easy.

Captain loaded up like a dream after he checked out the trailer.

Soon he was all loaded up and ready to start his new adventure in life.  Best wishes to you Captain, you were a pleasure to have and we know you will be such a good boy for your new family.

As Captain was pulling away another trailer was pulling into the shelter.  Soon a big bay horse was being unloaded.

Meet Zulu!  The person that surrendered him wrote: “Zulu is approximately a 10 year old gelding. Around 16 hands. Energetic smart, leads well. Stands well for a farrier he likes. Trailers well, quick eager learner. Saddles, bridles and is ridable but needs a definite tune up.”

He was too much horse for them and they didn’t know a whole lot about horses.  They had got him from someone else who didn’t know very much about him either, so we have very little information about this guy, but a little information sure is a lot nicer than no information at all!  He was put in the round pen where he began sniffing around in the nice sand, just looking for that perfect spot.

Soon he found it.  Down he went and rolled around back and forth.  It’s so nice having sand in the round pen where the new horses can get themselves relaxed and comfortable right away.

Soon he was done and up he went.

Chief had a potential adopter looking at him as well.  He is a gorgeous boy, but needs a lot of training.

It’s always a big decision when looking at a horse that needs so much training and time put into him, so they went home to think about it.  Hopefully soon Chief will find that perfect home.

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Thanks to your generosity, the euthanasia clinic fund is now at $970, with only $1530 left to go.  This clinic is desperately needed this month and we have a lot of horse owners calling with their senior horses who have no funds to give them the last gift of love.  Their health is failing, they have cancer and so on.  Our phones are ringing, but we must have the funds to make it possible for those horses!   To donate, click here.

Once again the trailer was being hooked up. Jason and volunteer Theron were heading out to pick up a special horse who’s owner could no longer keep her.

It was a beautiful drive.  In the distance mount Shasta loomed high into the sky with its snow capped peak.

And then, the road turned and mount Lassen showed its beautiful white peak in the glistening sun.  What a gorgeous drive, seeing two majestic snow covered mountains.

They arrived to meet Hannah, a 13 year old Percheron mare who has been ridden a few times and taken on trail rides.  She isn’t super broke to ride and would benefit greatly from a good refresher course.  The lady had originally rescued her from a PMU farm, and she was able to track her history back and get her original story.  She was originally bred in Minnesota at a family farm where they kept their horses and farmed with them.  They planned on keeping Hannah forever, but some neighbors fell in love with her and begged and begged for her, so the family reluctantly agreed to sell her to them with the understanding she would come back if they couldn’t keep her.  They were absolutely horrified to find out that she ended up at a PMU farm.  Hannah is a lucky girl to have been rescued by this lady.  Sadly due to the economy, so many people are giving up their beloved pets.

Remember Hannah’s Otto, the giant Percheron draft we had awhile ago?  Hannah, above, the Hannah in Hannah’s Otto.

Otto was her great big boy!  Many of you may have remembered the picture in the blog when Otto met Dottie. It was definitely an unforgettable moment.

Back to Hannah, she loaded into the trailer like a dream.  She just walked up, put one giant foot in, then another, then hopped her back legs right in.  What a good girl!  It’s horses like this that make us glad we got the extra tall trailer.

Soon the paperwork was done and they were ready to hit the road.

After dark they made it back.  It was a lot of driving!

Hannah was more than happy to look around while standing in the trailer.  What was this place?  Why were there so many horses talking to her?  After a minute to take in her surroundings, Hannah hopped out and into a waiting pen.

The trailer was finally parked and another long day came to an end.

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You may have noticed ads on our website now and thought “Uggh, not ads, how could they lower themselves?”  The fact is, we get paid for every ad that is shown, and paid even more for every ad that is clicked on.  We have earned over $10 since putting the ads up a few days ago!  Not a huge amount of money, but every dollar helps!  That’s almost 2 bales of hay.

Wednesday morning was quite a beautiful day, the clouds hung low but the sun was peeking through.  All of the horses at the shelter were happy and doing well.

It was a very exciting day as the first horse from the recent slaughter pipeline group was going home.  This lady was so excited to have her sweet boy home!  We absolutely love it when senior horses are adopted into a forever home where they know only love, treats and lots of good food instead of the horrors of the slaughter house or the agony of starvation and neglect.  Lexus’ mom is so excited watching him gain weight, one of her first comments when he got out of the trailer was “Wow, he’s started putting on weight at the shelter!”

Lexus headed out into his pen and was soon grazing peacefully.  What a great adoption!

We got a lovely package in the mail.  Tawnee just had to smile when she saw the careful decorations that where so loving put on the package.  How cute!  Thank you so much Eileen!  We know many of you are wondering if you can send your letters and check donations addressed to Horse Plus Humane Society or if you still need to use our old name.  Both names will work just fine for the time being.

Back to the package it was packed with all kinds of goodies.  There was yards of horsey material, a sheet of Animal Rescue postage stamps (just in time, August, September and October receipts and thank-you’s are going out soon) several collector knives with horses on them, and a sweet little note that said “Maybe you can use these items to help raise $ for Nocal.   I admire your efforts in your rescue endeavors and all your dedicated volunteers.  NorCal ROCKS!”

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is a cute pink ceramic horse piggy bank.  It is starting at $9.50 and 10% of the sale price goes to help the horses!  To buy this adorable little Christmas gift, click here.

The shelter challenge is still going on!  We are still in 3rd place for California.  To vote, click here.

Many thanks to anonymous, Denise S., Donna A., Margaret B., Claudia S., Judith H., Sara H., Danielle C., Jo V., and Karen H. for their generous donations!  We sure couldn’t do it without your support!


Many thanks to your generous donations, the euthanasia clinic fund is now at $510.  There is still a ways to go, but together we can make it happen! Even $10 helps a lot, click here.

We had been communicating with a kind lady who had rescued a horse  but could no longer keep him.  It was arranged for Jason to go pick up the horse Friday, but this afternoon’s schedule opened up unexpectedly, so Jason got ready to head out.  First off all though, the trailer had to be cleaned out and fresh straw put down.

Jason arrived safely to meet Skye.  Skye is a 16 year old Paint gelding who is extremely well trained to ride, but suffers from a back problem and needs chiropractic treatments to stay comfortable.

Soon Skye was loaded up in the trailer and on his way to the shelter.

On the way back they made the inevitable stop at the gas station.

Finally long after dark they got back to the shelter where Skye was put in a waiting stall.  We are very hopeful that Skye will be able to find a perfect forever home.

Today’s eBay Giving Works item is vintage Mustang Earings.  They are very cute!  They are starting at 99 cents and 50% of the sale price goes to help the horses!  To bid on these, click here.

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